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Sculptra is Not Worth the Agony! - Los Angeles

Can hardly notice a difference and on top of it,...

Can hardly notice a difference and on top of it, have large,marble size lumps under my skin. I am in a constant state of anxiety about my current bumps growing and the possibility of more forming over the next three years.

PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS DONE!!! I don't wish this on anyone. NOT WORTH THE RISK!!!

Hate this product!

Hate this product!

I still have the lumps that Dr. Fitzgerald...

I still have the lumps that Dr. Fitzgerald promised would go away. I notice my review does not show on her ratings when seems unethical since RealSelf should show all reviews so that the consumer has all information.
I have a few more lumps on my jawline but, luckily, they are not visible. My fear is that the one, rock hard lump I have near the skin will grow and become visible. Also, these lumps can grow years after the procedure. I am always panicked about this to say the least.
I think with all procedures there is an amount of risk it carries even though there are stellar reviews. Everyone responds differently to different things. I think the fillers should perhaps come with a trial size the doctor can inject in an inconspicuous site to see how ones body responds. People seem to always just ask about what good results to expect but don't discuss the risk even if rare with their doctor more.
Are you doing any better? Has the joint pain or lumps gone away?
happy to say I'm better now, still have slight joint inflammation and the granuloma is decreasing in size. A lot of acupuncture and herbs to calm the reaction has definitely helped. thanks
Los Angeles Dermatologist

I don't recommend the product

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