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As a young woman, I still had hope that I was just...

As a young woman, I still had hope that I was just a late bloomer. I have always envied women with a large chest. I personally felt that it was one the top features that made you a woman. Three kids, and 15 years later, I was well aware my chest wasn't getting any bigger.
The idea of a BA, was always on my mind but it felt so far out of reach. I set up a consultation with Dr. Corbett anyways, and there I was informed that care credit was available, for people who like me. I have to work hard for everything, and what little I have, goes to my children.
Now, its has 3 months after surgery, and I could be more pleased with the results, I look and feel like a beautiful, shapely GROWN woman. He was very thorough with the post and pre op instructions. I am still running back to him, just to see if there is anything else I can do, so that I can become a prettier, shaplier me... :) Dr. Corbett, you have forever changed my life...
So happy for you, would you mind updating your review and tell us what size and type of your implants and what is the placement (under or over muscle) 

Thanks so much!
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He was easy to talk to, straight forward, very informative. I enjoyed my visits...

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