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I've been overweight most my life. I'm 53 and 3...

I've been overweight most my life. I'm 53 and 3 years ago had lap band surgery. I lost 80 lbs. I had 4 children all 9 lb babies. They are all grown now. Health issues have kept me from doing much. I have 12 vertebrae fused in my spine. Recovered from cancer a few years ago with radiation and chemo. Now it's my turn to do something for me that I can say the pain was worth it! Oct 18th 2012 I had modified tummy tuck. I did not have the muscles done. PS didn't think it was needed with me. I think because I have a pain pump implant in my abdominal wall. If it was much tighter it would protrude out more.

I guess I set this up wrong, but I'll post anyway....

I guess I set this up wrong, but I'll post anyway. I don't think this is going out for anyone to read for some reason.....
Went Black Friday shopping, started 8 pm on Thursday, came home at 3 am. Went back out 9am. Whats this got to do with my tummy tuck???? Well I got to shop for me for new clothes..YaY!!! Amazing how different things look and fit now. I got 4 new shirts that are a bit tighter and shorter than the ones I already own. A couple pair of pants. And a pair of really cute boots. When I feel a little more rested I will take a picture to share with you. Knowing I am a silly old lady it makes me feel better to not wear all my old lady clothes. lol

Finally added a few new pictures. I need to get...

Finally added a few new pictures. I need to get some more weight off. I know some of it is bloating because it goes down a lot after taking a gas ex pill. I just blow up after eating or just laying around. Wish it would warm up some so I could ride my bike. That always makes me feel good. And I lost some the past 5 months riding it.

Love the YMCA! Just joined last week, Now that I...

Love the YMCA! Just joined last week, Now that I am on the flat side, I am comfortable wearing exercise capri's and tank's. Hopefully I can reach my goals faster with diet and exercise. Not having the apron hanging from my tummy has given me confidence to go for it!

Just found one of those pictures that show the...

Just found one of those pictures that show the whoe me. I didn't even know thete were any like that around. I need to update more, but not much new is going on... Been going to the gym. Hopefully the next updated pictures will show it.

Hello hope you all are having a great day! I just...

Hello hope you all are having a great day! I just posted a couple new pictures to get your opinions. I took a some close ups of what I think is dog ears. Feedback would be really appiciated. So please tell me your honest opinion.

Ok so I put the dog ear pictures on the other day,...

Ok so I put the dog ear pictures on the other day, but forgot to mention. I don't know if it makes a difference to you guys, but the funny or maybe not so funny thing about them is they just started showing themselves in the past few weeks.... I think the reason is I was still swollen from the tt and it was all filled out. So what do you think, if I still have swelling now are they going to get worse?
I have to add one more thing, I saw one of my others docs today... she had not seen me since the tt. When she saw the scar she said that my tt doc did a beautiful job. So me not being crazy about my new ears or funny bb don't seem very bad at all. The few people I have showed the scar to all say it looks great. Sooo. I will still ask him (tt doctor) on the 31st what he thinks. If it needs to be addressed or not.
I been reading a lot of your stories out there,I just want to wish you all the best. This is such a blessing to have this done for what ever reasons your having it done.

Going for my 3 month post op later today. I'm...

Going for my 3 month post op later today. I'm really nervous about it. I have to tell him about my dog ears, and my belly button. I don't want him to think I don't like the job he did, because I love my new tummy so much. I never thought I would be able to get rid of that apron of skin I had hanging off me. I am still amazed every time I look at it!
Coming to RS has been a real source of inspiration. You ladies are so kind. I read you all the time. Ill come back later today and let you know what my tt doc has to say. Hopefully good news.

Got another new surgery date, yay! 2-12-13 Going...

Got another new surgery date, yay! 2-12-13 Going to have my dog ears and belly button fixed! Good news is I don't have a umbilical hernia, which is what I was affraid of. PS said my old umbilis was very long because of how much loose skin I had and he had made it as short as it would go at the time of the tt. But it still stretched out more, I guess at least partially because of how much swelling I had, which left me with an outie bb. It is not real bad but I just don't like it. I will take a picture later and add it. I told him I didn't like the dog ears, one is very small and the other is just ugly. LOL. It just sticks out more. So I am really pleased that these things are getting fixed. Recovery is only going to be a week too.

