8 weeks post op Monday 1/16

I was blessed with beautiful twin girls a bit over...

I was blessed with beautiful twin girls a bit over a year. I carried them almost full term. They weighed 5.2 and 5.13. I am 5.4 and 112, went to 152 lbs during my pregancy. I still look about 5 months pregnant and get congratulations on a regular basis:-). There is no hiding the belly. Will post pics soon. Other than that I feel uncomfortable when i sit in slouch position, running or other impact exercise are out of the question. I feel like my belly is one loose unsupported area. I am soooo nervous. Surgery is about a week away. Doubts have kicked in. Should I put myself through this, did I pick the right surgeon? I am reading so much info here that my surgeon never mentioned, eg never mentioned nausea patch, or that I will be swollen in my lady parts. He did mention that my stomach won't look at tight 6 months post op as 2 weeks post op, that it is just the natural course of things cuz my skin has been with me for 36 years lol. So scared, so many questions. Feel like I'm selfish, what if something happens, I need to be around for a long time to take care of my babies! Hope this passes soon. Wish we were 11/22 and all went well.


I know what you're saying about getting it done sooner rather than later. I knew I was done with kids after the twins so why not now?:-) Yes I'm close. Just two days away. I got two calls from the surgical center this afternoon for pre-registration. It makes it so real!!!! I don't even worry about how I will look, just want to wake up lol. Thank you for your encouraging words! Keeping you and everyone in my thoughts. It takes courage and strength.
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Thank you so much for the info. I also have severe diastasis and a hernia and my PS said 4-6 weeks is her preference for no lifting of children. The other post just got me worried. Recovery is going to be hard enough and it stresses me out to have the kids to worry about as well but I am 40 and dont want to put this off for 3 yrs until the kids are older b/c I would like to enjoy my fixed tummy while I am still somewhat young..LOL!! My 4 yr old goes to preschool part time so that will help but my little one is a pistol. You have an awesome plan. I wish you the best and am excited for you..you are so close. Keep posting post op as you feel up to it. :)
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Don't freak out, I think 6 weeks should be enough. I'm a stay at home mom too. I initially thought it would be 3 months of no lifting. I then made the following plans: husband is taking a week off work. Then my mother-in-law is coming over from NJ to help out for two weeks. After that I hired a nanny to come help out for 2 months (I am paying a bit under the market rate since she won't have to do any cooking, cleaning etc. just lift/change/feed the babies). I prepared all their meals in advance and froze them. We should be good for a month after which i'm sure I will be able to cook again and do other household stuff. I talked to my PS about all this and he said that is plenty of time. He said after 6 weeks I should be ok to lift. So I probably won't even have to keep the nanny for that long. It will be expensive but hopefully worth it. My hernia/diastasis is pretty extensive so if 6 weeks is enough for me, you probably shouldn't be too worried but your PS will def be able to tell you after the surgery. Mine said he could estimate now but only know for sure after the surgery. Good luck!!!!!!
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Just added my before pictures. Tomorrow is my...

Just added my before pictures. Tomorrow is my time! I'm definitely scared but luckily also excited. Done preparing and freezing all the meals for my babies. Can't wait to update you all post op! Good luck to my fellow 21-sters:-)


Thank you everyone for your well wishes!!
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Ivyinca, good luck tomorrow! I will be sending positive vibes your way!
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Good luck tomorrow ivyinca! You'll be just fine, keep us posted!! I will be following your journey.
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I made it!! Whew! Today is the first day I feel...

I made it!! Whew! Today is the first day I feel like a human so sorry for the late update.
So my surgery date was Monday 11/21. Got there at 8 am scheduled for 9. I was SO nervous but everyone was so nice. They were running late and while I was waiting they covered me up in heated cozy blankets. I actually cried and asked my surgeon to assure me I was going to be ok:-). He just hugged me and said I would be healthier and better if I did this and I am so glad I went through with it.
They wheeled me in around 10 am. Last thing I remembered is that I was breathing in oxygen from the mask. I woke up in the recovery room a little before 4 pm to my surgeon asking me to wake up. I was so groggy and kind of annoyed someone was interfering with my sleep!-)LOL
It was the strangest thing after that. As i was waking up more, I felt panicky and shaky. My surgeon instructed to give me Ativan which helped. I stayed overnight and next morning ps to check on me. I asked 'is my stomach flat?' and he modestly answered that it is and said my hernia was pretty big. I barely dared to look when he took off my binder (has to stay on 24/7 for 6 weeks) and when I did my mouth fell open. I mean it is SURREAL! It is flat and pretty! LOL
My anxiety and panic continued throughout yesterday. Until yesterday Thu night I also hadn't slept a wink since the surgery. I just felt drugged, dizzy, drowsy but also really alert and panicky in a weird way. That's when I figured it was a side effect from one of the drugs. My ps told me to cut my Vicodin in half and to take Ativan and yesterday I finally slept like a baby. Sunday is my first post op appt and my pain pump comes out. I also have 2 drains, I had a leak yesterday when I got up from a drain site (charming:-)), called ps and said that could happen. The pain is bearable comparable to c-section so far. My appetite is enormous:-). I just want to eat all the time but big portions are not a good idea I found out yesterday:-)
Still no BM though but because I felt so weak and lightheaded until today, I didn't take MOM. I just would not have been able to sit on toilet that long without fainting tmi sorry
Will post post op pic after my appointment on Sunday
This forum is awesome. So much support. On my way to surgery center, I thought of all your good experiences and it really helped me! Glad I did this!

