I Love my Lip Augmentation

I have always had nicely shaped lips, but they...

I have always had nicely shaped lips, but they have always been small. I never wanted to go and get one of those terrible and obvious "lip jobs". I make fun of them all the time!

A friend, who is a doctor, said it would be a great look to just try a litle bit. I didn't trust him though, but I'd liked my doctor for my other fillers and Botox and I could not be any happier with how my lips turned out!

I told the Dr that every day when I look in the mirror I want to scream with gratitude that I look so natural, and no longer have to add lip liner or lipstick over my lipline to look like I have larger lips!

The other great thing is, no one knows! I keep hearing how young and great I look, and that this is the best I've ever looked, but no one ever noticed a thing! Not even my friends who have their lips done! Believe me, they would tell me in a second, if they noticed!

I'd also heard it's painful, and I didn't use anything, and somehow it didn't kill, like it was "supposed" to!

I am so happy I have now found a Dr who is a sweetheart and does just enough to make me more beautiful without looking like I do anything! So happy I had to share!!


What lip filler did you use?!! & Congrats! :)
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Hi Charlize,

Yes, it was Juvederm. Fillers in the lips last from 4 months to years, patients vary in how they hold onto their filler. On average we are finding that Juvederm lasts about 9 to 12 months. When patients return, there is usually less to fill as the previous Juvederm stimulates some collagen production.

Dr. P

Hi Anonymous Actress,

Thanks for the testimonial. Your anonimity is so good that I don't even know your identity. Next time you are in the office please let me know. Thanks again and be well.

Dr. Persky
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Ummm. I think Juvederm. It had numbing stuff in it.
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