I Have a Chin and Jawline Again! - Los Gatos, CA

For me, there are no cons outside of the normal...

For me, there are no cons outside of the normal surgical risks. I am delighted with my results and the picture is just two days out from surgery! My double-chin has been a problem since I was young, even though I was thin. When I put on weight after I quit smoking it got much worse. I lost the weight, but not the chin and I knew that this was something that would make me feel more confident about my appearance.

The cost breakdown was $1000 for the surgical...

The cost breakdown was $1000 for the surgical facility, $500 for the anesthesiologist, and the rest for the procedure itself.

I am wearing my compression garments (had my arms done too), but for the chin - when I need a break from the compression garment I am wearing soft cloth headbands (yoga bands). This way I still have compression but my ears get a break from being compressed. Right now I am using both. For drainage, I purchased some natural, unscented panty liners and I stick one in my compression garment. Seems weird, but works great and easy cleanup.

One of the challenges that I faced is that I had to do this alone. I am new to the area and do not have any family or friends that could come out and help me. It took a little more planning and I want to share that for anyone else that may have the same dilemma. Since they won't do the surgery without an adult to drive you home, I called around to local limo services and arranged two rides. One in the morning with a 15 minute stop at my doctors for marking before surgery. The second one, I made for about 30 minutes after my surgeon said I would be ready to go home. I talked to the disbatch and made arrangements with them in advance to have the driver come in and sign me out. Since I knew I would have no one to help me, I got up a few hours early to prepare a few things. I setup my animals with autofeeders, and opened cans in advance storing them in the fridge so I wouldn't have to think about whether I could open them or them eating. For my own nourishment, I created some fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juice in the morning and stored it in a thermos in the fridge as I knew I wouldn't be up for eating. After surgery, the first thing I did when I got home was to drink a glass of coconut water to rehydrate, then a glass of juice and take my vitamin C and zinc. I really think the coconut water, fresh pressed juice, and supplements have made the recovery more manageable. Today, I started using a skin firming serum on my chin and neck doing a very light massage and my arms as well. Sleeping has been tough as I am side sleeper so being on my back with my head and arms elevated. With a little planning, I was able to handle this surgery on my own. If you have someone to help, by all means - take the help. However, if like me you don't have anyone to help, know that you can still make it happen and it isn't so bad. Best wishes to all!

One really important point is that I had tumescent...

One really important point is that I had tumescent liposuction of the chin and uppper arms followed by Vaser on upper arms only.
Dr. Ronald Gemberling

I interviewed the top seven plastic surgeons in the northern California area and spent seven months interviewing and researching doctors. Hands down Dr. Gemberling is a very skilled surgeon who works from a place of honesty and integrity. He is a no-nonsense professional, but very gifted - he carries an air of confidence that comes with experience. Your safety is his biggest concern and as such he is a conservative surgeon that acheives optimum results with a natural look. I am beyond grateful that I found such a talented plastic surgeon - I trust him implicitly,

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Correct - I also have incisions behind my ears. One of my ears is also still without any sensation. Sooo....going through the period of," Should I have really done this?"
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All the Best..................please keep us updated in the coming weeks and thanks for your frankness!
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The incisions not healing is also of some concern - make sure you don't have an infection. They say it can take up to 12 weeks for the swelling to subside. However, your incisions should be healing normally. I would get a second opinion from another plastic surgeon. I hope that your swelling soon subsides and please do keep us posted. Best.
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Yes, I've seen my PS twice since the procedure. She said I don't need the strap but some days when I get home from work my chin feels sore and extremely tight. The strap support relieves this sensation. I still have a hard lump below my chin incision. The incision is about 1.5" and is still red and very noticeable. I had a necklift with muscle tightening and lipo of the chin. At this point I am not happy with the results as I appear to have more of a double chin, due to swelling, than I had before! Of course I am being told to give it more time but I read comments by others suggesting they are in a much better place after 5 weeks. I am concerned that I might have had an overly aggressive lipo procedure.
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Don't get discouraged. Your procedure just may be the one that takes a bit longer to totally heal than others.Did I understand correctly that you had a neck lift as well.
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It seems that you have had several procedures. The muscle tightening is a biggie as far as recovery goes. However, an overly aggressive lipo would actually leave no fat and have your skin plastered to the bone. It sounds like you had three procedures - which makes recovery time much longer. I agree that the compression garments help relieve the soreness - I will likely make mine a regular part of my routine even after healing. The swelling is a little concerning to me. Has your doctor given you an anti-inflammatory? Do they feel that this is a normal amount of swelling at 5 weeks out? Have you considered a second opinion?
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I was given cortisone tablets for seven days initially because I ballooned up so much. I have not been given anything else since that time. I assume my doctor considers this normal since they do not want to see me for another month??? I have thought about a second opinion but have not scheduled anything yet.
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What kind of skin firming serum did you use? I am still feeling the need for a chin strap 5 weeks after my surgery and I still have some swelling.
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Jean........Did you have the chin LIPO procedure and why do you elieve after 5 weeks you still have a need for a chin strap? Have you seen the MD since your procedure?
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I am using the Rodan and Fields Anti-Age series.
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No, they did not. However each case depends on the laxity of the skin as well. I did have a couple of doctors try to sell me a chin implant as well - obviously, I did not go with them.
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My plastic Surgeon told me LIPo was NOT a consideration for my double chin. He wanted to do a mid-face lift(I don't want surgery)
Did any MD you interviewed say NO to a LIPO procedure.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your after pic looks awesome, you can definitely see the difference the procedure has made!

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Thanks Kirsty. It was a really positive experience for me.
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