LOVE my New Tummy

Hello all, I moved to Argentina for work...

Hello all,

I moved to Argentina for work reasons and decided to go to a PS for a tummy tuck. The costs here are significantly cheaper than in the US. It has been 4days since my surgery and I am thrilled with the results. I had 3 scars down there, including a c-section one, and my doctor was able to remove all and leave me with just one symetric one.

Argentina is hot on plastic surgery. Almost everyone in my social circle has had breast implants or other types of plastic surgery. I can't believe I did it for that cheap!!! I went to 4 different surgeons until I found the one. They were all great doctors, for me it was a matter of how quickly could he schedule the surgery. I am going to Brazil in 2 weeks and wanted it done before then.

Anyway, great results, great doctors, great prices here in Buenos Aires. Even if you have to buy the ticket you still save money.

btw, the price also includes 2 lbs of fat my doctor suctioned out of my thighs =)

I also had a wonderful experience in latin America;; I went to Bolivia through a medical tourism operator for a TT and I am very happy with my results. In my opinion, having a plastic surgery overseas can be an excellent alternative for patients that can’t afford a plastic surgery in the US.
I chose to go through an medical tourism operator due to the choice and high standard of hospitals and that as a total package price it was cheaper to go to Bolivia than have the operation in other country in latin america and also the operator organized everything for me such as travel, accommodation etc.
I never felt I was treated any differently because I was paying less by going in another country. I paid 2700$ for my TT (including my surgery fees, my stay in the hospital and 15 days in a 4stars hotel), this price is a high cost for Bolivia but it’s the price you have to pay to have your surgery done with the BEST of THE BEST surgeon there. My experience was very nice…. From the first moment during my consultation, every step along the way was very smooth; from over the phone info, consult, and surgery all the way to post-op follow-up. The surgeon, the medical team and my personal assistant was very nice people. In latin America the service is very different,the patient care is excellent,, everybody made you feel special right from the start from surgeon to the staff at the Hospital! my personal assistant looked after me during my stay in Bolivia and my surgeon who was lovely, honest and realistic. I wasn't sure I was really going to move forward with the procedure before my initial consultation, the company just made it more financially affordable for me to go through with a surgery I had dreamed of for years.
Now it’s time for bikinis! I am quite happy that I had the tummy tuck procedure. I wish I had done this sooner. It was not as bad as I thought it would be.
However the recovery was tough - you literally do not want to stand up straight for a4 days because all your abdomen muscles have been cut and believe me it hurts and also the surgeons don't want you to either. I had my drains in for 13 days but that's me. Everyone is different and really no one can tell you how your recovery will be (stinks doesn't it?)…but it was worth it. I am amazed at the results of the tummy tuck and I have had no problems since my operation was performed in Bolivia. Not only do I have great results, I got a great price.
hope this helps some.

By the way, Dr. Horacio Mayer leaves you at the Hospital Italiano for one day and one night. He prefers it that way to make sure there is no strain on your incision after the surgery. I liked that a lot, and that hospital is one of the best doen there. Dr. S does not. You go home 4 hours after the surgery. I lived 10 minutes from the Clinica Golf so this was not an issue for me, plus I had help at home. For someone who does not have these advantages, I would definetely recommend staying at the hospital one night. I can't find Dr. S's contact info. I know he works at a place called keep your beauty in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of "la imprenta." Good luck. If I find his contact info I will let you know.


Hello everyone, I have been so busy and could not keep you posted. So here it is: The tummy tuck is great, I planned on hitting the gyn pretty hard and get the rest of my body in shape without my surgeon, but I have been traveling and such. So though I have not done many abs lately the tummy tuck looks great. There is one complaint. The surgeon used regular surgical thread (he said that some people develop allergies to the absorvable ones) and because I have darker complection, I can see the scar. It does not look awful but I have the feeling that most scars are almost invisible. So make sure your dr uses the latest on surgical thread that will not leave scars, especially if you have olive skin. Tha other thing is that since I had a mini tummy tuck and I had two ugly umbilical hernia scars plus an emergency c-section scar down there, the surgeon had to cut pretty low on the abdomen, about 1 or 2 inches lower than usual (it is nice not to have 3 ugly scars like I did before). This means that some of the fatty tissue that belonged closer to the belly button now sits lower in the abdomen. Why do I mention this? Because (though not even my husbad notices) though I am pretty slim there I can see extra fat there when I put on a little weight, before the surgery I dont' remember noticing this. It really isn't an issue, when I put on a swimsuit I look great, and there is no extra skin hanging over the top of the bikini. Anyway, now that I mentioned these two issues I must say that I am super happy with the results and I would do it again.

I see lots of you asking for my PS info. I went to several before I chose one but these two are the best. Horacio Meyer--he trained in Brazil with some surgeon who is supposed to be an eminence in plastic surgery. He has a very friendly website. You can google him and will find it. He was out of town when I needed to do the surgery and that is why he did not operate on me. I would have chosen him first. He is excellent and so through. He speaks good english and even did an internship at Harvard Medical Center in Boston. He truly is a great PS.

Dr. {edited - provider information is shown above the review}. He did my surgery. He is older than Horacio and has lots of experience. He is just kind and compassionate. Takes good care of his patients. Most girls jut love him for his kind personality. He works at a place called: Keep your beauty, you can google it and you will find him. At the center there is another guy who does the mesotherapy, and other procedures outside of the operating room. I liked him, but like I said Iwished he had not used surgical thread on me. Anyway, I hope this helps. I loved Buenos Aires. I know that right now most surgeons are pretty motivated to operate as the economy is fragile down there. So it is a good time to do it. Good luck! Ginger

Dr. Martin Stern

practiced for 17 years, can perform all kids of treatments like VASER and LASEr lipo. He was very savvy. And did I mention he spent an hour with me each visit? not like the doctor visits in the US.

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