mommy make over recovery at 6 months

I'm 45 five two with two children. One is a...

I'm 45 five two with two children. One is a newbie to the family, the other is 21. Love them all in my nest and my husband is pretty amazing as well. Life is, well let's just say the dog days are over. Stay home mom and everything I thought I would never have. So I thought, hey I need higher, smaller boobs and I would love to rid my self of that muffin top and pouch. Why not, I can. I love to work out (cardio bare, very cool way to tone EVERY part of you body) My tummy however is stubborn. So I'll ask the PS about that too. To be continued....

When I talked to my PS I found out I had a...

When I talked to my PS I found out I had a separation in my abdominal wall. Really? So that's why no matter how much I work out o how well I eat or how much abb work I do my pouch never went away? PS also added, you have little to no fat to remove. He would do the flanks to contour my figure. Ok, so I don't know much about a TT at this point. Actually I went out of the state I live in for this so my PS had seen a ton off pictures but not me in the flesh so to speak. My surgery was scheduled for the NEXT day. Hence I had no idea what I was getting into. I had done no research, only on breast lift with reduction and replacing old implants. I could tell you anything about that procedure. I am actually 13 days now PO. I've just now been able to do the blog so I will have some brief catching up to do here.

I don't remember much of waking up from my TT. I do remember insisting I get to see my skin they removed. I was so curious what it looked liked. I wanted a visual so I could start processing what happened to me. In a good way. I don't get grossed out very easily. Nobody ever showed me :-( My husband and I stayed the night in a hotel then late the next day we started our drive home. I don't remember this either. Apparently I had a lot to say but non of it was I was in pain or even an ouch. So pain meds rock

When we got home, well I don't remember much then either. I do know I was way skinny with a very very flat tummy. What's could be nicer? LOL getting that drain out two weeks latte was nicer.... freedom at last. My back hurt for a week or so. All the things you hear about, sleeping on your back is not fun. Don't drop your drain or you will almost pass out from the pain. Your first cough o sneeze., well let's say if you feel like your not in pain so far and things are going great, you will now feel vulnerable and a bit more serious about what your body just went though. This is what happened to me. Few more days go by and I swelled and swelled... Not pretty to look at. I looked under my bandage once and what I saw scared me. I didn't know if I was seeing things. from laying down it looked like I was sewn up by pulling the skin from above over the skin above my pubic area, but it didn't meet! like it was pulled and then pulled over the incision areas then laid down on the skin over my pubic bone. UH? I'm thinking is this what they do? Why didn't my PS have the skin meet? Like taping up a photo, you know... very carefully matching up both sides so you can barely tell the picture was ripped in the first place. Well he did just that but the swelling had left a big fat ridge above and below.

Now I am 13 days post op and it's a teeny tiny bit better. PS says, you look perfect! You look exactly the way you supposed to. hmmm ok, is it going to look better. Yes, he says. When it heals you will barely notice a scar. Not sure I believed him at he time, but it's been 2 weeks since then and I'm starting to see it most likely will be a great looking scare. MOSTLY this is due to this site! Standing up straight now, stay in bed a lot and really don't leave my yard. Pain is an 8 here and there. Emotionally..well around the end of the second week, back a few days ago, I really was getting over it. I want to take my son to school I want to garden and go to the market and have play dates and make dinner, go to my exercise class in the morning... I thought I would be by now ( minus the work out) because last week I had stuck to my normal routine for the most part then sleep all afternoon then made dinner then went back to bed. I'm not doing that anymore. LOL I love that I had this procedure, I love the journey too, it's a way longer recover then I ever could have imagined or planed for but it's a wonderful thing. Just harder to remember that after 13 days! I gotta get out man or I'm going turn into a jello brain and my three year old is going to forget who I am and my husband is going fall asleep at the wheel so to speak. I hate to be not pulling my weight and taking care of how the house is un. So far though My 21 year old and my hubby have done such an incredible job. Hope they can hang on a little while longer! :-)

Day 17 PO Yesterday and this morning were...

