Ecstatic with my results!

I am a mum of 4 beautiful boys aged 20, 18 and 11...

I am a mum of 4 beautiful boys aged 20, 18 and 11 month old twins. I am done with my family and looking forward to getting my pre baby body back!I would have this done tomorrow but I have to wait for my husbands parents to arrive from Italy so they can take over the twins.

I have been looking at this site for a while and think it is a wonderful source of information and support. I have my pre op next week and reading all of your stories it seems a little soon before my surgery..... Will post before pics and when I am able will post after pics too. Good luck to everyone who is about to go through this life changing experience and I look forward to sharing mine.

So, I went for my pre op today and asked my PS all...

So, I went for my pre op today and asked my PS all my questions and was happy except for one thing..... He said he was conservative at pulling too much on the skin. He said that if pulled too much the scar may end up stretching width ways. So now I am thinking do I ask him to stretch my skin as far as it will go and get rid of as many stretch marks as possible (reason why I am putting myself through this) or do I go with what he is saying and possibly end up with a better looking scar but more stretch marks..... I feel I could live with a slightly wider scar and less stretch marks. I have had cosmetic surgery before and scar very well to the point you cannot see the scars.I just do not want to be disappointed with the end result and wish I hadnt put myself and family through it.I would appreciate any advice/comments you have as I am confused and not sure what to do at this point.

Just been to pay for my surgery, just another 10...

Just been to pay for my surgery, just another 10 days and my squidgy tummy will be gone forever! Also saw my PS again today, he is so kind and patient. He always seems to have all the time in the world for me and answers all my questions. I came away today feeling very confident that I am going to be very happy with the results!

Cant belive my surgery is tomorrow! I feel like i...

cant belive my surgery is tomorrow! I feel like i am a roller coaster of emotions today which include tears, visits to the bathroom and even a small panic attack. I am so ready for this but also scared of what i am about to put my body through. I have to be there at 7.30am and have about an hours drive so not too far to go. I have been reading all of your posts and have gotten some really great info to help with recovery. So here goes bye bye jelly belly!!

Post op day 5 and feeling good, got to say up till...

Post op day 5 and feeling good, got to say up till now my recovery has been an easy one. I am lucky to say i have little to no pain. The only bothersome thing is my left drain that stings a little.
I have been sleeping in bed every night with the help of pillows behind me and under my knees and been having a good 8 hours every night.
The day after surgery I decided to just take one percocet before bed as it helps me to sleep and the rest of the time i use tylenol extra as it made me feel dizzy and nauseous when i stood up.
My appetite has remained the same too.
I do get tired very easy, i had a busy day yesterday. My beautiful twins turned one yesterday and we had a party and also had my first post op.
I went feeling so nervous but cried with joy when i saw my tummy for the first time!
All my stretch marks have gone apart from near the incision which is very fine and low.
I am very swollen but minimal bruising inside my new cute belly button.
I have got to go back next Thursday to hopefully have the drains removed.
Just took one picture yesterday and will post.

10 days po and feeling great. Went to see my PS...

10 days po and feeling great. Went to see my PS and he removed the drains. I am so happy those bad boys are out. They were starting to get really annoying! I can move around alot better and nearly standing up straight. Saw my tummy again today and ive got to say i still cannot belive what i am seeing. I almost felt like i was looking at somebody else. He gave me the ok to shower now theres no drains. He also said i could start using creams/oils for scars from Monday so need to get some. Any suggestions on which is the best......

Went to see my PS today due to really bad swelling...

Went to see my PS today due to really bad swelling om my left side. I have a hematoma which needs to be removed by having another surgery on Wednesday.He drained off alot of blood today, i nearly fainted! I cannot belive this has happened 2 weeks after the surgery, my PS said this normally happens days after surgery not 2 weeks. Just unlucky i guess, he said he will go through my scar, clean the area, find the source of the bleed and place another drain. I was gob smacked when he told me about another surgery as it will set me back to square one. The most upsetting thing for me is not the surgery its not being able to pick my twins up. Feeling pretty low today but i am trying to look on the bright side that its not life threatening and will not cosmetically alter the look of my scar.

So i ended up having my surgery yesterday due to...

So i ended up having my surgery yesterday due to the hematoma getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the minute. It was a very quick procedure but not a nice one due to the fact i certainly didnt choose to have it done and also the anesthesiologist was a complete pig!! It was clear from the moment he got there he didnt want to be. Ripped my gown off, ordered i lie on the operating table and poked me a few times trying to find a vein. At this point i just broke down and cried like a baby, my PS saw how upset i was and came over and held my hand and told me he would look after me and not to worry. He is sooooo wonderful, i really love this guy! Anyway, it all turned out ok, they drained alot of blood which was old but no bleeders. I now have another freakin drain that stings like a mother and probably have to have it in for a while just to be safe. I will go back for a po tomorrow and will get to check out the left side of my scar. I really hope it looks the same..... Still do not regret having this done one bit. I really hope its going to be smooth sailing from here!!

Not posted for a while as nothing new, after my...

Not posted for a while as nothing new, after my hematoma was removed I rested up for a couple of days. My scar looks exactly the same as before. The swelling on the right side has gone considerably and the left a little more. I am now nearly 5 weeks post op from the original surgery and feeling back to normal! Cannot wait to get back to the gym, I love to spin and body pump. Still swollen in the hips but my waist is a heck of a lot smaller than it used to be. I still have tape on my scar so no scar treatment yet but have decided to go with mederma based on my ps recommendation. Posting pics

4 months post op as of tomorrow and life is back...

