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I am currently in the OMG what have I done stage....

I am currently in the OMG what have I done stage. I have 2 children 10 and 6, both c-sections and boy did I do a number on my body. Stretch marks, hanging skin...gross!! I reached 215 with both pregnancies and am happy to be close to my ideal weight today of 132. I have kept all the weight off since giving birth to my 2nd child. I run religiously and strength train a few days a week and in clothes I look good, you would never guess what was lurking under my clothes. After 3 consults I picked my PS and scheduled the mommy makeover. We are doing a lift with a small implant and TT. Doctor says core is very tight and may not have to do any muscle repair but won't make that promise until we are on the operating table. Wishful thinking I'm sure. My main fear is the general anesthsia right now!! I feel as if I am being so selfish and vain to put my family through this kind of stress. What if I'm one of the few that don't make it and my kids have to deal with that type of loss. I know I'm just being paranoid but that fills my thoughts all to often!! I feel like I have worked really hard and I deserve this but as a mother do I have the right to be selfish anymore??


Good luck, you will be totally fine. I did a 6 1/2 hour surgery in Jan and my biggest fear was leaving behind my 4 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old! Yes you totally deserve it. You've worked hard to regain your body so take the opportunity while you can. Keep us updated.
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Oooh, your fears and thoughts are SO natural. You will do well and come through this! As long as you've chosen an ASAPS/ASPS board certified surgeon and you are in good health and don't smoke, your chances of anything going awry are totally infinitesimal.

Keep us posted! You're only a couple weeks away now.

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Dr office called and can get me in Thursday, due...

Dr office called and can get me in Thursday, due to a cancellation. After feeling extremely nauseous I called my husband and asked if we could make this work so soon? He said lets do it! You don't want that stress for the next 2 weeks. I emailed my coordinator and here we are!! I'm totally freaking out. I rented a recliner, went and got scrips, toilet riser, and front snap bra. Am I missing anything? God I would like a glass of wine to call my nerves but guess that will have to wait a few weeks:/I will continue to post and put before and after pics soon....


OMG! I was reading along here and then realized you went TODAY!! How exciting, wow....Please let us know how you are doing when you feel up to it.
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Your lucky you don't have all the days of wondering and waiting now!! So exciting for you!!
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Welcome sweetie and you will find this site is very helpful. All your feelings are normal btw im fron the Inland empire we are nieghbors..
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5 days post op....I feel so much better. I went in...

5 days post op....I feel so much better. I went in on Thursday and the surgery took about 3.5 hours. I woke up and felt pain instantly. The dr had to do muscle repair:( Day 1 and 2 were tough. I was able to get myself to the bathroom, quick walk around the house and back to the recliner. I'm not going to lie...I had many WTF did I do this for moments. A must have after this surgery is a toliet riser. I couldnt imagine not having it. I was taking 1 vicodin every 6 hours on TH, Fri, and Sat, by Sunday I was only taking tylenol. You really just have to brace yourself for 48 hours of feeling pretty bad, vey bad. Today I went to lunch, ran errands, did my hair and make up. Helps to feel alive again:) My boobs seem a lot bigger than I anticipated but hopefully they will go down. I went with 280 cc's. Anybody know about what size that is? My stomach still has a lot of swelling. Almost feels as if someone is stepping on my stomach. Looks better but I hope when I can stand straight and swelling subsides it will look a lot better:) Drain comes out tomorrow!! My surgeon doesnt require you to wear a binder? Any opinions about that?


Welcome hun glad ur on the other side stay strong bb gurl
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