I am 29 and a mother to 3 kids ages 9,5, and 2....

I am 29 and a mother to 3 kids ages 9,5, and 2. For my 30th birthday I would one to give myself a new body. I have gained way over the recommend about with each pregnancy, I literally gained 150 pounds combined with all my children, thus why I have such saggy skin and stretch marks from hell. I have also breast feed 2 kids for the first year of life so the girls could use a lift. I have gone to 1 consultation and have 2 more scheduled. Then will decide on who to go with. I really I want to have my surgery done in June or July so I can have my mom help me with the recovery. And most importantly before my husband comes home for R&R leave from Afghanistan i want to look super sexy for him.

Ok so my first consultation was this last Monday...

Ok so my first consultation was this last Monday March 12th with Dr. Y. he is a plastic surgeon that practices in Encino. I love the type of tummy tucks he does, they are called high tension tummy tucks. Love that it give you curves and really sets in a waist as well as smoothing your butt and thigh. He also recommended a breast lift and implant. I asked for lipo of the upper back/flanks, and inner and outer thighs. He also suggested I get a little under my chin to give me more definition. With all the recommendations and my adds on the price came to 23,600 YIKES if i was just to do the tummy and boob it would come out to 17,500. Still quite pricey but he was my number 1 choice.

Second consultation was today March 14th with Dr. B and his practice is in Anaheim. He answered all my questions listened to my wants but was more honest with me as to what he believes I need. Didnt think I needed to do lipo yet. Thinks I will get good results from the TT and BL and BA. He did show me how much my boob size will decrease with the lift alone so I definitely believe that I will need the implant. He suggested the size 450-500 if I want a full D cup. Now to decided silicone or saline, he also gave me the pro/cons of the different type. He also gave me what complications that can happen. He does give a discount if paid in full. The negatives to this Dr was his pictures need updating badly. Not that they are old but they dont have dates or details about the women in the picture, like what sizze they were before and where they are afterwards. And he does do lio with the tummy tuck but not the high tensions type I like. And I did see a picture of a woman on this site that issues with this DR so that makes me wary. His pricing was a whole lot better it is 12,350, about 5,000 less than the other Dr

Next Thursday March 22 is my final consult and then I will make a decision from there. I am trying to decide if it will be a better idea to do the surgery before the kids finish school or to wait till the summer??
I hear you. Well u will need help. U r having a lot done so u will be out of commission for a few days and than recovering for another couple of days. If your mom is around full time in summer that is the best time.
I am trying to figure out how to do it before my kids get out. But not sure if I have reliable child care for my other kids as well as for me. My mom is a school teacher so if I need her help I have to do it as soon as she gets out
I would do it before they finish school. Its going to be hot and you'll be sitting around and you have to wear compression garment. I'm scheduled for March 29 and I'm sorry I did not do it a lot sooner. My kids will want to go in the pool. I don't think u can go swimming for atleast 6weeks. Good luck with your decision..

So I have narrowed down my surgery date to June...

So I have narrowed down my surgery date to June 15th but still haven't picked a DR. This allows me to have my surgery the Friday before the kids get out. That way the worst will be over before they even get out. I have back to back PS consults on Thursday and then I get to go over it will the hubby and book my dates. I had a little set back in my health I went to the DR today and they think I have an ovarian cyst. They are not fun let me tell you. So I am getting a practice at staying still.

Also I wanted to update my stats. I am 5'6'' and weigh 163 pounds yikes I hate to admit that but I do. I am a size 8/10. And wear a size 36D bra. The plastic surgeons that I have seen say that I am not a true D, that basically I have a fat upper back (LOL) so I am more on the C side. I definitely want a full D maybe even a DD when I have the BA.
k for one let me just say your already freakin gorgeous so im jeolous of that...but on another not your goin to look even more freaking awesome which puts my jeolousy rate pretty high..i might not even come back to see your after pics bc ill nic pic mine bf of how perfect your goin to look...but ill think about coming back in to check in bc im nosey ;) good luck hun..the time will fly by bf u know it you will b in the recovery stage!!!
Thanks Stacy. I cant wait to see your results. I am so eager, are you going to post before and afters?
Thanks! Yes, I need to post pics. It scares me. But if all these beautiful moms can do it, I can too! :)

Ok so I went to 2 of my appts today. One with Dr L...

Ok so I went to 2 of my appts today. One with Dr L in Beverly Hills and Dr J in Pasadena. Lets talk about the first Dr.

Dr L really rubbed me the wrong way. First off I got to the appt 30 min early filled out my paperwork and then had to wait til 2:15 to seen by the financial coordinator. Then after he talks to me about breast implants and tummy tucks he says now I will let you see the DR and he will answer all your questions. I was like WTH shouldn't I see you last. He did answer all my questions and explained the procedures but what made me mad is he isn't Board certified. His response was "why should I pay all this money just to get certified". I was floored. I was thinking because it shows you are interested and love what you do. I only went to this DR per one of my friends went to him. Although he did a good job on her I didn't like his results on others. Then came the exam and he also recommended the TT, LIPO of flanks and lower back, BA and BL. But he wanted to split up the surgeries. I do not want to do that. I want to do it all at once. So needless to say I was so beyond ready to get out of there. The appt ended up lasting 2 hrs. By this time I was late to my next appt in Pasadena. I didnt want to go back to see the financial coordinator but I did and I was like look I got to leave by 3:30 so he just gave me the proposal and I left.

By this time I was trying to get to Pasadena from Beverly Hills. Yeah 30 min is so not happening. So I called the office they were really nice and let me know to drive safe and get there whenever I can and they would still see me. Needless to say it took over an hr just to get there. And once I got off the freeway my GPS was going nuts and I couldn't find the dam place and neither could my phone or my cousins phone. So I was another 20 min late just trying to find the place. I almost gave up and turned around to go home. But I was like no just go your here already. Thank god I did he blew me away. The office staff was very nice an accommodating. I did have to wait a long time because I missed my appt by 1.5 hrs. So I did have to wait about an hr to see him. But once I did I felt like I was meeting with an old friend. Dr J asked if I had my tubes tied and I said no my husband got fixed. I had 3 kids that's the least he could do. He joked and was like you women are all the same. I said trust me if you want to have more relations with your wife get it done. And he said in that case he would. Now this shows how comfortable I was just meeting him.

