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I Think Its Time to Spoil Myself Again - Los Angeles County

After having a successful BA in 2007, and...

After having a successful BA in 2007, and continuing my workouts, my tummy has stayed. I figured since I have worked hard raising a daughter, working on another Master's degree, it was time to get rid of the belly and the crazy flat weird belly button!

I am nervous but excited. So many of you look so great. I look forward to my surgery and continuing working on my body.

It is a little costly but I've worked hard for so long and see this as a reward and an early b-day gift.

I am also concerned with medications. I am not good at taking any!

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Still sore and I feel like a hunchback. Two weeks tomorrow...hope I am back on track soon. Sleeping is still uncomfortable as well. Bummed.
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Hold on sister!   You are getting there.  

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Slept from 1030-530...just what I needed.
Doctor called to check up on me 3 times and even stopped by the night before.

I feel some warmth on my left side like blood is oozing out when a shift.
Is the a secret way of getting help out of bed? It is still so difficult even though my boyfriend helps. I feel like we're doing something wrong with that! :(
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Now that is a great nights sleep!!

Getting up and down and out of bed it the hardest part.  You never realize how much you use your ab muscles until you can't.

Just go slow and easy and use all your arm strength to pull yourself up.   Unfortunately there is not really any easy way.  You need to just keep trying different things and go what with causes you the least amount of pain.

This will get better and better each week.  Soon you will be able to roll to the side a bit and push yourself up with your arms.


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The rolling over and pushing up is something I am good at now.
It helped out a lot and still does.
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Hang in there.  Each day you will feel better and better.

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Couldn't sleep at all last night. I was sore and just couldn't get comfortable. So sore today and I have trouble walking and getting out of bed! :( I hope that it is a better day tomorrow.

But, I do look forward to the end result and a good night's sleep!
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It's nice that you got the BA out of the way so you can just focus on healing from the tummy tuck. You look like an awesome candidate for this and I look forward to reading your updates! Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf.

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Recovering with a little pain. My admoninal area is sore but I am doing pretty well. Hoping my pain med. helps me sleep, I am a side and tummy sleeper. One thing I found difficult is using the restroom. I look foraward to my results and continuing my workouts at the gym.
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Good luck! Please update us on your recovery.
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