BBL and Told I Have a 25 Yr Old Booty, Even Though I'm 51!! - Louisville, KY

I've always been thin and, along with genetically...

I've always been thin and, along with genetically predisposed, I never had a butt. Very small and flat. I did have a little bit of fat on my inner thighs and some small love handles. I talked with Dr Mizuguchi about doing a BBL. He felt I had enough fat to perform the procedure. After all the swelling had subsided, I couldn't believe the results, I look FANTASTIC!! I've had people actually stop me in my jeans wondering where I got them because my butt looked great. I'm rocking my bikini now! I would do this again in a heart beat!!


I'm so glad the procedure went well for you! I have scheduled my BBL with the same physician for July 2nd. Do you have any advice?? Would you be willing to share before and after photos? I'm starting to get super nervous...
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Hi Sadie! Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any for this sight prior to, but I've taken plenty afterwards. I can certainly upload some. I can tell you that you will be more than pleased! Here are my suggestions: Remember NOT to sit (without a donut) or lay on your backside for quite a few weeks. You want to be sure the fat gets an adequate blood supply so that as much as possible isn't reabsorbed. I can tell you that I have retained 90% plus! I followed Dr M's instructions to the letter! No sitting/laying or putting pressure on the glutes. When I did sit (which I have to do at work), I sat VERY forward on my seat and sat on my hamstring area, avoiding the butt as much as possible. Take your vitamins and eat healthy and drink lots of water. There is swelling so don't overdue it too soon. I am a runner, so I can tell you the first time I ran it felt weird! ha! But having people tell me how great I look in jeans (I've NEVER been told that before) has made the expense worth it. I even had one gentleman tell me that 20 year olds wish they had my butt!! You will love it! Just relax and have pillows on hand to help make sure when you sleep, that you remain on your side or your stomach. Good luck!! :)
90% !? It sounds like you had a great experience. I've just been nervous because he doesn't have any before and after pics up really. If you could post or message some pics it would be helpful. Currently I'm trying to go back to work 6 weeks post op. My job is not very physically demanding. Do you think I might be able to make it? Thanks again
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Love Dr M. He's about to do a revision on a breast implant that ruptured after 13 years and I'm excited to see the outcome. With the amazing results from my BBL I know my new breasts will look great too. He's very personable, love him!

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