Revision surgery was today. I was awake for it. I...

Revision surgery was today. I was awake for it. I have to wait til the 20th to see. I did grab my phone and take a picture of my bb before the nurse bandaged it. But I didn't see the dog ears. They were already bandaged. I will take a picture tomorrow of everything with the bandages on.

Added a couple new pictures. The PS said to leave...

Added a couple new pictures. The PS said to leave bandages on until the 20th (next Wed.) and go back to have bandages removed. I managed to get a picture of my new bb before it was covered. The left dog ear took a lot longer to repair. And it hurts more than the right. The bandage is bloody but I don't think it is bleeding any more. At least I hope it's not! Just taking my fingertips and going over the bandages it feels like it is very smooth now. I hope that means the dog ears are all the way gone. I will post next week after the gauze is off.

I had the revision surgery but didn't see what...

I had the revision surgery but didn't see what used to be my dog ears because they bandaged it. Well I decided to put on a fresh clean bandage. This is the left side. The one that was the worst of the two. I took a picture of it before bandages went back on. The dog ears are gone! I added a new picture of it.

All the bandages are off. No more dog ears!! And a...

All the bandages are off. No more dog ears!! And a tiny bb. Not an outtie anymore. Will update pictures soon.
I went to the hospital to see a new friend that I met here on RS. She had her TT yesterday. One very lovely lady. I am happy we finally saw each other in real life. Hope your doing well today Gail. The recovery is a long road. But we have all either been there, or will be going there, and it is a journey well worth every step.

Hello ladies. I took 2 updated pictures from my bb...

Hello ladies. I took 2 updated pictures from my bb and dog ears revision. The bb is not healed all the way but it is NOT a fat little outie anymore. Yay!
I am now 4 months PO.

It's almost healed and I love it! The revision on...

It's almost healed and I love it! The revision on my BB is exactly what I wanted. Little bitty innie belly button. I am so glad I decided to have the revision.

It has been 5 months and a week since my TT. Some...

It has been 5 months and a week since my TT. Some good days some not so good. The swelling still comes and goes. But from all I have read here I am not alone. There has been many doing the same thing. Overall I am very pleased with my TT. Would I do it again? In a heart beat. To be able to wear normal clothes without hiding my apron of skin is just awsome. To exercise at the gym and not have my tummy hitting my thighs feels so great. To read all the wonderful life altering stories here shows anyone out there on the fence, this is worth it.

6 months PO now. Would do it again!!! If I had...

6 months PO now. Would do it again!!! If I had known about RS before. I would have done a few things different. But I didn't find it until a few days after my Tt. I learned a lot here. The info has been so helpful. I added a close up picture of me in a swim suit. I'm no bikini model but not having the roll of skin that I had before at least makes me feel better. If your out there and thinking about getting a Tt. It's a gift for yourself that you deserve.

Here I am 6 months PO and just made it to the ps...

Here I am 6 months PO and just made it to the ps office to pick up my before and after pictures that they took there. My before was 10/03/12 and the tt was on the 18th of November. And the after pictures I have from his office was taken on 02/20/2013. So I am a little behind putting the pictures from the ps office on but think they are much better than I at taking them.

8 months PO

Well it's been a long road so far. I would travel it again though. I'm still not where I want to be as far as my weight goals go. But really it is ok. All I have to do is look at my before pictures to realize I'm still better off than I was this time last year. To be honest. I wasn't even thinking about a tt a year ago. It was just something I never thought I would be able to get. Now I wish I would have had it 25 years ago. Well if your in the edge and don't know if you want this. Take my advice. You do!!!


This time I'm doing my update dressed!

Added a few more pictures

I don't run from an hate camera's any more. :-)

My TT scar

My scar has faded really nice.