Day 17 PO

Yesterday and this morning were great! I decided as long as listened to my body, I could do my routine allowing for long naps and of course not going to to Cardio Barre.( I'm not a sales person for them or anything I just realize most people don't have one near them and might wonder what I am talking about! ) After doing not much all week it felt good to take my son to preschool on my own. See PEOPLE, chat a bit and be normal. I was starting to forget who I was other then a TT recovery person. LOL After that I stopped into my exercise class to say hello the the owner and my favorite employee there. That was the best! To explain this class has been my toughest accomplishments. It's been the one hour in the day I focus on me. It makes me feel so fortunate to have a healthy body and can even move the way you do in this class. It makes me feel long and beautiful. These woman have seen me go from ok shape to very strong. Not being there as sure added to my depression when present. It's got contribute to physical and mental lows. So if you are a very active person and in to fitness you might experience an additional loss serotonin after you get of your pain meds. This may be right around the time you actually can get out of the house and be a bit more productive anyway.So it all come out in the wash!

Oh and my PS did call me back and reassure me that I wont always have that ridge on my scare. He told me it will be barely visible. so the necessary higher location of my scar is not really an issue. There simply was not enough skin to go any lower. Removing the skin he did was necessary for the results to look good and the surgery needed to be done for the separation in my muscles. I choose him because I knew is was amazing and could do a scar you barely see, the same goes for BL scars. I mentioned I didn't know I would having a tummy tuck I thought a lil lipo and and a lift. Plus there were no pics on this site that looked like mine! Phots are hard to see really what kind of ridge is present. Don't over compare your recovery scar to others. Use the Q and A, it too makes you feel like your learning more and your getting educated answers. The PS here do get back to in a day or two and the answers keep comming for weeks. I love getting an email saying I have a new response. It's like someone else cares about me too!

So I feel terrific now. If my PS had called me back the day I called It would have prevented a lot of tears. So ask your PS what he's procedure is for answering your non emergency questions. How long should it take to return call. Also whom would you direct your concerns or questions to when he is not available for several hours or the same day you call. Also any literatur you receive before hand, try to read it a lot of times and think of other questions you need answers to that are not addressed in there little packet. You will find a lot of good ones on realself!

If you have a TT I really hope you research this site. There is nothing that is not addressed pertaining to the surgery or recovery. If I had, it would have reduced my fears 80%. That is a big shout out to this woman. What a cool group of ladies from all over the globe.

Aug 27 A lot has happened fom the day I had my...

Aug 27 A lot has happened fom the day I had my TT/BL on Aug. 5th. Mostly good but some really emotional bad. Today is another good day. I bought some body shaper garments and Target. There really nice. I have to trade of through out the day to help where they make bad dents in my skin. It helps. There all comfy for a few hours then I need to change. Still never got my spanks in the mail yet. :-( Its going to be fun fo me when it does. I love getting things online and getting the box. Even the dog gets excited. LOL I did get my Bare Mineral makeup though :-) That was fun. First two weeks I wore my normal makeup, got dressed and was very productive around the house. Third week took a turn. Mind you I have never had a scare, never really gotten hurt and was beyond drugged when I had both my kids. Never have I been so afraid for my body or how I looked. Kinda felt cute today. Found out were going to Greece next June. I better be smoking hot! I like the season reference for healing... Instead of three months think in seasons. So my summer surgery/healing should be done and out of my head by Thanks Giving! Perfect :-) Hope all who visit me here appreciate the honest emotion and photos. I never regretted for a minute I had my mommy makeover!!!! Not once, just a wild and crazy ride through every ounce of me. My family is back to normal. Like when I was just newly adjusting, happy and loving and laughing a lot.

Great day today! Husband took our 3 year old to...

