Love the Look of my Restylane Lip Augmentation...except for the Bruises

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for a...

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for a restylane injections to my lips. I have always hated my thin lips and never worn lipstick because I was far too self conscious to draw attention to them! I told the surgeon that I was very concerned about it being obvious that I'd had my lips done and that I preferred having 'too little' rather than 'too much.' The dental block hurt a lot but I didn't feel the actual Restylane injections hurt at all. I love the size of my lips (the surgeon used half a syringe and they look very natural), but the bruising has been terrible! It has been a week and there are purple/black dots on my lips. I called the surgeon's office and they said that it should take up to two weeks for the bruises to fade. While I love the difference the Restylane has made to the look of my lips, I'm not sure I would do it again because the bruising is so noticeable.


I had my lips done yesterday to get rid of (or at least reduce) vertical lines along lower lip. Was seeking botox so as not to change my appearance. Was told botox could not be used in lower lip but juvederm would do it without creating an unnatural, different from "me" look. Today I have bruising & swelling (at least I hope its swelling & not the filler) on my lower lip. Was also told that the Excedrin I had been taking didn't matter. All the information on this site has been really helpful so I am not freaking out as much. Lisa, I think your lips look great. Who was your provider?
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I always had bruising with a previous doctor but the Plastic surgeon who I started using several years ago always uses a simple ice cube at each injection site a few seconds prior and I haven't bruised since.... Big Difference for me Bruisings no fun and distracts from the enjoyment of your result.. Also swelling goes down drastically the first 2 weeks or so...Give it time!! If you feel a lump or uneveness go back it can be massaged out and or a little added.. for Lumps or to much trout pout ect I've seen good results with the neutrogena vibrator face cleanser..Take off the sponge cleaning part and it's smooth underneath... worth a try before an injection to reverse...
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I've noticed I bruise less with each top off...anyone else notice this? I just had my lips, nasal folds, and tear troughs done again last Friday and not a single bruise to speak of! I wonder if my face has gotten used to it, or if my injector has "learned" my face and knows where to stick me so I don't bruise?
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