Getting Ready for Liposuction of Love Handles & Saddlebags... Nervous! - Louisville, KY

Hi! I am a 38 year old mother of 5 getting ready...

Hi! I am a 38 year old mother of 5 getting ready to get my body back! It's my time! I'm 5'1 and 110 lbs, and I want my clothes to fit good again! My size hasn't changed in years with the exception of these awful overhangs (lovehandles) and my saddlebags make me self conscious in skinny jeans. I had breast augmentation in 2008 & had a lot of complications, but we finally found out the source & it's been corrected. My dr. Is amazing & treats me like family so I completely trust him! I'm worried about the pain. I'm not having my stomach done (am planning on tummy tuck in winter) & I've heard the stomach is the most painful. I'm hoping this will be a piece of cake! I don't want to take a lot of pain medicine because I have a lot going on the next week & want to be functioning. It was hard to find time to do this. My kids are older, youngest is 8, so they are pretty self sufficient. I'm really excited to begin my journey! I have 1 week until surgery day & am just now getting nervous. I've already had my pre-op, lab work, etc... Assuming all was ok since I haven't heard anything. Got prescriptions, there were a lot & that makes me nervous too- seems like a big deal! I'm going under general anesthesia so I'm glad I won't feel anything. I was going to get the tummy tuck, but don't have the recovery time right now. Plus, I'm scared about the scar so I need to be completely ready. We are going on vacation 9 days after surgery, so hoping I'll be ok! My dr seems to think I'll be fine. I don't work, so I can rest while kids are at school the first few days. My husband thinks I'm nuts & don't need this but he wants me to be confident. I don't even know that others will notice but I hope I do! I'm trying to figure out how to upload photos, not video. Any help?

Well 2 more days until my surgery & my nerves are...

Well 2 more days until my surgery & my nerves are really kicking in! I can hardly focus on anything else. Really hoping for an easy recovery, obviously. I've been reading so many posts & see such mixed reviews... Some do it awake with Motrin only & others asleep needing painkillers. I'll be asleep, thank goodness! I will post pictures soon!

Well, I did it today at 730am...I It is painful....

Well, I did it today at 730am...I It is painful. They had a hard time getting an iv- took 8 tries. That hurt too! They gave me meds imediately because i was shivering so bad. just took A percocet at 530.Hopefully it will kick in soon. My thighs hurt the worst & my back. I'm dreading tonight & tomorrow though because nurse said it will hurt worse. The leaking is gross. My garment is actually not bad. I noticed results already, but they said swelling around day 3. He took out a total of 850ccs.

Also, I am 3 lbs heavier- assuming & hoping it's...

Also, I am 3 lbs heavier- assuming & hoping it's swelling.

Today is 1 day postop & I am in so much pain! I...

Today is 1 day postop & I am in so much pain! I couldn't sleep at all! I want to take a shower but didn't know if I can take off my garment. They didn't give me instructing. Somehow, I'll make it through the day!!

Ok, I went for my 3 day post-op today & am feeling...

Ok, I went for my 3 day post-op today & am feeling much better. I told nurse that I've been so depressed because everyone else seems to be back to 'normal' by about day 4 & I'm hardly there. She assured me that with the type I had done that I am the norm. Plus I saw the results & my dr & I agreed it looks great even with swelling. So I think it'll be great as long as I keep up a good diet/exercise routine. Pain is still there but much better today. Maybe I'm turning a corner. I still wish I could post pics. Does anyone else have this problem off your iPhone where it only says post YouTube video? Any advice would be great.

Went for my 6 day post op today. All is good. He...

Went for my 6 day post op today. All is good. He said he was conservative on my saddlebags, but if I'm not happy later he can take a little more out in the office. Better than taking out too much. I'll see what it looks like when swelling goes down. Overall, I'm happy. I'm still pretty sore, but definitely tolerable. I go to the beach sat- that ought to be interesting. He said I can take my garment off in day, and at that point it won't affect my healing or outcome- just may swell a little more.

Well, today is post op 8 & I have ballooned up! My...

Well, today is post op 8 & I have ballooned up! My swelling is much worse. I'm very uncomfortable. Has anyone else had swelling increase around 1 wk post op?
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Had previous surgery from him & love him & the staff!