Great day today! Husband took our 3 year old to Bday party number one and I will take him party number 2 latter this afternoon. Kinda excited about seeing all my friends and other mommies I love to bits. I won't wear any compression garments. Just a long Maxi dress that used to look alright but not great that now looks amazing. boobs not coming out and no muffin top and a flat tummy. Yes there will a lil something going on above where my incision was but I really don't care today. I find myself telling more mommies now. I do this sometimes. I have a hard time not sharing things I know will help others. Most woman keep a tight lid on personal things. I share because I KNOW most o f these woman will need a TT and BL. They need to know!!! You can do it and what it is. Gezz I have some beautiful peer mommies that are way huge with tummies that need fixing. What if there like me and know about what babies do to your insides. I sure didn't I just saw the outside and worked my ass of at getting it to go away. When I found out there was no fat I felt so much better regarding all my effort to remove it. Most of them are just a point where they second baby is around 3 to 6 months. There going to want to know about this to start preparing. I don't want any one going into this completely blindsided like myself. I want to take care of them and help them with there kids and be there went they cry about there scar! LOL Gorgeous sunny hot after noon here in the San Fernando Valley ( over the hill form LA ) Playing The Kings Of Leon, my new favorite band. I'm alone and thrilled to have MY TIME while actually feeling positive. I'm on a roll. Certain my issue of ''THE RIDGE" Is due top limp node drainage. The scar itself is so nice. That will be hard to even see latter on. The swelling and hard area above the scare is what causes the ridge. Guess that's just my body. NOt everyone gets it. Just like not every mommy gets there abs torn apart. Remembe mine was 4-6 inches and also spread apart from my obliqes :-) Lot's of love and Light to any any one fallowing my journey here.

NEW pics posted Note: the new body shaper Im...

NEW pics posted Note: the new body shaper Im wearing under dress. This torture garment also doubles as a thigh master when going potty. Great for outer though area and something to do while on the toilet!

I went to a three hour birthday party with my...

I went to a three hour birthday party with my husband and son yesterday. very nice, I had a margarita and chicken taco. I'm double binded today and drinking lots of water.
cleaned the house now ready for a nap. I just spoke to PS and was told the treatment he uses for scaring is a cream KETISCOLL check Aug. TT for (sp) and info.

Oops either that BB stitch wasn't ready to come...

oops either that BB stitch wasn't ready to come out or I nipped my numb BB. :-) I'll keep that one to myself.. I honestly thing the third week of recovery is the worst. I watched my lil roll around my incision turn into a giant step and go back down to even a smaller lil roll. I cried, and obsessed. I forgot what my before body looked like. I was angry and sad. Then all of a sudden, the emotion and the scar came together to be myself again with all the appreciation of how blessed I am to have has this serious yet beautiful surgery. I put on a very thin romper today, strapless. I have always loved this soft nothing bathing suit cover up. I stole it from my daughter. I even had cut out the thin support up top so my boobs would fit in it. It looks adorable. My boobs are so darn cute and perky. They look like they did when I was in my twenties. The fit around my middle is loose and sexy. You can tell there is nothing but flatness under there along with allthis extra fabric. I am really happy. :-)

I took my son to and from pre school today. He's...

I took my son to and from pre school today. He's first day back! had a good catch up with the other mommy folk. Did another Target run for Bday gifts that are late. PS told me today that I should always wear binder and bra I was given. two or three hours off to go out and wear something with no bra ( strapless dresses are a favorite of mine and it's oooober hot out still ) However I should shower when I get home and put them back on straight away. Also again, to be sure I use the blow dryer to dry scars. A few times a day he would like me to take it all off and let the air dry and air out my scars.

Doing well... still have swelling above scar of TT. Once it looked almost flat. I enjoyed that moment!

I have decided that my breast will not be getting...

I have decided that my breast will not be getting any smaller.. I've tried on work out tops and outfits I really wanted to look good in. I am smaller no doubt but not really what I asked for. I said a ton of times, I want to be small a small C small athletic looking with just a bit of clevage. I've been so worried about my ridge with the TT I haven't even noticed the boobs! Today I decided ther too big. I dont like em anymore. I want PS to do a "do Over" So what now, will he make me an A Grrrrr just thinking out loud. I went to buy flowers today, that was nice. Lots or Orchids for my bathroom and house plants for my bedroom. It's a huge room actualy, I do believe I can live in there forever. I'm going to make it look like a jungle and hide! LOL , "where is mommy?" "Don't know son, last time I was in the bedroom I think I saw her behind the banana tree" TT Hermit recluse gone nuts as a loony bird. Can't even post one month photos. I sent then to PS instead. because I couldnt wait until me appt. next week. Ridge, ledge, drop off, infinity pool, I have a million names for it. I just want it gone, now. :-)

I had so many great responses from PS's here. My...

