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I wrote my review of Dr. Mitzuguchi in another...

I wrote my review of Dr. Mitzuguchi in another post. I've had several ask me for Before and After Photos. I'm going to tell you, this is a surgery I had been wanting for 10 years. My husband and I had discussed it many times; and I'd seen several Dr's for consult over that time. I picked Dr. M because he is simply the best...he's an artist not just a surgeon, and when you are looking to surgically change your need an artist. I LOVE my results, and I'm thankful every day for waiting until the time was right and choosing the right surgeon.

I love my children, but having them destroyed parts of my body that no amount of exercise could ever fix. My oldest is 16, and my youngest is 10. With the decision that there will be no more I let Dr. M work his magic. Breast Lift, Augmentation, Hip Lipo, and Tummy Tuck. I did all I could do...I work out hard 5 days a week, and Dr. M fixed the things I could not. My breasts were embarrassing. I hated to walk in front of my husband without a bra on, they were saggy and drooped. I constantly would cover them up. I had wonderful abb muscles from working out so hard, but the extra skin from pregnancy was still there. You know what I mean...that little "Mommy Fold"..YUK! Dr. M is not just a surgeon; he is an artist. He talked to me about my personal goals and what "I" wanted. He did not try to push me in to a larger implant than I was comfortable with. He helped me find what not only looked natural for my body, but what I felt good about. He sat and discussed my surgery options with my husband and myself for nearly an hour! I pointed out the things that bothered me, and he gave me choices that would give me the results that "I" wanted. After the surgery, he personally called to check on me that night. Anything that came up, I could call him and not worry that he was going to be upset that I was "bothering him". He is kind and really does care about your worries and the results. My husband says I've never been so at ease in front of him unclothed. Just for that, it was worth every penny. I had A LOT of surgery done all at once; and the recovery was a little harder than I was prepared for; but I listened to Dr. M's advice and trusted he knew what was best. I could not take the pain meds because they make me so ill, and the pain was really not "that bad" for those that worry about it. If I can do it with no meds, you can do it. First night was the worst. Coughing for the first few weeks will absolutely bring tears to your eyes; but it was worth every bit of discomfort. I am confident and feel good in a bathing suit at 40 years old! I am 5 months post op, and I am back to working out as hard as ever!

Louisville Plastic Surgeon

He come highly recommended in Louisville, and I had several friends who had used him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Your before and afters look great!
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Why do u have a longitudinal scar if I may ask?
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That was my fault. I had a belly button piercing when I was younger that left a scar on the top of my belly button. Dr M did not have enough slack in my skin to bring it low enough to remove without having to pull the hair line up too much. So, he had to cut the scar out. Call it a bad choice when I was young.
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Has it faded much since? I too was the young dummy who got a piercing and went on to have kiddos. Then the piercing area was the first stretch mark I got. I was curious because I had read that sometimes when a patient asks for a full TT and the dr can't get the skin low enough they have to make this type of scar due to not being able to bring original belly button low enough to the cut line, thus resulting in longitudinal scar. This is what made my surgeon opt to only do a mini as he was certain he would not be able to bring my belly button low enough to hide along scar line and this would have to make my incision significantly higher and I would intimately end up with a much higher scar and this line. Was your belly button able to be brought down and does your swim suit cover this?
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You We discussed a skin excission, but there was a slight separation in the abdominal muscle. He didnt think I would have gotten the results I wanted without the full TT. My piercing scar was pretty bad. If you flatten the skin out it would probably have added a good half inch or more to how much they needed to come down. We took a chance, but it still looks better than if we hadnt done the full TT. It has faded some and will continue to. It has only been 5.5 months. Yes, my bathing suit covers it for the most part. Just depends on how low of a bikini. Im not really that worried abouy it. Much better a scar than a pouch og saggy skin.
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Also...there are way too many things after surgery that can happen...if you dont trust your surgeon going in to it..dont use him. Cancel. You will question every piece of advice he gives you durring recovery. The only thing that gave me comfort was knowing that I trusted my PS implicitly.
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I trust him, and I know he's trying to make the best decision based upon my concerns and what he feels I will be happy with. Plus I voiced my concerns about not wantin to feel too tight as I know I would not do well with that feeling
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Well, good luck with everything! I hope it all heals just like you imagined!
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Thanks for sharing your experience on RealSelf! I'm glad you're happy with your results.

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