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I made an appt with a local medspa for some...

I made an appt with a local medspa for some juvederm for vertical lip lines. That came out extremely well-I was surprised at the improvement. While there it was suggested that I also have some "spot" pixel resurfacing under my eyes and around my mouth to further diminish the vertical lines. So I tried it. My skin before the Pixel was smooth with no crepey texture and no enlarged pores. After Pixel I was red for 2 days, peeled on the 3rd day and by day 4 noticed massive pore enlargement and crepey texture only in the areas the laser had been applied to. because the rest of my skin is so smooth, this damage really stands out. I am now 1 week post "treatment." Has this happened to anyone else? Is it permanent? I can't say that I am happy with this treatment.

Yes, this happened to me. I look ten years older now, after a series of four treatments. It's been a couple of months. They say that it takes 6 months to see results, but it is not improving.

The damage was from the pixel laser not a TCA peel. It has now been about a month and there is no improvement.
A plastic surgeon that I consulted suggested a TCA peel to try and improve things.


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I'm sorry I must have read it wrong. It's no good either to have damage from the laser. Are you considering trying a what the Plastic Surgeon suggested? 




It is now more than a year since I had the Pixel...

It is now more than a year since I had the Pixel (with RF). It seems like most of the damage occurred in the 6 months immediately following the treatment. I had it applied under my eyes to try and resolve some of the damage from an overfill of Restylane and also my chin and upper lip. The first thing I noticed was the grid pattern stayed for a long time and then gradually turned into what looked like enlarged pores and actual holes developed that resembled icepick scars. These all formed in the grid pattern.

It seems like I have lost fat on my chin, upper lip and most of all under my eyes. I developed winkles and saggy skin under my eyes. My skin felt like sandpaper for about 2 months and then it just became paper-dry. It took 10 months before my skin seemed to start retaining moisture. I wonder if it was the RF that caused the fat loss?

There has been no improvement. I have tried a 20% TCA peel, a Glycolic peel a few months later (up to the lash line), a VI Peel a few months after that, lots of Cerave moisturizer. I had a Hydrofacial twice. I just started trying Retin-A under my eyes and am considering a strong Glycolic Peel or a Medium TCA Peel under my eyes and on my upper lip and chin - one area at a time instead of all at once.
I have only had one pixel rf treatment but 3 weeks later my face looks so drawn! I am hoping its just natural weight loss as I do fluctuate...I have thr little holes too on my chin :(. Did fat come back??
I never improved - it has been 3 years. The holes never went away and the loss of fat in my face continued over the 6-8 months after the RF session. I had pixel plus RF at the same time. Fat cells can't regenerate once they have gone through aptosis. Give it some time and don't do anything else to your face until you have had a chance to heal. If you notice things aren't getting any better by the 6 week mark-go to a good dermatologist. Three weeks is still pretty close to the time of treatment - hopefully what you are noticing now will just be temporary.
Ooops-I meant 2 years not 3.
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