How come I allowed my PS talk me into not having muscle repair? I feel so stupid knowing now what I didn't know then. I should have done more research I think. I love looking here on RS at all the stories and seeing all the before and after pictures. I just wish I had listened to my inner self at the time. I was so scared no one would touch me because of my implants, I settled. OK yes it looks better then before the tt. But I keep thinking if I had the muscle repair maybe I wouldn't have a round upper tummy that sticks out. Maybe I would have a real waistline, even a small one would be great. Sorry but I just needed to vent a little. I can't afford to go back and have the mr now and then even if I could, I don't want to do the whole tt thing all over. I keep thinking if I lose weight that will fix me. In reality, I don't think losing will make a big difference. Yes it would help but I still have this huge gap in my muscles that pokes out every time I use my tummy muscles. Oh well I guess looking at how great you all look is going to have to satisfy me. Anyone have any ideas? Ready to listen here.... Sorry for the venting but we all have our days I guess. You all have a great day and take care of you.

11 Months PO

It was 11 months ago today that my journey started. I have had my ups and downs as we all do I imagine. Yes I do regret not getting the muscle repair, however, I need to look at the big picture. When I started my journey I wanted no more than to have the pannus taken off. I look back now at my before pictures and its hard to believe that was me less than one year ago. I know most of you end up looking better than I do. However if I look at me now compared to pre tt. It is am amazing transformation. So being that its been 11 months ago today I took some new updated pictures today.

My journey started 1 year ago today...

A year ago I started my journey, a year ago changed my life, my thinking, the way others and I see myself. My thoughts have gone from I love it, to I wish I had made a few changes. In the past year I have grown in so many ways. It is not all about the way I look, but I feel so much better, not having the pannus is such a blessing. I had so many problems with it, and over night they were gone. If you happen to be reading this and are on the fence about having this procedure. Look here on Real Self, I am only one of so many that has made this journey. I no longer have skin crack under my pannus, no more sweating under it. I guess the best of all is the way clothing now fits. I don't have to hide under layers of loose shirts and baggy pants. If you asked me if I would do it all over, I would jump on it and do it with a few changes that I learned after the fact. Have a wonderful day!
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