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Hey r u doing...I am surprised there only making u wear compression for one is at least 6-8 weeks....I am three wks post op today and only take it off to shower and wash...I feel way better with it on even know its not way comfy...u will continue to swell...I am still swollen in area and still tender to touch...longer recovery than what u read about...thats for sure....stay well.... :)
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Hey! They made me wear it 24/7 except to shower first 10 days, then wear at night. He said it won't change the outcome after first week for small areas...only swelling ( & he's right about more swelling). I'm wearing it except to go to beach for an hr or so. I'm feeling better, just so swollen at times :( ready for end results- as everyone! Hope you're feeling good!
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Thanks ehistle. Alot better buut still tender. just wish this stomach would deflate lol. did u c my recent pics. if u look at the last two showing before and now. i finally feel a bit better. keep in touch
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Glad to hear all went well!! Happy Healing :)
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So glad to hear ur feeling a bit gets better day by day...Stay Stong...take care!
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Ok day 2 & still can hardly walk! My dr called & said I could shower & wash garment- yay! That made me feel better. He also said today & tomorrow should peak & get better each day. Does that mean today & tomorrow will be my highest pain? It feels about the same as yesterday- which was rough. Last night I took 1/2 an ambien & slept a couple hrs. I've kind of slept on & off throughout days. Has anyone else still not done much 2 days after. I'm waaayyy too sore. I think I have post surgery depression:(
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Oh wow ok now you ladies are making me nervous about the pain. Hoping I can tolerate it.
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Hey Deeva....Like I said...the procedure was more painful to me than after surgery...and it wasnt a extreme pain...I had 3 its not like surgery I was glad I took week of..had done on a monday and went back to work on Friday...ehisle seems to be having more pain than I did...everyone is soo different....YOU CAN DO IT....if I can...ANYONE
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I'm having the same lipo that you are having in 12more days. I already put in my prescrips for percoet and other pain meds. Thanks I will keep you ladies posted.
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Oh wow well I don't know what childbirth feels like haven't had any kids yet. some people compare the pain to doing an intense workout. Yeah my doc told me to take a week off as I originally had 4days off (including the weekend). I just hope I can act normal as only my hubby knows that I am getting this done so may have to go into seclusion for a while and live like a hermit lol
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Deeva84, hi! I'm not trying to scare you! It's only 1 day postop for me- and more painful than I expected. I had regular lipo w/general anesthesia so that may be more painful than the other types. I can walk around & be ok, but I'm so exhausted & when I try to lay down it's so hard for me to get comfortable. I have a hard time getting in & out of bed. The leaking is much better today. My thighs & back is killing me but I'm sure it'll be better in a few days. I do like the results so far despite the swelling, so I'm thinking it's worth it so far. Everyone is different. Good luck to you! You'll do fine. Did your dr give u pain meds? Ive only taken 4 in 24 hrs, along w/ibuprofen & it seems to help. Keep posted!
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ehisle....Good Morning...normally and from what I was told by my wait 48 hrs before showering and u can take of ur garment to do so...then just put it back on...when I showered first time....I wasnt leaking I put bandaids or steri-strips on drain openings and took off all other bandages and was no problem and didnt hurt...actually felt great...then just get garment back on and rest.....let me know if u have any more questions.....FEEL BETTER!!!
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It took about 2 hrs, but recovery was 2 more because my blood pressure was so high (from the pain). Today is by far more pain than yesterday because the numbing has worn off. I've been taking percocet w/4 motrin. Also I took a Xanax last night to help me sleep- which didn't work much!
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My kids are 8, 12, 13, & 15...luckily they are at church retreat for the weekend except my 8 yr old. My husband has to work but my parents just think I'm sick so r helping with my youngest.
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Oh u have some peace and quiet...I cant believe ur numbing it totally gone...I still have itchy and try to itch it but cant feel it...if that makes sense...its like a itcy spot that u cant scratch...Sorry ur in soo much pain...but it does get better...I didnt have alot of heavy after pain...mostly during procedure..
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Thanks! I am dying to wash this garment- it's so gross now. Guess I'll sponge bathe & wash garment while I shower tomorrow. How are you feeling?
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Thats what I did...took garment off..threw in wash and took shower....mine dryed in dryer alone in less than 10 min.....and TRUST me...u will so want to get it back much as they are uncomfortable....I couldnt wait to get it back
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Feel better. How long did the surgery take? Get some rest.
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Be prepared for the swelling...but as I am told it will do down...Sorry ur in the old are ur kids? Are they able to help? Just rest and medicate for first couple of days and try and stay ahead of the pain...dont let it get so bad...take the perk as me on that...keep me posted....feel better :)
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Oh my gosh, I can't sleep. In 6 hrs I will be there. I hope I get through it easily!!! Still can't figure how to do pics off my iphone.
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All the best!
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YAY....U can do
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