Firs of all Dr J was the only PS that measured me. And talked about my issues and what he could do to help me. He recommended everything I wanted and of course I added the lipo of my lower back and thighs. He agreed but stated I didnt need the upper back or neck like the other DR wanted. And he told me I am going to give you a nice discount because you have waited so long and you deserve this. Needless to say he took 60% of the price of my TT. I signed up right then and there my surgery date is June 8th and it cant come soon enough.

I am going with a full D. Might try for a double D not sure just yet what I will choose. I guess I need to look at more breast and decide
Seriously I just looked at your photos again and if I had the body you have now I would be on top of the world I guess we are our worst critics but you really do look great already thank you for all the info and GOOD LUCK !!!
LOL...Last thing I'm turning 30 too in December so I feel your need of a new you at FLIRTY 30 !!
Awe thanks! I dont think I look bad but I Definately think there is room for improvement :) and no matter how often I exercise or how good I eat I still have tummy skin that hangs, a flops when I sit down. Tomorrow I'll post the sitting down belly shots. And yes 30 I need a new body. One that doesn't show that I had 3 kids. Good luck and holler if you need any help

I am seriously considering moving up by mommy...

I am seriously considering moving up by mommy makeover date by a month. I really want to do it as soon as possible. The only thing stopping me is the whole having someone there. Truly for those that have gone before me how long before you felt like you could take care of your kids??? DRIVE??? I want to move my date up May 25th.
I want to move it up but I know I cant. I guess I should just stay with the date I got. I am putting my 2 oldest in summer school to help me recover better. By the time they are out of school I will be 2 weeks post op
I know you are super excited to have it done!! I am 10 days PO now and I have yet to care for my daughter, house or drive. Take it from me (one of Dr. J's patients), you will be pretty restricted for at least 2 weeks. I am showering for the first time tonight. Talk to Diana at Dr. J's office and ask her advice. She is a great help! Feel free to ask me anything too. :)
I had. Tt liposuction of thighs. March 29. Can't do anything. Still need help getting in out recliner.

So after all of your wonderful advice i am not...

So after all of your wonderful advice i am not going to move up the date. I am putting all 3 of my kids in daycare but only part time. So they will be at school from 8 am till 12 noon. Should be interesting picking them all up at the same time. Luckily my mom will help and I should be 2 weeks post op by then.

On another note to get the best possible results I am eating right and an exercising. Right now I am at the gym for 1.5 hrs 5 times a week. This is my second week doing it so hopefully I will see results soon. I have lost 2 pounds so far. Hoping to make it to 150 by the time surgery comes definitely possible. I am on myfitnesspal if any of you ladies are on there message me and I will add you to my friends.
How is your weight loss going?
Your latest pics look so familiar to me....I know exactly how you feel. No worries though! :D You will be the skinny sexy momma of your dreams before you know it!!! :)

Also, that is awesome you are working out before your surgery. :) I wish I did that.
Yes I hate my fat rolls. As you can see when I stand up I hide it well but when I sit down all the baby fat comes on out. I cant wait to sit down and not have the fat there.

I was in a bikini this weekend and I just kept...

I was in a bikini this weekend and I just kept thinking to myself that I can't wait for my belly skin to be gone. I want to have a flat tummy. Don't get me wrong I still get checked out but I don't feel comfortable at all. I am going to post the pictures for you all too see. It just depresses the hell out of me

Good job with your diet! A slender gal in my office had a foot injury recently and said she gained a few lbs. since she had to stop running. I asked her what kind of range she weighs in at, and she said she goes from 7 lbs. up to 7 lbs. down on a regular basis. This was so encouraging for me to hear. Since I've been stable with my 160 lbs. I would go up to 165 or even 167 during period weeks and days where I'm so hungry where I could eat my arm off. Then I can get down to 158. So, with all that said, I think I've learned that Women's weight fluctuates from week to week and that is totally normal. Don't stress it. I drank a lot of water a slim fast shakes days before surgery thinking the liquids would be helpful in keeping my #'s down a little and just not being full of food during surgery. I agree with the posts on here about working out the legs. I was running 6 days per week with a lot of hill strengthening and am using my legs now a lot to shift around and get up out of bed. Keep up the good work! These next weeks will fly by for you!
BTW - you have a cute figure already. Where did you find that underwear? Your booty looks GOOD and really your breasts are already plump. The tummy is going to look incredible! Very excited for you!
Thanks for your words of encouragement. We really are so alike. My body like 160s. I go from 159 to 165 all the dam time its so frustrating. Esp when you train hard. I am working out my legs a lot. And even practicing getting up by just using them. The underwear was bought from Victoria Secrets. I love there underwear. I think I will like my figure a lot better once I get a flat tummy

Been a while since I have updated so I though I...

Been a while since I have updated so I though I would do so now. I am on week 4 of me trying to lose weight after a trip to Mexico. I gained 7 pounds while there so it brought my weight up to 167 pounds.

I have been going to the gym and working out 5 times a week for 2 hours at a time. I do cardio for about and hour and then do weight for another hour. I am happy to report that I have lost 6 pounds and several inches. I am loving how skinny my arms and legs are getting and how tone I am looking. I am trying not to obesses with what the scale says. As my DR told me not to lose weight but be at a maintainable weight instead. So here I am counting calories and putting in hard work. I am adding a picture of how skinny I now look from the side. Honestly I am not that flat, I am just sucking it in really well and my compression garments do wonders. So I also have one without the compression capris.

So there is my update. I am going to continue to work hard to have the best possible body for my PS to work with.
Inches is better. The scale is frustrating. Drink water lots of it. Write down what u are eating. Sometimes i think IM eating less and IM not
OMG i hate comingback from. Vacation and steppingon scale. Good. For you. Keep working out
Thanks I am at the gym a lot but cant seem to go below 160. But I have lost sop many inches its crazy

I am less than a month away from my surgery date....

I am less than a month away from my surgery date. I guess I better start buying all the gear I am going to need. I am a tab bit nervous. I have my pre-op May 24th. Are the any questions I should be asking???

