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I'm 34 years old, 5'10 and weigh 155 lbs....

I'm 34 years old, 5'10 and weigh 155 lbs. I have three precious girls---8 year old twins and a 6 year old. With both pregnancies I gained 75 lbs! (Don't know WHAT I was thinking there!) After having my twins I decided that a tummy tuck was in my future! After 8 years and getting to a weight I am happy with, the procedure is in the works!

My surgery is scheduled for June 8th and I'm anxiously awaiting the day. I've also decided to add boobs to my surgery. I'm a small C now, and not that I want LARGER breasts, I just wanna fill up the area that has gotten sooooooo saggy over the years! I still have not completely decided on the best CC amount to go with. Does anyone have any suggestions?

As of right now, the implants I've chosen are capable of being 330-360cc's. Any other helpful advice, suggestion about either of these procedures is greatly appreciated!! I'm also concerned about the pain level with BOTH procedures. I'm planning to take off about 2 weeks from work, but I'm a nuring home administrator so I've gotta get back pretty quick! Is this a reasonable time off? Photos to come soon.

I'm only 3 days away from my surgery! I'm scared...

I'm only 3 days away from my surgery! I'm scared but ready to get the wait over with! Im still on the fence about what size cc's to get. I really don't want bigger breasts! Just fuller where I'm saggy up top. Anyone else get a breast augmentation solely for that purpose? I'm actually pretty modest, I'm just afraid that if I don't get the breasts done, too, I'll regret it later. Ive spent most of the weekend cleaning so that I won't lay in bed wishing I had! I'm a neat freak and I know I'll have family and friends coming over to check on me and I just want everything in order! My husband is awesome, so I know he'll help! Two of my kiddos will be going to camp so that will make things a little easier on us! Ok I took pics so I'll see if I cam figure out how to post them.

It's been 24 hours since my surgery and I really...

It's been 24 hours since my surgery and I really feel pretty good! Of course I've done nothing but lay in the bed and go to and from the bathroom. When I'm up I'm extremely sore! Feels like I've been hit by a bus and like there's an elephant on my chest! But once I get settled back in bed everythings fine again. Even up until the minute before I rolled into OR I still has not officially decided on the cc's for my implants. I ended up picking a 330-360 implant and asked the doc to take a pole in the OR as to what the nurses thought looked best. 360 it is! Ha! They are still bandaged of course but I'm looking forward to the unveiling! As far as pain on a scale of 1-10 I'd say I'm a 6. It's really not been near as bad as I expected! Thank goodness because when it comes to pain I'm a wimp!! Hope this helps some of u concerned about the pain. :) Will post again soon.

Today starts day 3 post op. I'm very sore! I had a...

Today starts day 3 post op. I'm very sore! I had a TT and BA so getting up to go to the restroom is a challenge. I can't push up with my arms so I have been trying to use my core to get up. Once I'm up it takes me a few minutes to regain my breath, but then I'm ok . As far as pain, I haven't really been in much pain. Just sore and stiff from laying around. My neck and back are getting sore from my poor posture when standing but from reading other posts that seems normal for the procedures I had done. I'm draining about 75-80 ccs every 24 hours. Not sure what the goal is there but it has changed from bright red to a yellow buttery color so I think it's going in the right direction. I'm hoping to have my followup Monday to take out the drain. I have some pics to post but does anyone know if you can post pics from an iPhone to the site?
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I just had implants done on May 26th. I live in LA too and my surgeon is in Lafayette. I hope you are recovering well from your surgery!
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Let us know how you're feeling! It's so hard to do nothing, but make yourself relax :) Believe me, you'll know if you overdo it.

I hope you're surgery went flawlessly and you're waking up refreshed right now.

Keep us posted.
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Well congratulations on doing this for yourself. You definitely deserve it. Wow and only 6 more days to go! How exciting. The two weeks off is great however you will not be up and running at that point. You will need to go very slow for the first 4-6 weeks. ust be prepared for soreness and swelling for a while. Each person is different but normally women take a good 6 weeks before feeling totally human again. I always recommend that when you first return to work that you not make any after work plans for the first two weeks back. All you will want to do is get home, strip your clothes off and kick your feet up. You only have this one chance to heal properly so be a good patient. I know as women we don't really know how to slow down but you must for this healing. It is all temporary and what you end up with is so worth the short down time. Keep posting and keep us up to date on your process.
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I had my tummy tuck, lift with implant (mommy make over) last July and I am very happy with the results. I also have three children and not planning to have anymore.

You would definately need someone to care for you for at least the first week after surgery. It is a major surgery and you will feel like you've been hit by a bus. Take it easy and just rest alot. Drink lots of gatorade and water. I found it very helpful to take homeopathic products Arnica (bruising), Staphysagria (healing), graphites (healing).

You should take the arnica three days before surgery.

You will have a big scar across the bottom of your tummy. Buy silicone strips for the scar to lighten after it heals completely.

Good luck and keep in touch if you have any questions.

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