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I Think Its Time to Spoil Myself Again - Los Angeles County

After having a successful BA in 2007, and...

After having a successful BA in 2007, and continuing my workouts, my tummy has stayed. I figured since I have worked hard raising a daughter, working on another Master's degree, it was time to get rid of the belly and the crazy flat weird belly button!

I am nervous but excited. So many of you look so great. I look forward to my surgery and continuing working on my body.

It is a little costly but I've worked hard for so long and see this as a reward and an early b-day gift.

I am also concerned with medications. I am not good at taking any!


Still sore and I feel like a hunchback. Two weeks tomorrow...hope I am back on track soon. Sleeping is still uncomfortable as well. Bummed.
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Hold on sister!   You are getting there.  

Slept from 1030-530...just what I needed.
Doctor called to check up on me 3 times and even stopped by the night before.

I feel some warmth on my left side like blood is oozing out when a shift.
Is the a secret way of getting help out of bed? It is still so difficult even though my boyfriend helps. I feel like we're doing something wrong with that! :(
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