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Hi, I wanted to document my journey in order to...

Hi, I wanted to document my journey in order to possibly help others in the same situation. I have/had a complicated case and some doctors did not think the scars involved with the muscle repair would be worth it. I had very little stretch marks and not much skin to pull down so I would also have a vertical scar where the old BB was... I could not do a mini TT because I had diastasis from pubic bone to breast bone with a 5 inch gap in the muscles above my belly button AND that is where there was sagging skin, above the BB.

Anyway, I tried the Tupler technique. That did not work. And even the videos admit you can reopen a "closed" diastasis at any time, even must getting out of bed the wrong way. Since I love yoga, and working out, the muscle separation and lack of core support was really not working for me....

Amyway, I decided to go for the muscle repair.... I am six days PO and will update my journey....

Update: 10 DPO So, My doctor was amazing a put...

Update: 10 DPO
So, My doctor was amazing a put the hip to hip scar very low. We had discussed the possibility of him going in endoscopically to repair the diastasis all the way up to the breast bone, which he did in order to not make a large incision, but then he said once he closed the diastasis, there was a lot of skin to remove. I feel confident that that scare will fade nicely over time as it is very narrow, almost pencil thin, and I thank him for that!

I am, of course, concerned about the vertical scar. Again, he had hoped to bring that below my panty line, but it did no make it. It is right below my belly button and will be visible if I am lucky enough to wear a bikini again. If I a lucky and it scars well, I think it will be okay, but of course that was the difficult thing about going through with this. Lots of scars... I will keep you posted and again, hopefully, this will help someone else make their decision.

Welcome to the community.  The scars fade and flatten nicely with some work.  You are looking good and it will only get better and better with time.  


You have a beautiful scar. What is the fat transfer to your breasts about? Never heard of that one in went for a TT consult last week and the PS asked me if I wanted the fat transferred to my buttocks.
I hope you are doing well with your recovery. The scar will be fine both of my dd have had open surgery on abdomin that required large incisions and within 2 years they had completely faded to white and are barely noticeable. Those scars don't have quite the tension that the lower tt scar will have so they fade very well.

1 Year Post

I will try and add photos later. My stomach and belly button look great. The vertical scar is noticeable though. I wear a bandaid on it when I wear a bikini.
You look great! I had jaw surgery and the surgeon took fat from my stomach right below my BB. I have a scar just like yours and know what? I don't even notice it anymore. It will get lighter, especially if you put sunscreen on it when out. I honestly think the scar is or would be less noticeable than a band-aid.
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