I Love Latisse - improvement after 3 weeks - Shorewood, IL

I had resorted to eyelash extensions since my own...

I had resorted to eyelash extensions since my own lashes had become so thin and were falling out. That was very expensive; I required fill-ins every 7-10 days. Latisse changed all that. My facialist noticed improvement after 3 weeks and I definitely saw a big change after 4 weeks. My lashes are longer, darker, not falling out and I see new little 'sprouts' coming in regularly.

I don't like the brushes that come with the kits. I use a good eyeliner brush and clean it with inexpensive saline solution for contact lenses. Also, I use Latisse in the morning since my eyes have always watered during sleep.

I have blue eyes and after almost 5 weeks of Latisse use I've suffered no side effects. I would advise anyone who really likes this product to get the next box before they need it.

Does anyone know if after using latisse and stop after a while, the lashes fall, and get even shorter than before I starter using latisse, is this a product you have to use frecuently?
Thanks for the update. I took my extensions off myself and you are so right! What a mess! However, I have been using Latisse for 1 mo without extensions and I can definitely see the difference. I have never heard of Lumigan and Careprost. I am truly a virgin! Where did you get these products? Did you need a prescription? Thanks again for all your help and input!
Can you tell me if using Latise while having eyelash extensions causes the growth to take longer? I started Latise with extensions and it seems to have prohibited the growth. Anyone have experience with this?
Eterna MedSpa

I get a discount for staying with the 16 week program yet I can quit at any time.

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