I found the procedure to be totally do-able. - Loved It - Ann Arbor, MI

Pros: I found the procedure to be totally do-able...

Pros: I found the procedure to be totally do-able...I do have a high pain tolerance anyway (don't most women), but the numbing cream was certainly helpful. A little more "pricklier" where the cream hadn't been as thick, but totally fine. The cool fan helps a ton. I have NO crows feet at all now, and this was my first treatment. My neck looks 10 years younger. I am going to be 44, have been a sun worshiper until the last two years and had wrinkles that were definitely aging me even though most people thought I was in my mid-late thirties. Early thirties now for sure. Cons: None. I am two hours post procedure and I am slightly pink, and it does feel like a sunburn. My face is slightly "tight" and again, resembles a pretty good sunburn in terms of feel...but isn't bright red or anything, just a bit pink. I had my face and neck done and I'll tell ya, it could be addictive to me as I would love to have my hands, arms, etc....but will stick with face, neck and maybe hands in the future. I have scheduled an appointment for 4 weeks from now, and will definitely do it. If you are in Michigan and need a reference, let me know.
Could you please tell me the name of your doctor? I have been looking for someone in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area. Thank you very much.
would love to know the name of your doctor? Thanks.
Would you please share with me your Doctor's name? Is your Doctor in A2? I'm considering Fraxel, yet after reading so many sad stories??? I actually talked to someone today about the treatments and they're not an M.D.! (The platic surgeon's office aesthetician provides the Fraxel treatments!)That cares me. I look forward to your reply.
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