4 months post op as of tomorrow and life is back to normal. I have been working out five days a week for the last month and a half. I've lost 6lbs so far and would like to loose another 10 before summer. The swelling is much better but still not gone completely, it's mostly just above my incision, and a little around my belly button. My scar is still very red and haven't been to good about massaging it but try to do it every night in the hope it will help with my swelling. Will try to post a couple of pics I took today.

5 months post op - not sure where the time has...

5 months post op - not sure where the time has gone.... There has not been one moment where I have regretted doing this. My tummy just keeps getting better by the day. I am still working out like a demon and is really showing. Theres still a few lb's to go but my body fat measurements are going down. I feel I am back upto pre twins strength and feel great. I have my 6 month check next month and my ps will give me a disc with all the pictures he has taken over the last 6 months so that will be interesting to see. I got my lovely husband to take photos so they are more clear than the ones I took myself.
Dr Charles Hsu

Dr Hsu is a true artist at what he does, always professional but has the knack of making you feel like you have known him for a long time. I would recommend him to any one and would use him again if i wanted to do any other nips and tucks.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Aubrey! I am so pleased with my results, I really couldn't of asked for anything more. Not only is he a great surgeon he is a great person too. My hematoma was very unfortunate but I got it taken care of quickly and now I don't really remember too much about it. I recommend Dr Hsu to anybody that Is contemplating surgery. He is based in beverly hills and his first name is Charles, if you google him you will find him easy. His credentials are first class, you should go and see him. I think you will like him, I did, as soon as I met him I knew he was my guy and I have never regretted it!
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Are you able to give more info about the doc?
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Wow you look amazing. Reading about your experience with the hematoma scared me a bit but looking at your before and after pics makes me want to get the TT even more than ever. I could only hope to have such great results!
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You look amazing!! You can totally see some definition coming through!! Great results twinmummy!
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Looks INCREDIBLE! Hope mine comes out as good :)
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Thanks Sandra! Just checked you out and I think you look fabulous already so just think what you will look like after your tummy tuck ;-) I noticed you have had tattoo removal, I would like to have one removed too. Mine is a black panther on my left shoulder blade. I had it when I was 18 and now I regret it big time!
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You are looking beautiful!

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Thanks Kimmers! Wanted to post updated pics but doesn't give me the option to upload. Do you know of there's a problem?
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I just sent you a PM with instructions for more pictures.

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Suzy, you just made my day! I do have a scar but its inside so you can't see it. My PS is amazing and have recommended him to 4 of my friends. I will post more pics at 6 months as I have really upped my workouts and want to see if it's made a difference. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot!
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Do you have a scar around your belly button at all? I can't even see anything in your 4 week pic - your surgeon was really really good. You look amazing at the 4 weeks but your workouts have you looking even better. Sideways you are so tiny it's so hard to believe you had 4 children. Front view great hourglass shape. You've got the body of a 20 year old :)
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You look amazing with an awesome hourglass shape and very natural looking BB ( can't even see the scar-where is it?) congrats on a successful surgery:)
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Thanks Suzy! I am so pleased with my results, my ps did a wonderful job on my tummy, I couldn't have asked for anything better! Combined with my daily workouts it gets better and better.
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My stomach looks a lot like your before pictures and after seeing how great you look at only 4 months post op, I think I may have to go see your doc soon:) I've seen a lot of fake looking belly buttons on here but yours looks totally natural. Congrats! You look awesome!
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Hi Elizabeth,Good to hear from you! I am more than pleased with my results, Dr Hsu rocks!!! You have to go see him! I know what you mean about fake looking bb they are a dead give away you have had a tummy tuck. The last couple of months have gone so fast and I have been working out like a crazy person so I think that has helped too. Let me know when you see him, he really is the best!
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I agree with Bella83, you look like you've always had a flat tummy and cute BB. Looking GOOD!! :)~
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Thank you cc115, before my surgery this was my second biggest concern about having a natural bb. I don't think he could of done a better job! Just checked your pics out, think your bb looks like mine!
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You look great!! Your belly button looks so natural, like you never even had a tummy tuck!!!
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Thanks Bella! I am so happy about the appearance of my bb. I wanted to be rebellious and get it pierced but my husband won't let me :-( he said I am too old!!! You look amazing! You can see your abs, I am working on mine still!
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I was thinking of getting mine pierced soon too, while it's still numb ;-) I have a small scar on the top of my BB that you can really see that could be hidden if I had it pierced. Not sure what to do though. I almost feel like I'm too old too lol!! But I don't think we are and I just might go for it. Need to see what my PS says. Not sure if I have to heal more or not.....
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Look at that hourglass shape!!! You look fabulous ;-)
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thanks Bella, I feel fabulous!!
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Glad to see you're feeling well and you look stunning! What a tiny little waist!
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So glad that you are doing well ;-) You look great! I won't get to take pics and see my belly until Sunday but I'm so excited. Hope it looks as good as yours! I am so impatient but I am following the doctors orders. Wanted to ask you what were your symptoms for the hematoma?
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Yes, follow Dr's orders and you will do just great! My symptoms for the hematoma were massive swelling, heat and a heavy feeling. You will know for sure that something is wrong if you get one of these. My PS told me 1 in 10 tummy tuckers gets one but I never heard of a hematoma until I got one. Just unlucky I guess!
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