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I decided to get a breast as far back as i can...

I decided to get a breast as far back as i can remember because being a 44ddd and of weight on my chest was painful and health issues i have asthma so i struggled to breathe when laying on back or even walking they was very heavy and dense breasts,plus i didnt feel like a women cause of all the rashes i got i wouldn't ever feel sexy, but due to not have insurance it was something i had to put on the back burner until i either saved enough for it or got insurance. Well a miracle happened i got insurance and decided to go through with it go a ps and then had it i was so happy it couldn't come fast enough. On jan 20, 2013 then reality set in, heart ache, and disappointment its not only a physical change but a mental change. Physical i was ok but Mentally i am still struggling everyday and my journey is not over i have had issues since the surgery a number of bad things 1.had a high fever after surgery 104.8 but they sent me home 2. Drain tubes didnt drain correct but they removed them 3. Large separation in left boob at the T junction i was scared my boob was falling off but when i went to my PS he seemed very unconcerned and said mother nature will heal itself when she is ready and now the right one is showing signs of separation her i am 28days i should be happy but i cant even enjoy them because of my everyday pain because if i wear a bra it rubs the spots and i am in tears and having to change gauze and clean them 4 times daily to make sure i dont get infection its just Mentally stressful, but everytime i see my ps he says dont worry they will heal it will take 8weeks but they will heal its just frustrating to me and i am heart broken over the whole thing.
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He is a very nice Dr and i still have confidence in him i know i will heal its just the time i just wish he would give me straight forward answers.

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Ask them about using a calcium alginate dressing. This is what I used and it really helped me.
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You are not alone. I had similar issues. It is pretty horrible but it gets better. All I have now is a slightly thicker scar.
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I have the openings on my right breast. It seems to be getting bigger under my nipple. Went to the Doctor today to have my sloughing nipple checked again, I have had oozing for about a week so she put some pressure on my breast and a bunch of brownish junk came out. They just called and said I had fluid build up so now I have to go back Tuesday and have the Doctor and PA look at it again. It has been very painful. I knew something wasn't right but like you they kept telling me it would heal. Sorry for your set back, I feel for you and kind of know what you are going through.
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I'm sorry to hear that !things will get better soon
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Have you tried xeroform gauze?( ask your ps) Do a little research on it. Eat really heathy, because what you eat has a major affect on your healing.
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I am very sorry about what you are passing through and I totally understand you because I have similar situation but you must know it does heal! Make sure you follow your surgeon advice. Also is good to take vitamins supplements and keep the zone clean and covered. Not being sad, sstressed and kinda desperate is hard but just think it doesn't help you. Now you are on the way to be that one you always wanted to be :) you will reach there just hold on!
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Thanks so much i am trying really hard its just that the light at the end of my journey is so far away and the more close i get i feel knocked back but thanks for ur kind help it really helps to know others have and are going through the same things
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