13 weeks post-op - Monroe, LA

Hi my name is Karly i am 32 yrs old 5ft 4 and i am...

Hi my name is Karly i am 32 yrs old 5ft 4 and i am a 48DDD i ahve thinking about having an BR for years finally made my appointment to see the doctor last month i recieved my approval letter and now very nervous about going through with it i am indeed tried of the back pains the expensive bras the insurance company gave me until the end of this month to get it done but now i have cold feet i have not even called the doctors office back to see when i am scheduled i have been some of these post and doing alot of research trying to get motivated hopefully i will caused time is moving so quickly.

Ok so i take my mammo tomorrow and have my doctors...

ok so i take my mammo tomorrow and have my doctors appt thrusday supper nervous i deen an other doctor but he was out of the network so i call BCBS and the told me the only thing i have to pay is 100 dollars for outpatient fo i am now so happy but i so have to get an approval from the other doctor notsure how long that will take but can not wait i hope i do not chicen out

Ok so last thursday i had my visit with the other...

ok so last thursday i had my visit with the other ps and he made me feel really comfortable he told me that he would be taking 4lbs off both sides and can get me in as soon as possible and that he would have to set me up with wound care will they have to come out to my house? will i be terrible sick afterwards because i seen some stories that has scared me but i still want to do it but i have some question do can anyone tell me about wound care? i feel as if i am talk to myself will upload pics soon

Ok so i spoke to the doctors office today and i am...

ok so i spoke to the doctors office today and i am scheduled fo the 26th of feb and she will call me monday with my post-op appt and my follow up after the surgery i am excited and nervous at the sametime but happy that its finally going to happen

Ok i am two weeks away i am very nervous it has...

ok i am two weeks away i am very nervous it has been playing in my head i am a last minute person thats why i have not posted pictures plus i go to school full time and work full time and three kids but anyway will try to post some tonite i go for my pre op tomorrow so i guess i will ask all these questions is these any thing i need to get after

Ok i am down to 6 days until my surgery and still...

ok i am down to 6 days until my surgery and still can not beleive that this is really goning to happen are there is there any last minute advice that can be given to me that can help me before and after surgery?

So i have five more days to go before i go under...

so i have five more days to go before i go under the knife my five yr old asked me the morning what is surgery i said when you get cut on seems to be very nervous or even more nervous than me my 10 yr old is ready she say she is gonna be my nurse yeah right she will not kill me lol my son seems to worry but i reassured him that everything will be ok i am scared and ready to get this over with my back hurts

Well tomorrow is the big day wow it has went by so...

well tomorrow is the big day wow it has went by so fast i have been out paying bills and trying to get everything i need is there and advice that anyone can give me i tried to upload some pictures i am experiencing some problems

I am so nervous i can not beleive it is finally...

i am so nervous i can not beleive it is finally here my day everyone at work keeps teasing me about going under the knife that i am begining to have second thoughts but i am going to go through with it i been trying to upload picture but i can't get it to go right

It done i am little sore

It done i am little sore

I ha e finally crossed over jt went fast tbese...

I ha e finally crossed over jt went fast tbese meds kicking in

Well i feel better still nausea and vomiting...

Well i feel better still nausea and vomiting everything bit popsicle is the blood suppose to run out my incision? Other than that i am ok hungry but ok lol

In pain omg will bs glad when it is all over

In pain omg will bs glad when it is all over

I have no feeling in my right leg is this normal...

I have no feeling in my right leg is this normal can someone tell me do they have or had similar problem s

Well i know its been a while but i will be 3 weeks...

Well i know its been a while but i will be 3 weeks post op i have no feeling in left nipple my right lost color but i was told it will come back i have been having a hard time sleeping on my back i have been using all the pillow to support my back i gets no sleep it is now 3:44am and i have clads in the morning and yes i am up i wish i can upload pictures but some how i keep doing something wrong overall i fell great but scared i am over doing

Ok i know its been a will but i have been ok i...

ok i know its been a will but i have been ok i finally stop the drainage then i had incision that bursted open that was packed and when i went back to the dr the pockect had closed so the dr put some stuff that burns a lot to help my incision come together other than that i have been doing good i came back to work i enjoyed them weeks off...