I had so many great responses from PS's here. My PS as well sent me an email today regarding the pictures of my swollen ridge. I am finally %100 convinced I will be Very Very pleased in a few months and I am healing perfect. It's a good feeling I'll tell ya that. :-)

Laying here after a nap thinking, good day. still...

Laying here after a nap thinking, good day. still could sleep but then I wont sleep tonight. So this paragraph I will dedicate to sleep patterns of a TT stay home mom. Waking up at the crack sucks. Little man is beaming bright and early at 6am. I'm a normal person with a bit of a gimpy walk showing obvious swell and signs of venerability. I do all my normal stuff until around 3pm then nap until five or six, hard core. I don't do a lot from this point on that I would say is hard activity or busy organizing but I participate is activity around the house. I would like to go to the mall and get a spanks and a few things. I would like to drop of dry cleaning or go by tailor to have some things hemmed. What I will do is plant a few rows of veggies latter while my husband makes dinner. I go upstairs around 8pm after helping to put my son down ( bath , story, snuggle ) I enjoy some tv with hubby. this is kind of my favorite part. Being next to him and laughing about stuff on TV talking about things. At 11pm he's ready for bed. I read on my ipod for an hour then fall asleep. I'm up to pee a lot and fall asleep in half ass positions right in the middle of trying to find any way of laying that is comfy. It's just the effort to get in that position or find it takes a long time with lots of little breaks so I pass out. I do this in and out all night till Little man plops down on my head at 6 am. :-)

This is more and better then last week. I have to give myself credit. Yet it still is tough to imagine doing an hour of exercise at 9:30am. It's hard to see myself running around the park after my three year old. Soon enough I will but still, not going to happen anytime soon.

So the ridge is much smaller now. I can massage...

So the ridge is much smaller now. I can massage it. I rub from the belly button to the left hip then the other side. I use a scar gel twice a day. I can exercise my legs and arms. Things are going well!

Hope everyone here is doing well at 7 weeks too! :-)

Hit the two month mark. Still cannot believe all...

Hit the two month mark. Still cannot believe all the changes in my body. Some teeny parts of the scar are gone. You can't even see where the line was. Most if it is still visible of course..
The ridge gets better, It's there but not the same, smaller.

I was told the sutures that are used stay for about 6 months. The scar tissue around them will be there as well adding to the ridge and the bead like feel along the scar will
then go away latter as well. So now I day dream that the internal sutures vanish! Not too soon though, I figure their there for a reason. Let's keep it all together right?

I'm doing so much more. I get tired, but nothing like before. Still excited to work out like I used to. :-) hope everyone is either doing well on their journey. I will write more in a few weeks. Wow two more months and then I will four months, and things should really be A ok.

Long time, but I'm still here! Six months now and...

Long time, but I'm still here! Six months now and doing sit ups and excersize. I still feel a "pulling sting" on outer scar of breast and TT when doing ballett moves. I haven't seen these pics I posted in so long. The before are really good to see. I don't miss that skin one bit! I have almost all the ridge gone now above the incision. I should massage more I guess. If it's gotten this much better, I'm hoping it will continue to improve until its compleatly flat. My belly button seems a bit large. Not that big a deal and I think there is scare tissue there as well.

So, everything is going well and I ill post some ne pics asap!
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Hi Ladies! Yes I went to TJ Mexico, I went because I love this surgeon, he did great but in the future I might go to someone closer to LA because I think TJ is soooo far when you freekin out about something and can't get you hand held in person!

