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Love Results from Mixto Laser

I had mixto done on my entire face several months...

I had mixto done on my entire face several months ago. The results are awesome. My skin is so smooth and sun damage has been diminished.

It hurt a little bit but was definately tolerable. It felt like a severe sunburn for about 3 hours but then it was fine. The peeling part was not too much fun, however I did go back to work on Monday. I had it on a Thursday.

I recently had my lower eylids lasered with the Mixto. The doctor went a little bit deeper than the full face mixto and I love the results. My lower eyelids had some bagginess and puffiness due to age. I'm 49. The laser smoothed out and tightened the skin. It's amazing. I feel so much better about how I look.

Sterling Heights Oculoplastic Surgeon

Very experienced and good at what he does. I trust him completely.

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KelBel, thanks for that quick response! It sounds like you are going about this JUST RIGHT! I think I also need a lower bleph, but have shied away due to the visible line of scar. Be sure to ask them about the timing of Resty and Dysport injections around your surgery time, cuz that may alter how you "really" look if any skin is cut away during the bleph. GOOD LUCK on your upcoming treat! Dr. Berkowitz is on the opposite side of the country from me, but I have a PS I am comfy with. We shall see! And you can bet I'll be posting results.
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Bugjune. I still think my skin looks good but I am planning to have an upper and lower lid blepharoplasty with CO2 laser resurfacing on the lower lids and Mixto on the rest of my face. I just turned 50 and I think I deserve a treat. If the Mixto is done in the OR along with a surgical procedure, Dr.Berkowitz will do it. If you're just going to do Mixto it can be done in the spa. His assistant is awesome. She's been doing this for a very long time and knows what she's doing. She did my Thermage several years ago and I thought she was amazing. I also just had Restylane and Dysport in my glabella area. Dr.Berkowitz is the only one who does injections of any kind there. I am VERY happy with it. Good luck to you with whatever you decide to do. It's ALL fun stuff. :)
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KelBel, It's been about a year since your MixTo treatment. Are you still enjoying that smooth skin? Your initial condition sounds very similar to mine: puckery/baggy skin under the eyes. I am 54 and contemplating MixTo for my face. Did you also get the UPPER eyelids done? If so, was there any problem with your vision or dry eye condition afterwards?
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How are u doing so far? Satisfied with the results? Did u mention the doctor was very good or his assistant? As far as I know he doesnt do any laser, only his assistant unless you are asked to pay some extra money for him to agree to do it...
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Hi there, Im Planning to get done the mixto, to the same Doctor,u had it done. im glad it worked out for u, also its making me feel less shaky about this procedure...is there a way to post some before and after pictures, or if you could email to me....i would really appreciate it so much. my email: insatiablelady1@hotmail.com thanks
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When are you planning to have the mixto? Im scheduled with the same dr as well!
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No. I changed my mind...It's not the doctor who does it ..it's his assistant. There are other doctors in the area that perform the same laser themselves and they dont ask for extra money.
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