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Oh and to clarify when I said ps told me to cut...

Oh and to clarify when I said ps told me to cut vicodin in half, I meant i take it every 3 instead of every 6 hours. So didn't lower my dose just take less at a time.


Great news! Rest up!!!
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so glad to hear all is well!! :)
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Here I am!! -:) Will post update soon. I am the biggest wimp. I see everybody updating same day and one day post op but only since today I feel like a human. Thanks for checking on me newmomat37. You should totally do this. If i can (I was SO scared), anyone can:-)
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Yay! Just came from my 1 st post op appointment...

Yay! Just came from my 1 st post op appointment and not only did my pain pump come out but my 2 drains as well!!! Today is just post op day 6! Will post pics later. Very pleased with my results!


Good luck with your recovery, you're looking great! I'm 2 weeks post op today. Each day is better and better and looking at my new and improved tummy makes it all worth it. Happy healing!
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Stay on the road to recovery. You look really good.
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Thank you Ladies!
Flmommy drain-free 4 days post op is crazy good! But I know what you mean about being nervous. I definitely feel a bit more uncomfy swelling- wise.
Klewis- I used Dr. Mark Labowe in Westwood. He is SO good but also very compassionate and patient and REALLY takes his time.
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Let me first say: so happy i did this- will try to...

Let me first say: so happy i did this- will try to post pics soon!
I had no major complications during recovery but nonetheless some stressful moments. Around 17 days post op around 1am , I started experiencing pain between and below my ribs. After about 3 hrs, the pain got so bad, I could barely breathe- pain all the way thru my spine, can't even explain it. My hubby and i went to the ER where they did bloodwork, x-rays and CT scan. Nothing showed up. Same day saw my plastic surgeon who suspected that somehow some nerve endings got irritated. After I was administered pain meds thru IV in ER, my pain immediately subsided and thankfully stayed away.
Also, at week three, I started to notice that a little fluid was coming out of my incision. My Ps said it was just sutures dissolving and nothing to worry about. Eventually it took about 3 weeks to fully close up, but I don't need a revision or anything as the opening was tiny and is now fully healed.
Lastly, for those of you with small kids (I have 15 month old twins): I had prepared most of their foods in advance and frozen, about a months worth. Due to the storms and subsequent power outage in CA, all the food got spoiled. This was week 1 into my recovery. However, we managed even without the tons of preparation so don't stress too much about getting everything ready. Sometimes things happen beyond our control and it's just fine :)
As for lifting my babies (about 23 lbs each), i got cleared at 6 weeks post op. However, because I was still very sore at that point and still am a bit, we decided to keep our nanny a bit longer until about 12 weeks. But if I had to lift them, i could and I had a pretty extensive hernia + MR. So it can be done even with small kids.
I will post new pics soon! Happy recovery everyone and good luck to those who haven't had their surgery! You won't regret this (I pinch myself every day I got to do this and that it all worked out and I have a F-L-A-T tummy ! :)


Your belly looks great Ivy!!
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Hi newmomat37! Yes, I remembered you had asked about the lifting. I would def. make sure to get those first 2 weeks of March covered. After just 4 weeks, I was in no position to lift my babies. My understanding is that your body needs to build up sufficient scar tissue in order for the sutures to be "safe" in place so lifting earlier than 6 weeks would not have worked for me. Also, the progress i made between week 4 and week 6 was enormous- a really noticeable difference in how my tummy felt. I found my nanny thru sittercity.com. I paid a sign-up fee ($35 for 1 month- it expired or I'd give you my password) but it was soo worth it. I got tons of replies to my ad, made it clear it was a temp position w/ a bit under the market flat rate, but that nanny would not have to do any cooking/cleaning or other household stuff. Honestly, since my twins are on a rigid schedule, most of her time is spent playing with them. Other than lifting, I've been doing almost everything myself as of 4 weeks post op.
About the nerve pain: no one really knows what caused it, but personally I think it was because I tried to lay on my sides too soon. It felt really strange and suddenly, my pain went from 0 to 60 in no time. Listen to your body and you'll notice what you can and can't do.
I will be thinking of you on Feb 6! So great you're doing this for yourself! Again, so worth it.
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I am so glad to hear from you! So glad all went well. Reporting odd things, like the nerve pain is so appreciated b/c should I encounter something like that, I can mention this possibilty if I have to go to the ER. You really gave a great update. I have been doing crazy nesting ( I am Feb 6) but have decided to chill out on the food preparation. My hubs is pretty good with the kids and like you said, even after the storm, as was well in your household.

My biggest concern contiues to be caring for my 17 mo old who weighs around 25 lbs. The good news is that my husband was able to get almost the entire month of Feb off...he has a crazy amount of PTO racked up and has Feb 5 thru the end of the month off (he does have to work the last weekend of the month but his folks are going to come down) SO...I am covered for all of Feb! This is a huge relief but I will still need to think about first 2 weeks of March if not cleared to lift little one (of coarse it will only be diaper changes and crib for a long time!!)

I had been thinking about you b/c you were active on this site when I first joined. I am so glad you checked in. :)

One last thing..where did you get your nanny?

Can't wait to see your pics.. I am not as thin as you but have the same kind of bulge that goes all the way up to just beneath my breasts like yours does. Take care. :)
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