Also I am happy to report that I have lost 5 pounds. And several inches. My tummy looks a lot better but definitely still needs the tuck. Also check out my thunder thighs those suckers definitely need fat to get sucked out. I have been working out at the gym 5 times a week for 2 hours and following a diet plan of 1200 calories plus what ever I burn off. Hitting the weights, making my legs strong to help me after surgery.

I have been busy reading all the other reviews and want to say thank you to all you wonderful ladies! Without your expereince and sharing I wouldn't know where I would be. Happy healing ladies.
ur deff gonna loove ur results hon u look sexy already!!!=)))
Your gonna look soo good! I'm excited for you. Congrats on losing the weight. I was so nervous before my surgery that I was stress eating and so put on weight when all I wanted was to drop 10 lbs. Haha. And so the count down begins for you! Yaaay!
Count down begins. I am getting so nervous. I need to start buying some gear for the post operative time frame. What do you recommend?

So in my quest to find a surgeon I was so excited...

So in my quest to find a surgeon I was so excited with the price and the surgeon I did not look at the break down. To my surprise my inner and outer thigh lipo isnt on there. I am devastated!!! I was so happy with the price and didnt look into the breakdown till, well until today when I was getting my certified check from the bank. Luckily I go for my pre-op Thursday. So I am calling back the surgery consultant to make sure I get it added. I am also debating on the lift. I dont think the crescent lift will be enough. Think I may change it to a Benelli lift too. So hopefully the price doesn't increase too much. I am bummed out but not letting that discourage me at all.

After talking to my surgical consultant the new...

After talking to my surgical consultant the new price for everything is going to be 16350. Unfortunately I will not be able to save the rest up bc my pre-op is Thursday. So I will be charging it to my credit card. No biggie though its only 2,000 more for both the inner and outer thighs. But I know my overall result will be amazing. Now the count down begins. I am so nervous!!!
You're gonna look great!
Thanks. When is your surgery?
Awe thanks LilG! I am so ready and nervous. How is that possible. I just need to order supplies from amazon gotta love that prime shipping. I go for my pre-op thursday and pay. You have had such amazing results that I hope I look half as good as you do

Had my pre-op today. Got blood work done, signed...

Had my pre-op today. Got blood work done, signed all my consent forms. All the do's and dont's pior to and post operative time. I also bought some arnica/bromezyme pills. And of course paid for the whole procedure. Quite the experience to hand over a 14K cashiers check. The nurse and the consultant said they are going to call me when my medication prescription was ready and they would send it to me in the mail. And also call me with the results of the blood test. Since I am having quite a bit of work done I will be his first case and that means a 7am surgery time. So as of now all systems are a go!!! Going on a mini vacation this memorial day weekend. Then its shopping for all my recovery supplies. FUN FUN FUN!!!! 15 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck! Your before pictures look pretty good, so I'm sure you're going to look amazing! Can't wait to see your after pictures!
Thank you for your kind words. Well I do suck my gut in so I will post a pre-op picture where I let the jelly hang out. When I do I seriously look 4 months pregnant
excited for you!!!! you are gonna be so glad you did this for yourself, girl!

So now the count down officially begins 6 DAYS....

So now the count down officially begins 6 DAYS. This Friday I will be going in to surgery to get a new me!!! As I stare at my body I am amazed at how far I have come. I have lost 10 pounds since I got my consultation. I have been working out 5 days a week for 2 hours at a time. I have toned up quite a bit, but as my stomach has grown tighter the skin is getting looser so thank god for surgery. My thighs are a lot tighter but they still rub together and my saddle bags are still there. My boobs have shrunken so thank god for boob implants. I haven't discussed size other than I do not want a uniboob or porn star titties As I like to call them. I want a degree of separation. I want them to each be there own sovereign nations!! HAHA As far as after recovery I am staying at a recovery center and then coming home to my mother. After that my cousin takes over during the week and my mom the weekends for 2 weeks. Then my mom takes over.

So far I have bought the garments, the arnica and bromezyme tablets. I ordered my shower chair, bed wedge, leg wedge pillow, gauze (4 boxes),a electric blanket to be used for my back, a toilet seat riser and I have a recliner already. I have yet to get my RX yet. I am calling the PS officer first thing Monday morning to see what I haven't gotten them yet. The things I have left to buy is the low sodium soups, and crackers, protein shakes,pee pads and vitamin waters. AS far as OTC meds I need some milk of magnesium, neosporin with pain relief ( my friend says to get at least 4 tubes). I am also buy those ugly house dresses that walmart sells that either zip up of button up. I am planning to go underwear free to make it so easy to pee lol.

If I am forgetting anything please let me know. And thanks to all those that have gone before bc of you I feel prepared. Shot out to rainbow and StacyLBC you ladies have helped me tremendously!!!
Good luck on your upcoming procedures!
Your time is coming!! Very excited for you, you are gonna look great!!
Hey Newmeafter3, I just wanted to let you know that I just had my MM on June 1st and I have been wearing my bathing suit coverup dresses. The ones with the elastic tops and go down to your knee. They are perfect for going pee and keep you cool since it's so hot. Also, definitely go without the panties....I am and it's great! One less thing to worry about! Best of luck....your going to look gorgeous! :)

My supplies have started arriving. I pick up my...

My supplies have started arriving. I pick up my meds tomorrow. Got all my food set up. Cleaning up my kids room which is upstairs and getting the laundry all done so my mom has no issues getting them dressed for me. I will be camped out downstairs on the recliner or the sofa whatever is easier to me post surgery. I washed my garments.

All that is left is to buy my house dresses (zippered or button front) from Walmart I figure 2 will do. I dont want to wear pants because I know I will be so sore from the lipo and dont want to pull anything down.

Wish I could say my eating habits are getting better but there worse!!! I was 158 a few days ago now I am at 161 UGH!!! Aunt flo is still hanging around it has been a 7 day cycle. Maybe thats why I am up too. Regardless I know I will lose weight after the surgery so it is no biggie.

