Love my Retin-A (Tretinoin) 0.05% Cream

I've been using the generic tretinoin 0.05% cream...

I've been using the generic tretinoin 0.05% cream since February and I LOVE it. My perscription insurance covered most of the cost since it was a script from my dermatologist. The first couple of weeks were touch and go with all the flaking and sensitivity, but it has been totally worth it. My skin has never looked better! I had a brown circle on the middle of neck from sun damage and now it is completely gone!!

Thats great! Do you use anything for skin?, cleanser, toner, etc.?

Yes, I have a whole regime at night time. First gentle non-oil stripping cleanser (Neova Radiant Cleanser), then toner (Neutrogena Alcohol-Free), then apply Retin-A, under eye cream, squaline oil, then night time moisturizer to seal it all in.
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