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I Am in Love with Smart Lipo!

I had smart lipo on my upper/lower abs and upper...

I had smart lipo on my upper/lower abs and upper arms done on Friday, January 30th.  It is awesome!

Actual Procedure:  I was awake or fading in out and of sleep during the 4 hour procedure.  The most painful part was the numbing shots.  Then they filled the area with numbing solution.  Then they inserted the probe into an incision just above my pubic area and inside my belly button.  It just felt like pressure but not too painful.  I dont have that high of a tolerance for pain but the xanax and hydrocodone took my cares away!  The only time it hurt was when it got close to my ribs and when i told him it hurt.. he just moved it to another area and the pain stopped.  I went in for the procedure at around 9am.  It began around 10 and i was taken home at about 2pm.  My sweet mother was there to take care of me.  Thank the Lord for her! 

After:  I slept that day from about 2pm til 7pm.  When i woke up the first time I was pretty sore in my abs and the wounds had drained pretty significantly.  My mom helped me to the bathroom and we were able to remove the compression garments and replace the bandages.  Dont be too alarmed by the drainage.  It looks like you are bleeding to death but very little of the liquid is actually blood.  After about 24hrs the draining stopped and i was able to just put a bandaid on the spot.  The size of the incision is about a quarter of an inch.

Every day has been about a 100% improvement from the previous day.  By Sunday I was able to get up and about and act normally around the house.  I am one week out today and I feel like I just had a hard workout on my triceps and abs.  Overall, I am feeling great!  The results are great!!  The pooch is gone!!  its absolutely amazing.  I would recommend this procedure to anyone!  I was a bit skeptical because of some of the reviews that I had read on this site.  However, I think that the most important thing is to choose a qualified doctor. 

My arms are still more swollen than my abs but my Dr said that they take a bit longer to heal.  I will post more pictures as progress is made.


I had my surgery done at {now shown above to registered users of RealSelf.com}. He is a great doctor and knows what he is doing with the laser!
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i am extremely impressed with your results! you look amazing...do you mind leaving your provider's information I am not too far from the MS area. thanks and congrats!!
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My major advice to anyone thinking about getting this done would be: DO NOT GET THIS DONE IN THE SUMMER. you will regret it. I cant imagine what hell i would be in right now if it were 95 degrees and I had to wear these compression garments.
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Photo Update


I'm now 5 weeks out today. My arms are still swollen and bruised. The swelling has gone down significantly but they are still puffy for sure. My stomach has some lumps but the dr. said this is normal. I actually had my stretch marks lasered and they are looking 1000% better! I'm also going to have an Accent treatment next week to try to get the lumps to go away faster. So, far, excellent results! those pants that were too tight, are fitting like a dream!
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Trio Medispa in Flowood, MS by Doctor Faucett.

Dr. Faucett was AWESOME!!! If you live in or around MS and are considering this procedure... use him. He is very experienced and just made the whole experience so awesome! I cant tell you how much I appreciate him taking the time to go through everything with me and give me a full idea of the procedure from start to finish.

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