Bring on the flat belly, boobs and the drugs LOL
Glad to be able to help. Don't forget the drains will (probably) clip to your binder or under your bra too. As for the sexiness in a granny robe....just leave the top 3 or 4 snaps undone and instant hotness...lol...nothing like a new set of big tahtahs!
I wore my snap up hoodie robe instead of pants. It is made of grey sweatshirt material made by DNKY and comes down to my knees. The nurse that helped me dress to go home was so impressed at how easy it was to dress me to send me on my way. I just coundn't imagine having to lift my legs up to put in pants being all looped up on meds and with a new incision. I also wore the same hoodie robe to my first post op appointment. I was so lucky in finding it. I did buy some "granny" looking ones from a thrift store that I wore when my favorite was being washed. I still like to wear my grey DNKY in the evening. Very easy for bathroom convenience....not see through....like some of the "granny" ones.
I cant thank you enough for the honesty!!! That robe sounds awesome. I bought the grandma looking ones at Walmart but I know it will do its job. I might go back and get another one. But I also have a swim suit cover up that has a tube top that I am going to use but dont know where the drains will go with that one. Might have to get another house dress from Walmart. I will have to post pictures of my sexiness in it!!! can u imagine me in a grandma dress looking sexy haha

Well today is the day before my makeover. Got all...

Well today is the day before my makeover. Got all my stuff together the room is clean. All my supplies are here, I got food and my medicines. Everything is ready at home for my recovery.

As far as the surgery I was originally told I would be the first case but got the call today that they decided to change it to the 2nd one. I have to be there at the surgery center at 9am and surgery starts at 10 am. Was told not to pee so I can take the pregnancy test there! Yah right I cant hold my pee no 3 hrs after I wake up. Thankfully I drink a lot of water so I should be fine in regards to performing when I get there. I actually think its nice to be able to say good bye to my kids and get them ready for school before I leave.

Surprisingly I am not as emotional today as I had been the other days this week. I am totally at peace and am ready to have my sexy body! I am hoping that the DR will let me take my own before pictures (with the markings) and after pictures. I am debating asking if they can take a picture of the skin that was cut off as well as the fat that was lipo'd out. I just want to see it. I also dont know how long I will be in there. I know I am having quite a bit of work being done so I am expecting at least 5 hours in the OR.

Last Time i was put under general anesthesia I woke up disoriented. And seeing as I am an RN I kept asking the nurse what are my vitals, how much blood did I loose, telling them my pain level LOL I hope I dont embarrass myself this time. But I think I will warn them. Well to all those that have gone before me I thank you for your wisdom! Next time I update I will be on the flat side!!!
Good luck tomorrow!!! You will be on the road to healing soon!
Good luck tomorrow!!! You are are going to look beautimous! Beautiful and fabulous all wrapped up in one!!!
good luck mania,,,,,keep us posted

Today is the big day just waiting on my ride to...

Today is the big day just waiting on my ride to get here. I have taken my last real shower for the next 9 days. Got my loosest pair of sweats that I have in my possession. I got a zip up top as well. I am taking my house dress to maybe change into afterwards. Not sure if I will want to be in sweats or not post surgery. Got my camera to get some pictures of me marked up and hopefully before they wrap me up. I also gave myself a pedicure and went and got my Brazilian wax. I AM READY!!! To all the other ladies out there that are having surgery I'll say a little prayer for you. Good luck everyone and see you on the flat side.
I hope everything went well and that you are doing okay!!
Just read your story. So excited for you. Praying everything turned out ok for you and that you are very happy with your procedures.
Can't wait to hear how it went! Good luck, and happy healing!

Got to the surgery center filled out my paperwork,...

Got to the surgery center filled out my paperwork, got into my gown then went and got marked up and took pictures. Next I was weighed to my surprise I was 156.7 pounds!!!!! I was super excited about that (at my consult I was 168) next the nurse anesthetist took my history and I got my IV in and then walked to the surgical suite and got my knock out drug and next thing you know iwas in recovery. I wasn't in that much pain probably a 2 bc they put meds in my IV. My boobs are big! And that was the only place I was feeling pain. Then I met my recovery nurse from Jade(they are a recovery center in Beverly hills). She transported me from the surgery center to the recovery center. I got into bed and ate a little yogurt took 1 vicodin and knocked out. I was so glad to have a Cather in place so I wouldn't have to move much. All went well for about 3 hours. I started to feel more pain and nauseous. She tried to get me to eat some chicken stock and I just couldn't. I felt likei needed to burp or throw up. She got me ginger ale and I felt a little better but then 30 min later I started dry heaving. It hurt so bad I felt like I popped a stich. I dry heaved until the loudest burp came out then I felt better and was able to drink my pain meds. So now and off I slept and took my medicines.

Post-op day 1. Woke up feeling great today. My boobs are what hurts. ESP the right one. I can walk to the bathroom with little to no pain. On a scale of 1-10 of pain I am at a 5. I do havea high pain tolerance. As long as I don't throw up again I think I should be fine. The Cather and IV are out, I am using the bathroom and drinking water now. I have a lipo garment that goes up over my tummy tuck incision. And my binder is nice and tight. I have this thin bra on to hold the girls in place. And I am still napping on and off. In a little while I am going to leave my recovery center and go to see the PS. My parents are meeting me there. Then I am off to recover at home. Happy healing everyone
Praying that your tummy is settled and calm.
congrats and happyhealing at home, home sweet home, cant wait to see your pics
Ugh, I feel your pain over the dry heaving! I'm so glad you are doing better tho! No more worries over the surgery, now you just have to sit back, relax and heal!

Post op day 2. Boobs are no longer giving me the...

Post op day 2. Boobs are no longer giving me the pain issue. Now it's my lower back. Still manageable with 1 Vicodin. I get up go to the bathroom and walk also then lay down. And had been going to sleep. Today is the first time I feel like I can keep my eyes open. I feel like I stink. I haven't been able to take a shower and won't until Monday the18th. He takes out the drains on Sat then he wants you to wait 2 days to shower. So that means I won't be able to post pictures till Sat. That is going to kill me bc I want to see my new body. My boobs are big he went a little to boob happy. Praying that they go down and give me a nice shape. Still have yet to have a bowel movement but I know it's coming. I seriously thought the pain would be way worse so imagine my surprise on how much it doesn't really hurt. Good luck for those who have a mommy makeover tomorrow. You won't regret it. And to all the other ladies out there recovering I wish you a speedy and as pain free recovery
Glad to hear your recovery has gone so well for you! How is that back pain today? That's what's hurting me more than anything else. It's nice to be recovering together :o) Keep us posted!
Back pain comes and goes the more I move positions the better I feel. Just feel horrible bc my momma is taking care of me and she has to work tomorrow. Tonight I am taking 2 vicodins instead of one so maybe I'll keep through the night.
Oh that really stinks she has to work tomorrow! I hope there is someone else staying to help u tomorrow! Having that help has really helped me to heal.

