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I am 42 and have struggled with very dark circles...

I am 42 and have struggled with very dark circles under my eyes for a few years now, so I decided to try to fix it with Restylane. I did have some very serious bruising under one eye, but it was immediately evident that my under-eye circles were much less visible. It has been over a month now and I have absolutely no regrets. My confidence is back.

I did some research first and chose to go to a well known cosmetic surgeon's office. A young nurse there did most of the derma filler injections and I was okay with that, assuming that the doctor must have confidence in her. I had a consultation with her about a week before the procedure, and we decided that I would have one syringe of Restylane for the under-eye area and two syringes of Juvederm put into my cheeks. I believe that Resty is a thinner substance and Juve is a bit thicker.

During the procedure the nurse was very professional. I was nervous when we started, so I got hot and felt a bit dizzy, but the nurse turned up the air and gave me a cold bottle of water which did the trick. She injected the Restylane under each eye and gently spread it with a Q-tip. She did her best to avoid blood vessels, but I think she must have hit one under my left eye when we were just about to finish. She knew right away and told me that it would bruise in that spot because a small lump began to form. It did not hurt. In fact the whole thing was not very painful for me. I left with sunglasses and two little ice packs in hand. My cheeks felt swollen and lumpy - that corrected itself within a couple days. However, a "shiner" soon developed under my left eye. It looked like someone punched me. I had to wait for the swelling and bruising to fade over the next 7-8 days. I knew going into this about the potential for bruising, so I did not over-react. It was mostly inconvenient because I needed to work and could not fully cover my shiner with makeup.

Now, just over a month later, I smile when I look in the mirror and I feel more confident than I have in years. I cannot say that the dark circles are 100% gone, but I look good without make up, and with a little make up I look much younger than 42. I spent more than I planned but I would (will) do it again to maintain my new look. The only thing I wish I had known before is that a black eye is possible, even when the nurse or doctor is being extremely careful, and it can take a week or more for that black eye to fade away.

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I got restylane under eye on 3/21/13 and got a really bad bruise on my right eye, I am so afraid it wouldn't go away, I been doing everything possible to help faded away sooner I am panic, when I go outside I wear a bandage to cover it, also I feel like I have little pimples near it... What u did for the bruise?
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I feel mine it will never go away, everyday I see it more black.
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Be aware that you could end up with permanent discoloration from the injections/bruising. I had a shiner after my first round with no lasting effects. I was thrilled with my results, which lasted much longer than anticipated--about 1-1/2 years. The second round of injections caused a second shiner--in the other eye--which has left a large permanent discoloration. It has been almost 5 years since my last batch. There is still some Restylane remaining in my tear troughs but the skin under my eyes looks very crepe-like when I smile. More Restylane would help but I'm afraid of more discoloration and worse wrinkles down the road.
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Its sounds like you have a great perspective on the bruising. I think you are right, that bruises are a risk we take even in the most capable of hands.

Did you have swelling under the eyes for a couple of days as well?

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