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I got my surgery on July10th 2013 and, I have to...

I got my surgery on July10th 2013 and, I have to say it took me more then three day's to start to feel better. Now I'm feeling like myself again after a week and a day after the surgery. My advice is to take your time and don't rush listen to your body. I was told since I have 600cc silicone under the muscle that it may take longer to heal which makes plenty of since. Dr Mizuguchi was very informative and he took the time to explain the procedure and we worked together to ensure I was happy and safe. The staff was very helpful and nice. The only part of the process that irritated me was that my appointment time was changed three times. Dr Mizuguchi is great and I'm recommending him to all of my friends.

I'm really enjoying my new look

It's taking me some time to feel like my old self but,I love my new lady's.

Funny Things Kids Say

My little boy told me Mom I don't like those boobs and then my husband said that great maybe you will start going to sleep in your own bed. ...Lol

What's Best ?? Bra's

I have the bra's that open in the front and sports bra's .. I wear the sports bra during the day and the front loader....lol at nite but what's best ?

I'm All Smile's

I'm 3wks post op and, I feeling great! I love my twins ( Breast). I went to the Dr today he said every thing look's good and keep doing my massages the implants are still high. Wow I can't believe I finally did something for my self and I'm so happy.

I'm in love with my body

I'm so glad I had this BA, I'm really happy with my body and I feel great !!! I thank God I chose Dr.Mizuguchi because he did a wonderful job I couldn't be more happier.

I have the Bomb Boobs .... lol

I'm so happy with my breast. I'm a month out and I'm very happy :)

Healing Nicely!!!!!:)

I was asked, are my scars visible and where are the scars located well I posted some pictures ... I have been using scar away strips and Biotin oil as a scar treatment

I love VS Sports Bras!!!! Great Support!!! Very Sexy !! Look Great!!!

I have bought different sport bras for my BA but there is nothing like my VS sports bras have great support for working out and there soft .I tried the Walmart Hanes front loaders which work great at first when I couldn't lift my arms but I know I need to prevent bottoming out and my friend told me try the Walmart sport bra but they don't support me and my implants are still a little high so I'm not at my true bra size so Im loving my VS sports Bras :)

Before Pucture

Before I was very uncomfortable with my breast size I could never fill out the top in dresses and I would have to get the swim suit top smaller then the bottom ..I'm so glad I made this decision to get the BA.


I love my Boobies !!!! and I'm feeling good an loving my body. My husband said he trying to get use to them because he not use to them been there ...... Lol

7wk Post Op and Bra shopping :)

I love my Dr appts, there so pleasant and the staff is so nice. The girls are falling into place. I'm happy with the results. I went to VS to get sized,and Im a 34DDD. Honey from what I had I'll take it and love it too!!!!!

I'm a happy 34DDD

I'm the proud owner of a triple:D if you can get to Louisville KY Dr Mizuguchi will take care of you and make you the happiest girl in the world.

2 Months Post Op and I Couldn't Be More Happier !!!!!!!!!

I'm at my 2mth mark and I'm loving my bobbies. I was worried that my boobs would drop too low andI lose my shelf :) but I still have it !!! They have dropped and fluffed out . I can't stop say it but "I love my boobs."If your looking for a natural beautiful set of breast come on to The Calobrace & Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center and Spa !! The best experience ever.!!!!!

Quick Picture Of the Scars

Looking good to me :) my scar is healing nicely you can't tell there's was a cut there.

Fitting To The Fullest

I'm so happy that I was able to fill out my costume this year. And yes I felt good :)

4 Month Op

I'm still a happy camper with my BA! I'm so glad I made this choice when I did. They are very soft and natural looking and I look and feel so much better in clothes :)

I'm in Love I'm in love

I just wanted to flaunt my stuff this weekend for my honey . I think he is starting to enjoy these lovely lumps. Lady's I am a happy women. :)

Happy Holiday's 5 Months OP

Winter is here and I'm all wrapped up keeping warm.


I wish I could show you a before picture in the dress.My hubby got me this last year I wouldn't wear because I didn't fill out the top. But now that is not a problem :) ..Thanks hunny for the dress and the boobs in it.

Happy Holidays All My BA Ladies !!!!!!!!!!

I can say I'm so glad I made the choice to get my BA. I'm thank God for my health and a new out look on 2014 :)

Wow How Boobs Change in 6mths

I can't believe it been six months since my BA. I feel and look great ! I love my body frame so much more and my hunny can't keep his hands off of them Now .. Lol I'm blessed that every thing is going well . I hope I continue to have great things to say :) .... Hubby think there getting bigger as time by what you think ?
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

I've wanted a breast augmentation for ten years now and after doing my research I felt that now was the time to give it a go. I chose Dr.Mizuguchi because he graduated top of his class and I liked his work on the website. When I meet him I was very impressed and excited. He was very easy to talk to, I told him what I wanted and I feel he was honest and help me to be at ease and happy .Dr.Mizuguchi and his staff was very caring and made me feel comfortable when I was there for surgery. I felt no pain at all not even the IV! They checked on me after I went home and really took care of me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow, they look amazing! I hope mine end up looking like yours! :)
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Thanks a lot !!!RizeAbove17 I hope you have great results too :)
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Wow your results are great!  What was your cup size pre-op?  Your scars look so good, I wonder if they will basically disappear after a year or two.
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Hi Jill81 my cup size was 34 to a 36B and the scar is fading away really good it's been 10 mths and I have to post new pics :)
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Thanks a lot !! I very happy and yes my little boy is in his bed finally
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That's great news! ;)
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Gosh, I can't believe it's been 6 months for you already! I'm glad you're still loving your results. Thanks for the updates. I do have to ask, is your little boy staying in his own bed now? ;)
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Thanks !! I'm blessed that everything went well :)
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You look awesome!  They really are perfect!
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Thanks I had a great Dr
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you look amazing =) glad you're so happy and confident with your new girls!
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r they heavy? i ask bc i have 550 ccs in one and 560 in anther and mine r heavy n hurt my back im a 36 dd
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Do you have saline? I don't feel a thing ... I was worried about that but no I'm good :)
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Ok im soo jealous i love love love the size and look u got...i had mine done and got 450cc and im just a D i really wish i would have went bigger...you look awesome girl so happy for you.
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Thanks a lot you can always with a year and go up a size :)
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You can wait a year and go up a size
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Yeah i was thinking about going up a size but instead now im thinking i want the Brazilian butt lift im hoping i can come up with the money by the end of the year i found a doc in Atlanta it like 9300 but i think i can deal with my D cup boobs if i have a big booty lol do you know if ur PS does Brazilian butt lifts? And if its any cheaper then the one i found.
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My butt was bigger with B cup boobs but now I got these DDD's my butt don't look as big I gain a little weight that help but I got to watch the waist line ... I will try to find out from my PS and let you know are you near Ky? . Well you know he does a great Boob job!!!!
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Thats how i feel now that my boobs are bigger my butt looks small lol yeah im about an hour and a half from Nashville so im guessing about 3 hours or so from kentucky im excited i hope i can get my butt done i just hope i dont get plastic surgery happy and be like some girls and end up looking awful lol but ur ps does a really good job so i hope he does the butt lifts.
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Did you ask them if that's the closes place you come too the one here in ky ?
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No i didnt ask do they have other offices that u know of
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Ky is the close place there in Va as well :) ... Keep me posted
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I will for sure thank you
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Still looking sexy;)
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