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I am 37 yrs old i have always had people tell me...

i am 37 yrs old i have always had people tell me how pretty my face is until i hit 35 and i seemed to loose the volume under my eyes and mid section of face. i have had a lot of people asking me if i had lost weight ect. i have been so bothered by this i went to see 3 different board certified plastic surgeons 1 of them wanted to perform a mini face lift the other two said no way they recommeded fillers one said radiesse the third doctor said restylane. i went with restylane and i cannot believe how good the results are thank god i did not consider a mini lift the results would have been unnatural.i just had Restylane done 3 days ago. after reading all the blogs i am afraid its not going to last very long. can someone make a suggestion.
I agree with Dalia see another doctor who will be willing to help you.
My doctor was like that. he wouldn't do another injection even after I had leftover product. Some PS are very nervous about making a mistake so they are protecting themselves. I went to someone else who did it for me because I had a dip under my eye and needed more restylane. Just go to another doc who is a people pleaser.
I had restylane 11 months ago in the tear troughs, wonderful results, but i cannot get my doctor to do another injection, she keeps on shrugging me off and says we don't want to overcorrect. So how does should this original last. Is there something wrong that she just shrugs me off. I had such excellent results and compliments from everyone saying how good and how less tired i look. I think after 11 months, i would be do for another injection, i bruise a lot so i want to get the down time when it is convenient for me which is now. thanks
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