I had 5 Fraxel treatments with the older version...

I had 5 Fraxel treatments with the older version and it got rid of all my melasma in 3. I did 2 more just for basic rejuvenation. i couldn't be seen without full make up before and now i can go make up free! because with skin pigmentation it has "memory" it can come back if you are not diligent about staying out of the sun and using sunblock. a little has come back on my left driving side cheek. i am having 2 more this fall just for is great for fine lines and will give you a more glowy look. i am in the business and recommend fraxel to patients who are candidates and all have loved it so far. i am trying the new fraxel this month so i will tell you how it goes. it is expensive but worth every cent!


Hi Paula! Dr. Laurie Jacobson did my first series...she is wonderful! I am not sure if she has gotten the new Fraxel yet so I am goin gto Bliss Spa for my next two...I will let you know how it goes! :)
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Who was your Seattle doctor or derm for fraxel? Sounds like you're really happy with them. Paula [in West Seattle]
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