Today makes two months post op since i the surgery...

today makes two months post op since i the surgery and they look ok i now see the doctor in three month i can sleep on my stomach now and i am so happy

13 weeks post-op

its been a while since i been on here been working like crazy i also have school to with three kids i hardly have time to breathemy incisions look goods will post pictures soon

1 year post op

Feeling great since the surgery
Dr. Herbert S. Mc Guire

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Glad to see you doing well since surgery - Happy Anniversary :-)
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Thanks Ladies!!!!
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Hey Karly32 what size did u go down to im just wondering cus im a size 48ddd and Im trying to get a idea of what size i might be?
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i went down to a C size sorry just respondind just went back to work and scholl so i have been awful busy
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So glad its going well
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How are you doing karly32?
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i doing ok i had some problems but begining to heal i have went back to work monday. thanks for asking how r u
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I'm glad your healing . I finally am to. Still sore and hard and just a little drainage on both but better everyday. Definitely required more patience than I had most days! I'm happy for both of us
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Hi Karly, I'm glad everything is going well with you. I'm having my surgery on Thursday and I'm so nervous . I have been thinking about postponing the surgery because im so nervous but it really helps to read other people stories. Take Care.
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Thanks i felt the same was but everyyhi.g will work out i just love my boobs ugly in all ha ha but i am excited to see them once they heal i hsve no regrets
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Hiya Karly. I found rolling up a duvet and placing it under my thighs and knees helped me get to sleep, so if you haven't already tried it please do. About loss of sensation this is very common, in most cases it will return, but it can take a very long time, some say up to two years. I had my reduction done end of January, and I still have numb areas, especially around the line from the nipples to the t-sections. If you're still having problems uploading pictures I think there is a help link on the site here somewhere.
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Thanks so much i also forgot to mention i still have numbness in my leg
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I'd ask your PS if the numbness in the leg can be related to the surgery. I never heard about it before, but you should definitely check it out. If he says it's not related then go see your GP.
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Hi karly thank you for checking in yes it's so difficult to get comfortable although I'm glad I'm not in pain. The other girls say it gets better with time I hope so. I tossed all night myself I get agitated because I keep getting up to readjust pillows and its not easy getting up! I adjust my bra all night I put a cottony cloth on the sides under my bra because although I was excited to be able to wear a sports bra it's irritating now to wear all the time and where fabric touches skin and under arms is irritating. But we did it and we will get better each day. I'm so glad you checked in. I have one area having a harder time healing but I hear it will get better. Good luck to you and we did it and I've been told its uphill from here . Hang in there and catch a snooze when you can. 'Hugs'
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Hiya Natalie, I saw your comment here about sensitive skin and the bra irritating the skin, and thought I'd share what I do. I use silk satin between the skin and the bra. Cut out a large oval and drape it over the breast, pull the bra over and make sure the fabric sticks out below the bra, so the bra fabric doesn't touch the incisions. This helps me.
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I will tey that im still wearing gauze pads bacitracin on tlimes still leaking and those getting irritating to Mom gave.me cotton clothes lighter than tissue and i been putting on my sides but i feel like i have more material to bunch up and she gave me thin tshorts to wear under the bra but again i feel to much fabric. Im going to try your suggestion thank you!!
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Hugs to you to i sleep.braless because of the comfort
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Thanks hugs
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Wow really.my dr said i can only remove mine in the shower plus a have drainage on both tlines plus after no bra for shower i need the support good for you! I can't wait until i can do without even for awhile
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Yes my drains were removed three days after surgery i still have leakage but all is well
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I'll be there at 11 am,,, supposed to be 9 but they called and said 11.. Its nerveracking!!!
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Yay so happy for youuuuuuuuu xoxoxoxoxo
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We are zooming to our date..... Yayyyyyyyyy
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yes we are and i am so nervous in the morning i will be so jittery i wil need coffee but i know i can not have nothing to eat r drink past 12 oh my goodness it is finally here
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