I sometimes put the ketocell from mexico on my scares. I bet anything that is a qaulity product you USE al the time would work. Special K thank you!! Waiting--- whatsup lil pookey!
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You look great! Your scar seems to be healing real nicely. Are you putting anything on it?
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How r u hun i miss u
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Did you have your surgeries in Mexico? Just curious.
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Good to hear from you:)    Thank you for the update and I am happy to hear you are doing well.

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Thank you Kimmers! Things are really are looking good., As you know it doesn't happen over night!
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That they don't...unfortunately!

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you look great I am glad you keep expanding you knowledge with all this! That is alot better for us!6 months for sutures wow!
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Happy to hear things are turning around for you:)

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Momie I am so happy for you! xoxoxoxo
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Momie, I saw my PS today and he said I was more swollen than on last appointment, but he said that happens very often after 4 weeks pot-op. I have developed a reddish area over the scar too and he told me that was also normal. Do you feel your tummy numb and hard? At least I am walking much more straight:)
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Yes Sassy. It feels like I am holding a brick above my scar. Very hard and heavy. PS told me the scar is like a turniquit tight around both above and below the scar area. This makes a very hard scar tissue above the scar and a bit below as well. At five weeks when he say me he said to push firmly above the scar from the belly button out to the hip area. Use the right hand to do the left of BB and the left hand to do the right side. This has helped so much that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I also bought new undies and these great bras. I feel petty. Gez, about time. It's the reason for this whole ordeal right?
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it's good that your coping with the ridge, glad to hear it. because stressing is going to do nothing but make your recovery worse. and wait 6 months to a year. if the ridge is gone woo! if its there you can fix it. either way, can't do anything now but heal, so you should be in the best spirits possible. hang in :)

and anyways, it seems like it will chill out.
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Meliora... Ridge Rage LOL
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@ sassy although have not been through the process yet ! I believ it all is part of process! HAppy healings!
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Momie- I am glad that you feel much better about your ridge! You already look great and will you will feel it after a while. I have not had very good days lately. Mt scar is healing well, but I am very swollen and the area around the scar is so hard! When I take my garment off, I feel like having cement over my tummy. I had some blues during the weekend... Just part of the process...
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Sassy, did you go to Q & A and read all the Answers I received about the Ridge?? The ridge is from the scar working like a turnicate holding fluid above the scar. It's normal, it's nothing to worry about. It's scary but its normal!! When the scar loosens up and moves downward a bit, this will go away!!! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BRICK RIDGE. I've had like 6 PS's tell me and I showed some scary pictures. Also my own PS and another PS in his office BOTH said It is FINE and well go away. They said stop stressing and it's normal to be depressed after this procedure because of you look. The brick feels like shit. I will agree. How fat could one person feel gezz. Hard fat sitting on an ugly ridge... But it's not. :-)
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Well your attitude is great and that's half the battle! I hope in time you get what you want~
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@ momie I am glad that you feel better... That makes me happy your doc resonded too! yay. Happy dance for you
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I loved reading your blog! Where in LA are from. Sounds like we are neighbors! My muscles were stretched apart pretty wide as well.. It's so weird to see my stomach muscles so close together now! I also didn't need lipo as I didn't have much fat around the flanks.. Always thought I did. You look fab!
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Hi! He has gotten all these from pics and a ton more! He says it's normal. He hasn't said anything about massage or treatment at this point. I see him in person this Friday. Thanks for keeping track of me! Mostly PS says it's normal to swell up and be hard in the area that concerns me. It's the fluid not moving. Maybe he will have more to say this Friday. I also want to mention I have had such a great responce from lots of PS's on this sight! They really are great to post questions to when your worried.
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I too think your your story is very interesting. But most of all, I am glad the ridge issue was cleared up for you. Keep us updated. Glad you're feeling better!
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Have you talked to your PS? What is he saying about your scar?
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mom your gurls look awesome!! but if you want change then I support what you want..I am excited to follow you on your mission... SO lets do this and wait for your reply Btw can I get lost in your Jungle too!
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