Post op day 3- Today was a good day. I slept from...

Post op day 3-
Today was a good day. I slept from 10pm till 3 am got up went to the bathroom and took my pain meds and slept till 6am. Saw my kids before they left for school and then my cousin came and watched me while my mom was at work. My appetite came back today. I feel like the hungry caterpillar, I ate 1 protein shake, 1 serving of oatmeal, 1 small bag of nutter butters, 1 can of soup, 1 apple with peanut butter and at least 12 cups of water. I had my first BM (bowel movement). I was SO scared to have a BM but it was uneventful. I swear I feel like a freak of nature bc I know I should feel way worse than I do but I just don't. My lower back is still quite sore but not sure if it's from being hunched over when I walk or from the lipo. Drains have slowed way down. They are draining about 15 cc every 6 hours.

I am able to keep my eyes open now. Not just sleeping the day away. Still taking laps each time I get up to go to the bathroom. Other than that I am doing way better than I had anticipated.
Glad to hear things are going so well! Hope it continues. :)
Glad for you that the process so far has been so good! Hope the rest of your healing goes smoothly. You are going to be so hot for your husband - well, I'm sure you're already that! I mean ...looking hot ;)
I am so glad to hear you are doing well surgery-date-buddy! I keep freaking out over the "your nipple can die" issue that I keep checking them to make sure they have color. They do! One is a bit paler than the other but still pink. I worry about losing one. That's my biggest worry for now. That pale one is sensitive and has feeling though so I think I"m ok. I'm really glad to hear you are doing so well!! :)

Post op day 4 So today I hear is the turn around...

Post op day 4
So today I hear is the turn around day in regards to how you feel. I have felt so good these last few days and today did not disappoint. I can get up and use the bathroom by myself. I went a couple times by myself. I can do a couple laps around the kitchen and living room without feeling tired. My drains are putting about 5-7 cc every 12 hours. I switched from vicodins to Tylenol to help with the discomfort. I ate well today. I had 2 breakfast, 2 lunches and fruit and salad in between and wasn't hungry for dinner. Over all I feel ESP physically. But emotionally I do feel a little down. ESP when I hear my baby cry for his momma to put him to bed or give him his bath. And I hate that I feel so disgustingly dirty. My hair is an itchy mess and I know I shouldn't lift my arms bc of the implant but I can't help it. My arm puts need shaving and so do my legs. I am going to attempt it tomorrow so I can feel normal.

I also hate the lovely vagina oyster I get with the stupid lipo garment. It just puckers my ass and my vagina out. It so uncomfortable. I stick gauze in between my left thigh and the skin bc it dig into my skin. Just can't wait to get out of this garment and shower. 4 more days until happens. I took a picture of my new girls in my bra and they look great. I'll try to figure how to upload them on there. So at least you gals can see my new boobs.

Happy healing my love ladies. If anyone has any questions please ask.
hey hon just chekin up on ya hope ur doing and felling marvelous !!!cnt wait to see ur pixs u looked gr8 before u must be super sexc now!!=))
wow you did eat alot..... had the munchies hahahaah cant waity tot see your pics
Hey Newmeafter3! So glad to hear things went well for you! Sounds like you're having a good recovery too. That first BM is a bit scary until you get it done isn't it. I ended up taking way to much M of M before I had it and am paying the price today. Lots of trips to the bathroom! I still cant stand up straight either. Keep trying because it really makes my tummy look super small when I do, but I'll have to live with little peeks here and there because muscles are still too tight. Do you have an appetite yet? I am eating bits here and there but food doesn't sound great. Not bad, but I'm just not craving anything, Going to PS this afternoon for first post op check and cant wait to see what she says about everything!

Post op day 5 Well what can I say about today? It...

Post op day 5
Well what can I say about today? It is going well. Had a bowel movement today that totally sucked. I had to actually try to push it out TMI it wasn't that bad but not pleasant either. I weighed in today at 163 pounds ( I had on my grandma robe, my lipo garment that goes under my breasts and my binder on) was 157 the day of surgery so I am sure I am swollen still.Also is any other mommy makeover out there sweating bullets while they sleep? I alternate from being cold and covering myself up with blankets and then wake up covered in sweat. And that is so gross considering I am not allowed to take a shower. My drains are now only out putting about 5cc every 12 hours. They will definitely be able to come out on Sat. I can not walk around by myself to and from the bathroom. I still walk hunched over but when I am sitting down I no longer feel hunched or that I cant pick up my head. I love the progress I am making.

Tonight I plan on taking a sponge bath (JOY) and shaving my arm pits. My mom said she will help me wash my hair in the skin and then I should definitely feel more myself. I am including a picture of the girls for you to see. I haven't unwrapped anything because I have been instructed not too and I am going to stick with that so as to not compromise my results. Having to remind myself to take it easy and not over do it bc I feel so great.
You are looking great surgery date buddy! Sounds like things are going along really well on your end! So glad! :) Getting a bit better day by day here too!
Hey girly so glad all went well and your not having much pain. I was the opposite. I thought I had a high pain tolerance but nope I was the biggest baby. Lol. Anyway can't wait to see the new you. Welcome the flat side!
Happy Healing. Can't wait too see your pictures.

Post op day 6 Today I almost felt like myself....

Post op day 6

Today I almost felt like myself. A hunch back version that is. I am so tired of not being able to stand up straight. When people ask me how it feel I tell them, you know when you play the game limbo and you reach the part where you just cant bend and either fall down or stand up straight? YEAH i am at that point constantly. That has been the most painful part of this whole recovery process. I am now only taking 1 Tylenol as needed for the pain through out the day. I had only 1 today. Tonight I will probably take 2 just so I can sleep through the night.

