Another Consultaion done today! still not what i wanna here. am i being to picky???!!

Im 26 140lbs and I have a 2 year old in which I...

Im 26 140lbs and I have a 2 year old in which I breast fed for a year. Loved every minute of it but he sucked the life out of mt poor breat lol.I am barely an A now and hoping for a full C, I am hoping to get my BA done in Febuary if things go good financially. I would love some advice please :) :)

Has anyone financed there BA? If so how did tha...

Has anyone financed there BA? If so how did tha go? I havent found a doctor yet Im still lookin but my plan is to get them done mid march. I was wondering if anyone has a really physical job and how long did you have to take off? So many questions to ask lol
Hi, I am going to dr. Fata in Carmel. Dr. Van Natta is also another great PS that I was considering. I did research and reviews on plastic surgeons for months and went to a consultation with both before making my decision. Finding a good, board certified PS is key! Also, if u have a physically demanding job try to find a doctor that offers the 24 hour rapid recovery program. Best of luck to you!
Yea I have also been looking for a few months. I live in between LOuisville and Indy so its a hour drive to each so I try to as much research online as possible. But I will def check them PS out I can also get fmla at m work for the surgery but I wont get paid thats what Im conserned about but Im wondering if there are alot of 24 hour rapid recovery programs and if the cost more. Thanks so much for the response good luck with you also :)
Ok so I am new to this I havent even found a doctor but Im getting it done!!! lol Has anyone financed theres and how did that go?

So I got my consultaion schduled for the 16th on...

So I got my consultaion schduled for the 16th on Janurauy. If everything goes as planned I will have them in March! Ugh Im so excited seems so far away. Gonna try out care credit to help me out with m payment. Has anyone else used Care Credit??

So I posted pictures on here to ask docotors what...

So I posted pictures on here to ask docotors what they would do and I am loving that they are giving all the same answers and hoping the next PS will give me the same feed back so I can get something schduled to get my boobs lol it sucks because I have been to 4 different PS and they all had something different to say and none of it was anything like the doc here had said :( This is so stressful all I want is to have boobs for once! Im praying this next PS is the one I looked at his before and after pics and he does an amazing job and the best part about it he is only 20 min away! Verses 1 hour like the others :) Wish me luck ladies and send me some prayers that he is the one!
Please feel free to look at my pics and profiles .. I was a deflated B with some extra skin from breast feeding almost 18 years ago. I went with silicone .. 457 ccs moderate profile under the muscle and couldn't be happier!! They feel soft and natural and frankly has been the best money I have ever spent on myself! ;) good luck with your decisions!! :)
Thank you so much for the support its kinda hard to get any advice on my own blog page lol. I love your boobs! Especially in the purple bikini top! :)
Aw, no problem .. happy to answer any question you have! I have been obsessed with boobs since I was a little girl and sadly never got any LOL! ;)

So my consultation went good and the PS was super...

So my consultation went good and the PS was super nice just didn't tell me what i wanted to hear. I have tuberous breast i know that but why do they wanna go over the muscle?? I want under the muscle no exceptions!! I posted pictures to ask the doctors what they would do and got the same answers. So why haven't my consultation doctors told me that?? Ugh im getting so frustrated. Ok 1of the doctors said what the docs on here said but the price is 8500! May have to break down and pay that lol. Idk i cant keep driving an hour away for dead end consultations not to mention i have a 2good yr old that i have bring with me! Sorry forbthe rant just frustrated. PLEASE HELP!! ANY ADVICE
Hi blk11, We have been speaking on my blog page -my breast were considered tuberous, large areolas, ptosis and asymmetrical (in other words a mess) - not to mention small. I had the lift and silicone unders. I haven't seen anyone on this site spend more $$ than me (as of yet) for this procedure but I rationalized it this way - This will be something that I am doing and It's going to be nothing short of fabulous when it's done. Living in nyc I was hoping to spend $10,000 max but when I understood what was involved, I was not letting 5K get in the way as I loved my doctor and felt extremely comfortable with him handling my multi-issues. The extra money is alot for me - but all said and done I rather pay it now than down the road for a re-due. You want to feel relieved, happy and proud with the result. Long story short, your doing this so do it right and feel good about your decision. Give it all the time you need and don't rush : )
Your before and aftervare uhhmazing!! And thank you for that it means so much! This is such a big decision physically mentally and FINANCIALLY. I think I made the decision its the first Ps the way more expensive one lol but u r soooo right I want it done right im just scared of the healing around the aereolas. How did yours heal up? Thanks again for the comment and support :)i I got a appointment scheduled with the surgeon on the 5thsurgeon to go over everything once again. I wish I would have done my research before I saw him then I wouldnt have been so quick to be offened by what he said when all he was doing was his job. I seem to take alot of things personal lol.
Thanks blk11! I'm really pleased with them! Can not wait until summer :) It IS a big decision - especially financially! I'm going to post pics again at 6 weeks (next week) but the scars are healing FINE. I would not put much worry into that. I had my eye on this particular doctor that I chose. I went to another doctor before him just so I had a comparison. The first doctor said I may want to consider a lift but you can always do that later (why would I want to go back a couple years later when I obviously need it now) he also said I may want to reduce my areola's but you can always do that later (okay....) So basically the seed was planted concerning my condition. When I went to the consultation with my doctor that I ended up choosing. He said the same (so it wasn't a shock) BUT he said that he strongly recommends the lift ect. and explained if I didn't do the lift, after a year, I would find myself back in his office. I filed it all, went home and researched like heck - basically every case I saw that required a lift looked like my before photos and it all made sense. So many women look gorgeous with just an augmentation and incision under the breast for a reasonable price but I knew I had more to consider and basically wanted to look as beautiful as them when it was over. Does your doctor seem like he is a creative type too? Mine has fine art and drawing degrees so that also spoke to me. Good luck! You are doing the right thing. Just enjoy it now that you know what you need to do!
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