6 Weeks Until the "Big Day"

My TT with BA/Lift is scheduled for April 12, 2010...

My TT with BA/Lift is scheduled for April 12, 2010. I am starting to get very nervous. I have 2 children ages 10 and 2. I have wanted these procedures for a long time and now that the time has come I am freaking out! I am 5ft 6inches and weigh 150lbs. Any advice for me?

Today is April the 5th. 1 week until the big day....

Today is April the 5th. 1 week until the big day. Panic is starting to set in. I am thinking of being put to sleep and waking up afterwards. The pain! Any words of encouragement would be great.

Hi guys! I have less that a week for my TT with BL...

Hi guys! I have less that a week for my TT with BL and BA. I am scared to death!! I am sick of having a "muffin top"!!! I have been wanting this for several years and now that it has come time, panic is starting to set in!! Any pre-op advice would be great. I will keep you guys updated and try to add pictures soon.

I keep seeing where post op TT patients are...

I keep seeing where post op TT patients are posting on here the next day or 2. IS THIS POSSIBLE??? I sure hope so but seems like they would not be able to function. ?

Here I am 10 days post op. Starting from the...

Here I am 10 days post op. Starting from the beginning I was so nervous about being put to sleep. I have to say as soon as I was asleep I was awake. I stayed the night in the suite at the surgery center. My husband has been so wonderful with helping me. The first night I slept all night due to meds. That night Dr. W came in to check on me. The next morning her husband (also a Dr.) came to check on me. Then my husband brought me home.

That night I slept in a recliner with lots of pillows. By the third day back pain was horrible. Just stay on top of your pain meds. I was having the urge to pee constantly but nothing would hardly come out. Called surgery center and they said I may have UTI so prescribed meds for that. It has improved. My mom had a bedside potty chair and I used it the first week. It is great for not getting low on the toilet.

The fourth fith and sixth day I felt much better. Back pain was easing. On the sixth day my husband took my pain pump out. Never felt it!!! I have a stool we sat in the shower and he helps me shower. Nothing feels as good as your first shower after surgery!!!!

Anyhow, I am feeling normal as of today. I am still not able to stand straight and just get really tired from walking. Forgot to say that yesterday I went back for check up and got 1 drain out. Never felt it either!! Will be able to take the other out in 2 days. I would love to answer any questions you guys have. I will go back to work three weeks post op.


You need plenty of pillows.

Lightweight blanket.

My sons step stool helped when I sat up in the chair.

Someone with you 24/7 the first week. Helping you get around and food, etc.

Need patience!!! Which I lack :(

Baby wipes.

Shreveport Plastic Surgeon

I havent had my procedure yet, however i have to answer these questions to submit.

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Congratulations! How goes it? Happy with the results? Any chance of B&A pics?
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I saved up half and used Care Credit for the remainder.
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I'm glad to hear you are doing wwell. I have been contemplating surgery since 2001. After research, I was thinking about choosing Dr. Simeon Wall Jr for my surgery after I graduate college in Dec 2010. I was thinking of getting an areola reduction (haven't decided on implants) and a tummy tuck. I notice the price. How is everyone paying for this? Are the using cash, credit card, or financing? Keep updating, I kind of scared too.
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Went much better than expected. I had a OnQ pain pump and felt nothing! The only pain I had was back pain.About to do an update and you can read all about it.
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So, how did it go? I am seriously considering the Wall center for a Mommy Makeover in January 2011. Very interested in your experience and results.
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It's not uncommon to feel nervous before a mommy makeover. It's a big deal! But many, many women do it and emerge much happier with their bodies. I'm rooting for you!
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