Now I am also getting super itchy under the lipo garment. I have sweated, peed and poo'd in this dam thing (NOTE IN NOT ON) and I just cant wait to take it off and take a dam shower is that to hard to ask??? I gave myself a baby wipe bath and my mom washed my hair so I feel better but not by much. Also I am feeling a burning/ pinching sensation in my lower abs more to the side is this the lipo sites???

My drains are only draining about 5-7 cc in a 24 hour period. So they are all clear to come out Sat. I have a funny story to share today after I went #2 and cleaned myself up I thought i lowered my sleep shirt on both the front and back and I didnt. I walked out of the bathroom feel a breeze on my bum and quickly pulled it down BUT I WAS TOO LATE my 9 year old say me and could not stop laughing. And of course that made me laugh. It hurt to laugh but not as much as it did to cough. So all in all today was a good day.
Thanks for the story about your 9-year-old son! Too funny. Glad you are laughing just a little. I am getting more and more nervous as Monday approaches.
Newmoon, I mean, newme ;) Isn't it great when you can laugh about showing your butt! I'm sure I'll be showing mine (in more ways than one) before it's all over :o After drains gone - shower?
Yes he wants you to wait 2 days after you get them pulled to shower but I don't know if I can promise that. Yes my son still laughs about it

Post op day 7 Over all went great. I got as...

Post op day 7
Over all went great. I got as shower up as I can. Shaved half my legs and arm pits, what a challenge that was with my huge melons. Like it makes my arm pits a little concave or what not. I ate pizza for dinner and that was a bad idea. Ladies that is a definite no no.

Post op day 8- The Big Reveal
Today was my post op visit following the surgery. I woke up super swollen from the pizza I ate the night before. So today I promise to eat better and drink a shit ton of water in order to release the salt from my body. The drive was uneventful. And I was whisked right back into my room to get all my clothes off. The nurse Maggie got all my stuff off binder the garment and this foam pads I had on from the lipo. She then started taking all the tape and bandages off. I got a free waxing LOL. I had a ton of tape.

Then the DR came in and took the stitches out of my breast lift. That hurt a little bit. He joked and said " Oh since you like your drains so much want to keep them in for longer??" I said no I dont like feeling like a man having to adjust my nuts every time i sit down. He thought that was very funny. So he proceeded to pull one out then the outer. It did freaking hurt but it only lasted a few sec. Then he took a look at my belly button. For me it looks completely different then my before. Since I gained a ton of weight with my pregnancies and had a belly ring I had scar tissue that looked like a shriveled raisin. So this belly button is like a foriegn thing to me and I will have to get use to it.

I still cant take a shower yet until Tuesday and my drains close. He says he has a 0% infection rate by having patients what so long to take a shower post operative. It makes sense. So I will have to wait until Tuesday to take more pictures. He didnt even want me to post a picture yet because I am swollen and obviously look a little FRANKENSTEINY!!!! But I told him that I am blogging and you ladies have been patiently waiting to see the results. So I hope he doesn't get mad at me but I a posting the picture.

Next he massaged my right breast because he said it was so tight. AND HOLY HELL that freaking hurt more than the drains. So he showed me what to do and told me to massage them 6 times a day for about 20 sec each time. Also told me to keep a Xeroform petroleum dressing on my tummy tuck scar and to change it daily for 7 days.

Overall I am happy with the results but kind of sad that I dont look as good as some of you did a week out. But I am happy bc the scar is low and is healing well. I have a small waist. My saddles bags are gone and I have some HUGE MELLONS. But I bet it will make my husband happy. I sent him the picture ans we got to SKYPE ( he is deployed right now) and he was amazed with how I look so that makes me smile. Happy healing ladies!
You look AMAZING!
You are looking awesome! Very nice results :) lucky u got all the tape taken off!!! Lol...
You look soooooooo amazing!

Post op Day 9 So after my huge reveal I was a...

Post op Day 9
So after my huge reveal I was a little disappointed at what I saw. I was so swollen at the appt and still am. It just flet so weird to look at my body and see the after math. I am going to be brutally honest I don't know if I like what I see. At this point I just don't. I don't feel like my results are fully there. And when you look at other people's profiled and see how great they look you pick yourself apart. I don't like the way my belly button looks, and my lower belly below the scar is swollen and rounded toward the middle. The scar on my right hip is puckered and the other it's not. My breast are bigger than I wanted but I can't live with them.

I sent my husband the picture of me and he doesn't see what I see. Gotta love your husband right. He loves the boobs and the curves. But he also loved me the way I was before. He was so cool if I wanted the surgery or even if I didn't.

I just hope that after I am all healed up and the swelling subsides that my expectations are met. But right now all I see is ugly. I guess today is my emotional day. I know I need to relax and heal but it is so darn hard
I hope u are feeling better today about your results! I think u look great! I'm with u about feeling like my boobs are too big but I just look at my before pics and get over it pretty quick.. Lol! I'm sure u will feel better about the new u once everything settles, the swelling goes away, scars lighten up & u are feeling back to normal. Just give it some time. Remember that less than 2 weeks ago our bodies really took a beating!
I think you look fantastic and everyday you will see a change. I was pretty stressed when the PS took the stitches out of my BB...for 2 days I kept looking at it thinking...wth? eewww! My husband finally told me to stop it and remember that it will take months for the "final" results to appear. So, I am going to quit and be patient. Butterflies first emerging out of a cocoon arent too pretty right away either...
Love the butterfly comment! They are my favorite thing and have collect 2 tattoos and various butterfly nicknacks. Luckily I can't shower till tomorrow so hopefully it looks better tomorrow.

Post op day 11 After having a hell of a swell...

Post op day 11

After having a hell of a swell day on my post op day 9. I started feeling better about myself yesterday Post op day 10. The swelling was going down and I was starting to be able to move around more.After changing my bandages I was happy to see that my drain holes had closed up so that meant I could have a shower!!! I was beyond ecstatic but seeing as it was so late at night and my PS said not to till Tuesday I decided to wait and do as I was told.

