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Ultherapy Hurts! - Los Angeles

I heard about Ultherapy on Dr. Oz. I wanted to...

I heard about Ultherapy on Dr. Oz. I wanted to tighten my facial skin and he said that it was a non-evasive, no down time procedure. I found it to be the most painful procedure I've ever had. I had a pain shot and vicodin, nevertheless during the procedure it felt as though I was being shot with a tazer gun. After the procedure I had welts, scratches and swelling on my face (actually I still do). The skin under my chin and in other areas on my face have been numb for over a week.

If the pain equals results, I'm hopeful that the results will be fantastic. It's been a week and a half and I can't really tell yet.

As an addendum, the new Amplify software for Ultherapy is now available and can be used to increase comfort levels during Ulthera in our Los Angeles office.
Ultherapy is an excellent modality used in my Los Angeles office as an alternative to a facelift or necklift. Minimizing pain is a priority in our office, but I encourage patients to use multimodality pain relief techniques so that we can optimize treatments. The second priority is to custom tailor Ultherapy so that your cosmetic concerns can be addressed. Good luck!
Hi All,

Ulthera is a wonderful new technology that adds a tool to facial plastic surgery (non-invasive) that allows lifting and tightening of the face, neck, brow, as well as other areas on the body. As with all treatments and technologies, Ulthera is just a tool. How it is used by individual physicians will determine patient comfort and results. Yes, there is some discomfort involved, but when performed properly with correct technique, most patients are able to tolerate the treatment without any analgesia. There will be some patients who benefit from oral medications and/or local anesthesia nerve block injections. Severe pain is related to treatment too close to bone, treatment at the wrong level, and poor contact or positioning of the Ulthera handpiece. The scratches and welts are again due to poor technique and loss of proper contact with the skin. Once again, as with most procedures in aesthetic medicine, take your time to chose your treating physician most carefully. Good luck and be well.

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino, CA
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The doctor was very understanding about the pain. He stopped numerous times to let me calm down from the pain. He even gave me an additional pain pill in an effort to make the experience less torturous. The jury is still out about whether the procedure worked for me. I'm not sure whether I could endure Ultherapy treatment again.

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