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Sculptra Treatments - Love my Face and the Comments I Get About How Young I Look

I had 3 treatments of Sculpta Aesthetic over 6...

I had 3 treatments of Sculpta Aesthetic over 6 months and love my results. Prior to my treatments, my family & co-workers would ask if I was tired and my reflection didn't reflect me (you know what I mean). I like the gradualness of the correction and that it is my own collagen not some "filler". My kids and husband say I look great - not "done or fake" - that's important to me!


dear Jayney,

May i know which areas you used scuptra??and how was it?how long it is taht you have it on?how is the feeling>do people notice it or it is natural look?
and doe sit cost 700 per syringe or each treatment?
you mentioned there is another dr who charge dobble.so which of them is better?

and what is your dor name as well that youliked the result more and charge you 700?
thansk alot
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I had sculptra around the marrionete lines (form a half circle from edge of your mouth on either side of the chin) and my lower cheeks). I want the doctor to put some on my upper cheek bones but have yet to ask him. It looks so natural and the effect is gradual and subtle but definite. The initial look goes away but over time your body builds more volume as collegen and makes you look younger, I was afraid at first due to the stories of lumps which really scared me so the first Doctor I went to was Dr Connant in San Francisco was one of the original Drs who pioneered Aids research and has done injections for many years. He does an excellent job and I recommend him however he is very expensive. My new Dr is Dr Beverly in OC who is also excellent and I wIill go to him in the future. It is about 700 per syringe. To me it is worth it. WHen I can afford it I will go again. I'll be bringing my sister to him soon. Let me know if you have more questions. If you live in OC Dr Beverly is your best bet.
I have had sculptra too and love the results. My Dr prepares the sculptra a few days ahead of the injection so there are no problem with lumps. His name is Dr Beverly in OC. I got the recomendation from this site. He charged about $700.00. I went to another Dr before who was excellent but charged 2 times as much.
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Name not provided

My doctor was gentle and quick - the whole treatment took about 10 minutes plus time for the topical numbing cream to work. He taught me the 5/5/5 rule and made sure to not over-correct.

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