So today is Tuesday and I knew waking up it would be a good day all I had to do was wait till my mom got home at 2pm to take a shower. So I convinced my cousin/care giver to take me to Target so I could buy my daughters teachers and aides a end of the year gift. We went walked around a bit purchased the gifts and then my NANA called and asked me to go see her only if I feel up to it. So I said why not and we stopped at lunch at a dinner and then saw my NANA. My aunts and uncles were there any everyone could not believe how well I was moving around. We stayed about 45 min then we left to pick up my other son up from school. I have to admit that by this point I was tuckered out. And it did hurt to climb in and out of her little honda.

But my errands day was not done seeing as I had to walk into the school office to pick up my sons asthma inhaler. So I get in the office all the ladies in the office were like are you ok? Your walking real slow and hunched over. I said I had surgery 11 days ago and they all said "Should you be walkin??? I said yes only for a lil bit and I came in here to get his meds they gave them to me and I was on my way home.

Now I get here my mom helps take all my bandages and creams for the scars upstairs so I can take a shower. She puts the shower chair in and asks me if I will be ok doing it myself. I said I think so. So I DID IT!!! I took a shower by myself with a shower chair. I even shaved my whole legs and arm pits. IT was heaven! My mom is washing my binder and my garments she squeezed my ass into a size Large I had been in a XL. It was the funniest shit ever LOL her pulling and me pulling. And then the crotch hole was off to the side and my oyster ass was off. So one of my ass cheeks was hanging out and I couldnt stop laughing!!! It hurt so bad but it was oh so funny. We managed to fix the whole my binder and XL CG are washing and I am in my L one. I did manage to get some photos though.

So here I sit in my smaller CG, and I feel that the right side is all tight, and I notice that most of my swelling happens on this side as well. even my right boob hurts more than my left. And my TT scar on my right hip is all puckered :( I will show you guys an up close picture of that next time. Overall I am feeling better and am not as swollen but that usually changes depending on what I eat. I do notice that I sweat a ton at night even with the AC on.

And I now weigh 158 naked I was 156 the day of the surgery so hopefully the number keeps going down. I was 163 on day 4 so I have dropped some weight but not that much.

Happy Healing ladies
Wow. You look great! I love your new hourglass shape btw. I absolutely love your new look and that's not me being "sugar coating" YOU REALLY look good--You look so tiny- I'm glad your healing well and seeing changes every day!
Your waist is so tiny!! Looks like you are healing well!
The healing is such a slow process but it's I've to see the changes every day

Post Op day 12 I over did it today by a lot. I...

Post Op day 12

I over did it today by a lot. I knew today was going to be a challenging day 1. Because I had to fight to have my daughter stay in a certain school and that required me to go to the school district and try to get answers. 2. I needed to go buy a lawn chair in order to attend my daughters kindergarten graduation and picnic and 3. I need to purchase some subs to take to the picnic bc I cant cook yet. So I did all of the above at the start of the day I was standing pretty straight but as the day progressed I started to walk slower and proceeded to shrink to what is known as my MR Burns posture. You know hunched over with a great big back hump. And that's when you get the stares from people on the streets.

I wish I could have taken a nap but I have this weird insomnia that hits during the day and night and I just sort of lie there and rest and read my 50 shades of Grey book. At night I take a sleeping pill but I cant really do that during the day. I do feel like I am swollen bc the CG is cutting into my right hip. For some reason it always hurts on that side. And I dont know if it is bc my scar is puckered there.

So overall today was a good day but a long one. BC of all the errands I am very tired and walking super slow and all hunch back. Cant wait foe bed time so I can do it all over again tomorrow LOL

WOW you look GREAT!!! It almost makes me wonder what I am going to look like after I am done! You had a wonderful canvas to start with! Cheers to YOU!!!!
You are doing so well thenewyou!! You are looking great in your photos!!!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!
Thanks buddy

Post op day 13 I am very lucky that one of the...

Post op day 13

I am very lucky that one of the girls that has Photoshop made me a before and after pictures and now it is so easy to how awesome my results are. So thanks littlefizzer.

I woke up super sore from my adventures yesterday. My right breast is still tight and I keep massaging it and I hope that gets better soon. I have been not wearing a bra lately I am not sure if that is a no no or not. I am usually in a cami with a built in bra so I hope that is good enough. My CG is loose in the day but by the end of the night it is tight bc of all of the movements during the day.

I changed my first diaper post surgery and its still kind of hard to twist and move. I have yet to drive but I am hoping I can accomplish that next week. I think I may need to take a vicodin at night just to relax my body esp my right breast and chest muscle.

I feel that I am almost back to my 100%, I'd say I am at 80%. I can almost stand up straight I am right there. Almost over the hump.

Hey Newme, so funny you said you feel like 80%! I told my mom this morning that I feel back to 80-85% today! I've been driving since the middle of the week. Turning is hard but I have one of the back up cameras so I can at least use that and stay pretty close to home. Nothing like So Cal traffic here in Salt Lake City! It's pretty nice to be mobile and on your own out and about again, you'll love it!
I also got a back up camera but I still like to look over my shoulder. I can't twist to change my baby's diaper or to pick something up that's on my side. But slowly I'll get better! I know by next week I should be back to my normal self
You look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!! Santa must've thought you were a very good girl ;) (june 10)

2 week post op Wow what a difference 2 weeks make...

2 week post op
Wow what a difference 2 weeks make :)I am now appy to report I am walking straight up 90% of the time. I have graduated into a size smaller CG even though I feel sausage squeeze again I know it's going to make me smaller and smaller. My only complaint is my right breast the implant is still riding high and it hurts esp when I am trying to sleep. So I usually encio taking an over the counter sleeping pill and either my left over pain meds or my night time Tylenol. My weight right ow is 157, almost to the 156.7 I was at on surgery day. The swelling still happend and in the same spot right below my belly button where the scar is. I swear it looks like I am 3 months pregnant. Can't wait for that to be flat.

My belly button isn't as scabby and I am getting used to seeing it again. I kind of like it now. I want to wait till all the scabs fall out so I can do the marble trick. Anybody done this? It helps shape your belly button. Why is it that my scar started off low but ow it's getting higher :( I just hope it stays where it's at now so I can wear my bikinis to Vegas this Sep.

