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First you need to know that you CANNOT get results...

First you need to know that you CANNOT get results from laser hair removal in just a few treatments. You must go for the entire package, in 6-week intervals (because of hair growth cycles), and you will probably have to go for more after that. All the people who complained about the results who did not finish the initial package or follow up with maintenance treatments are not good sources of information, because they did not get the proper treatment and it’s their own fault, not the laser treatment. You should also research the laser used by your spa or doctor to ensure it is right for you and your skin color. Also, remember that the laser only treats dark hairs, not silver, gray, or blonde hairs. You will not be “hair-free” after laser hair removal, but you should be mostly, if not completely, dark-hair-free, in the treated area after proper laser hair removal. Pain was mild and over quickly. Redness lasted a couple of hours after the treatment. My technician recommended taking a naproxen sodium prior to each treatment, but I usually forgot. Finally, you should research the spa or doctor you plan to visit, or get a referral from a friend who had laser hair removal. You want to make sure you go to someone reputable, who has been around for a while, and who knows what they are doing. I went to Avante MediSpa in The Woodlands, and they have 2 locations in Houston. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Bikini area – about 7 years ago, after having my first-ever salon wax (ouch!) and then trying waxing at home, I decided to try laser hair removal. I bought the 6 treatment package for probably about $1500. I went every six weeks as recommended and saw amazing but definitely not complete results after the 6 treatments. I continued with maintenance visits not necessarily every six weeks – often longer, for about a year and a half after my first 6 were done. Those were about $150 a visit. I have not had to go back at all and it is now 5 years since my last bikini area treatment!! My bikini area is 99% dark-hair-free, and the few dark hairs that still insist on showing up get plucked immediately! I have seen no re-growth, only the few stragglers that chose not to die the first time around.

Right after I completed the bikini treatment, I was so pleased that I decided to have my armpits lasered (this was about 5 years ago). That cost was about $900 for the 6 treatment package. The laser hurt more in my armpit area than the bikini area, but again it was temporary and probably would have been better if I would remember to take the naproxen sodium!! After the 6 treatments, I was almost done with my pits - I only had to go back maybe 4 times for maintenance (about $75 per treatment). I have been completely dark-hair-free in my pits ever since, with only one silver hair in each pit area that I pluck about once every two months. My pits are really smooth, no red bumps or irritation - and no razors or wasted time shaving!

I would highly recommend laser hair removal and would do my legs if it weren’t so expensive, and if it would get rid of the blonde hairs, too. Since they haven’t developed that laser yet, I will have to wait!

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Just for the record, I am now 10 years post bikini...

Just for the record, I am now 10 years post bikini area laser hair removal, and 8 years post armpit hair removal. I remain hair free. I think you need to make sure your technician is using the right laser for you, and that the provider you use has a good reputation for results. It is not cheap, and you MUST go back REPEATEDLY to get all the hairs zapped. I clearly stated this in my original post. But if you do it right, it DOES work, and in my opinion, it is permanent. I have not had to shave my armpits in 8 years! I haven't had to wax or shave my bikini area in 10! I am thrilled beyond satisfaction and recommend laser hair removal to ALL my friends!


Make sure the tech knows what they are doing. I went to a popular medspa in the Woodlands and ended up with severe burns. I had my bikini area and inner thigh done. I can no longer wear shorts or a swimsuit and their answer is put some cream on it, that I had to buy from Walgreens. If i would have known my experience would have been this bad, I would not have ever done it. As far as getting my money back they said they will "check on that". They were offering a promotion at the time for my treatment package, so I only paid 900. My scars are worth way more than that.
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Do you know what type of Laser they used on you?
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I Hear so many bad reviews on laser hair removal, it is nice to hear your story! You couldn't have said it any better. I have been doing laser on my full leg, brazilian, and under arms. I go every six weeks and the package I bought is good for a year and a half & I only have 2 appts. left! I am completely dark hair free except for 1 or 2 hairs here and there, but those should be gone after my last appt. I agree 100% with you on people needing to do their research on where they are planning on getting it done. People complain that their hair isn't gone after going once a week for 3 weeks! people don't understand how the process works! Glad to hear it worked out for you! I know I am also completely happy & recommend to everyone =)
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Avante in The Woodlands - Anne Gary, though I am not sure if she is still there

Very knowledgeable and very kind and patient. Also very discreet!

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