He is very sweet. Answers all questions with details. I was referred to him by my lap band Doctor. The day of my revision he came in with his cd player and music. We listened to the oldies the whole time. He is just awesome!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing!
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looking good..love how light the scar looks
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you are looking good! scare is very noticeable... What did you use on it?
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My scar has faded really good so far. I used something called Kelo Cote mostly. It does help to fade the scar faster I do believe. If you decide to try it, look on Amazon or another online search. You can get it at stores but it is for a smaller sized tube and cost more. And that you for the kind words.
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You look great!!!
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Thank you.
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Hey there, I just read ALL of your posts. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It's especially helpful for me. I am no spring chicken (51), and am not going for or expecting a "bikini bod", just a trimmer, less jiggly me. I love your results and hope I get as good. Would you mind checking out my profile, and tell me what you think? I'd really appreciate your perspective...if you have the time. Thanks and you look BEAUTIFUL!
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I went and looked at your profile, and our tummies pre tt are very much alike. You have the same fold of skin (pannus) that I had. When I would get hot I would have skin rashes and cracks under the pannus, as I suppose you know what I mean. I think just from looking at your pictures that you will be thrilled with the results. With you having the muscle repair you will get better results then what I did. I am not disappointed any longer, but did go thru a time after my tt that I had really wished I had the mr. I still wish I had it done, but the results that I got are still awsome with the issues I have with my health. To this day I can NOT pinch an inch, lol. The skin from under my breasts all the way down to my pubic bone is so tight. You will look and feel great. I am now over a year post op and am still amazed when I am getting dressed and look in the mirror with under clothing on. Like you said I don't and never will have a bikini bod, but I am 54 and really don't need it lol. But you and I both will enjoy the rest of our lives without that jiggle. I wish you the best and would love to see the end results. I am sure you will love it.
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Oh JeannieM1959, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can't tell you how reassuring this is! I really hope/think this surgery is gonna help me in so many ways...like all the ones you have expressed so wonderfully in your profile and here. I'm gettin close now, 19 days, trying to remain calm and positive. Hubby is a rock and keeps saying great things and is totally encouraging. So, gonna try and keep busy and focused on the end result...a HEALTHIER mor active me ;-). I will definitely continue posting. Gonna post some more before tummy shots right before surgery as I've lost 10lbs since breast reduction and am working on a few more. Will definitely post after photos. Would LOVE for you to see and comment. Thank you AGAIN, you are a jewel ;-)
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I look forward to seeing your after results. The next 19 days will fly by. A month from now you will look and feel great. The best part of waking in the recovery room was feeling my tummy, even being bandaged I could tell that my tummy was gone. Your first shower will be another marker that you will never forget. Not having to lift up the loose skin to wash under it. Congrats on your soon to be new you. I really look forward to your updates.
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Thanks...REALLY glad to know you're out there watching out for me.
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Loved reading your story thank you for sharing so far post op for us newly done ladies light and the end of the TT tunnel is needed. Your transformation is amazing well done!!!!
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Great post...u look great..I cant Wair until I'm 1 yr po!
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Can I jz say I applaud u for letting us into ur journey wit u this has been a ride for u n let me tell u u look wonderfu congrats n hppy healing still n good luck on the weight lost if u start but u look great!!
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Thank You so much, and good luck when you have yours done
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Thank u hun god bless
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You look beautiful!
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Hi Jeannie... Hope you are having a fantastic holiday season.
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Wow, you look fabulous! The Dr did a really fantastic job (he sounds like a lovely person too) and between his skills and your clearly taking good care of yourself during recovery, the result is amazing. In the final comparison photo, you can see it's literally taken 20 years off you - not that you didn't look nice before, but you look fabulous now - not just slimmer & with a flat stomach; but you are positively glowing with health. I loved reading your review and all your comments below - they have been very informative and very helpful to me and others who are thinking of taking the big leap... ! Personally I am petrified but I have never had a flat stomach, even in early childhood, despite not being overweight, and this wretched bulge has been the bane of my life! So it's great to read all the positive things you wrote to encourage those who are on the fence about this procedure. I love this forum as there is so much info exchanged here on issues that as a lay person we may find too complicated to understand or find too much to deal with whilst sat in the Dr's surgery especially when we are feeling nervous and overwhelmed & unable to take in a whole lot of information at once. It's so much more helpful to read all the advice in our own time, and then a lot easier to make an informed decision. Congrats again for the great results, and for having reached this stage after such a long journey, lasting a whole year -- you must feel amazing! I wish you all the best x x x
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Thank you so much. You made my day! I hope you get your tt ASAP. I think you will love your results. It is literally life changing. Best wishes to you.
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U look brilliant chick:-) Love the look of ur scar already Hava say u look way younger now than b4pic congrats:-)
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There can't be anything worse than having excoriation under a pannus which many people experience especially in hot weather.  You look so much better.  Too bad your surgeon didn't do the muscle tightening.  Perhaps he thought it wasn't necessary?  I've never had kids and even I had a muscle tightening.  The muscles underneath t aren't actually touched but the tough white tissue (fascia) that covers the muscles is tightened.  I'm still not convinced that my surgeon tightened me up all the way up to to the top of my upper abdomen as he didn't excise my BB and I just can't visualize how he would have done that with my belly button in place.  I guess I just have to trust his word.  I'm totally happy with my results even though my waist measurement is the same as BEFORE.  I have NO regrets. 
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Thank you.  I do wish he had done the muscle repair, thinking it would make a big difference in my upper tummy.  I have a large split in my muscles, I can feel it with my fingers ahe when I raise up from a laying position it protrudes out.. I am a bit dissappointed with that part of it.  But over all am very pleased.  The main thing was the pannus, it was horrible.  I looked again at your pictures and think you look great.  You have shape and are so flat from the side view.  Congrats on your tt.  Have a great day.  
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Lookin so good!!
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