I need to be better with my diet, I haven't been eating too bad but then again I know it could be better. Luckily my mom is off work now and she will make me healthy lunches. Been back to drinking my Shakeology for breakfast and boy did I miss it. My next post op visit isn't until next Sat and I am 3 weeks. I am hoping by then I can get rid of my foam in my CG and binder and just wear the CG.

How is everyone else doing? Happy healing lovely ladies
That's interesting lifted and tucked. It does make a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing that tidbit. I plan to keep that in mind for when I have my surgery.
My PS nurse told me that the longer you can walk hunched over, the lower the scar will sit on your tummy, so that was why they had me continuing to walk hunched over as much as I could the first two weeks. That's the way they explained it to me, so that makes sense that our scars will then get higher than where they were originally placed, based on when we start to straighten up. I still walk bent over, but it's more out of the fact that it hurts to straighten up to much, it just feels tight. My scar is going to be going both directions on my body so I'm not sure it would make much difference for me, I'm going to have a very visible scar because of the type of procedure I had to have done. You sure are doing well. Been tracking your progress. Seems like you are doing more and more each day!
Lookin" good! Happy to hear you are feeling better!

16 week post op My main complaint this whole...

16 week post op

My main complaint this whole time has been my right breast and how uncomfortable it is. I swear it feels like I have this tight band around my upper breast that pulls into my arm pit. It is like a muscle pull/strain. And it hurts mostly when I am trying to lie on my left side. I am a side sleeper and surprise surprise that is my most comfortable side to sleep on. My brother gave me a muscle relaxer and I slept so much better after that and on my left side. I think my implant is still riding high and has yet to drop. I will probably ask my PS about this on my up coming appointment.

I also noticed that since I wear my binder a certain way my left side was getting the curve more than my right. So today I decided to switch where the flap goes so I can put more pull tension on the side that isnt getting the curves. Hopefully this will even it out. I am now in a size Large CG and I hope to move to a medium by the end of the week. Smaller in smaller in the hopes that I get to a size 6. I was a 8/10 in most of my pants and clothes before surgery.

Aunt flo decided to show up way early 3 days so now I have that to contend with. But it validates my extra bitchyness, tiredness, and my never ending appetite. OH well I know once I get the ok I am back in the gym 5 days a week for my 2 hour increments to get it right and get it tight. That way my husband gets the full sexy effect. I cant wait to see him and for him to see the new me in the flesh!

Wow thank you for sharing your journey!! It was very helpful considering that after 5 kids I feel like i need a mommy makeover. Your results are a great and I've included Dr. J as one of the top surgeons I want to have a consult with. Keep us posted.
Oh my gosh thank you! I think he did an excellent job and he really has the best bed side manner. I saw quite a few PS. If you want Private message me and I will let you know who I saw and even the prices.
I am glad you had your turn around. What day post op did you realize you didn't need pain meds anymore? Did you get the pain pump? :)

17 days post op So yesterday I over did it, I...

17 days post op

So yesterday I over did it, I cleaned my room. My mom helped but I was bending, twisting and picking things off the floor. I was using my knees to bend me down but it still took its toll. Then I even went grocery shopping, needless to say I woke up today and felt it in my tummy tuck scar. It was so sore. Even right now I am completely wiped. It doesn't help that I am I'm my time of the month. Talk about exhaustion.

And today I had a repeat needed to go to target to pick up a few odds and ends. It went ok but I kept getting tars and whispers. Oh she had surgery it looks like it hurts blah blah blah! So what I am in sweats in the middle of he summer walking like a hunch back pushing my shopping cart. I know I am don't have my super momma cape sheesh cut a girl some slack. So I am going to attempt a nap and hopefully it charges my battery to get through this day. I just feel tired today and I know it's bc I only got 5 hours of sleep.

Happy healing ladies and gents
Oh wow the new me. I hope you were able to get some rest. Aunt flow alone can drain you, I can't imagine how you feel adding all that work you did. And I can't believe you got stares and whispers instead of HELP!!! Hello, if they see you have surgery how about helping instead of gossiping. Ugh! People really urk me sometimes.

I was reading what you wrote about thinking you are healing so fast because of working out. I hope that is true because I am in the gym 5 days a week trying to get in shape. Now that I know it also helps heal you faster I will have an initiative to get me out of bed and to the gym early in the morning. ;)
YES JEN! Work out and recovery helps tremendously. Do a lot of squats and lunges. I also would you the circuit weight machines. I would do inner and outer thighs, legs extension and curl, leg press and calf raises. And I attended a weight lifting class called Body Pump and I truly think that helped my legs be strong. Because that's the only thing you can use if you get breast implants with the tummy tuck is your legs. No arms or tummy muscles. So keep up the good work!!!
Oh no! That stinks you are having to deal with Aunt flow! What a drag having to deal with that when u are still using your CG! I think I will just tampon it for the whole week so I don't have to keep changing pads (except at night)! Taking a nap definitely helps re-charge me, do it at least once a day if u are able! Prior to surgery I never took naps in the day, but ever since its been a daily ritual and huge benefit! I hope u feel better!

Day 18 Post op Stupid Aunt Flo I hate being a...

Day 18 Post op

Stupid Aunt Flo I hate being a woman sometimes being stuck in a CG and menstruating is not fun at all. I mean when is it ever? Plus that means daily showers bc I hate being nasty from it. Before this I was taking them every other day bc of the stupid CG and having to put it on and off sucks. So now I have to because of it. Luckily I wont be on my monthly by Sat for my 3 week post op visit. Can you imagine that horror HAHA.

So I decided today to check my measurements from before surgery to now. Here are the stats mind you I am only 2 weeks post op so I am sure that they are going to go down still.
Preop inches Post Op
Bust: 36.5 39.5
Chest: 31 31.5
Waist: 30 29.5
Hips: 40.5 40.25
R Thigh: 23.75 22.5
L thigh: 23.5 22.25

Everything went down some but I am sure they will go down more, at least I hope so. I am now back to my weight before I went into surgery and even a lil oz lower at 156.4. Looking forward to seeing that number creep more towards 150. I am not going to sweat the small stuff.

My scar is looking fantastic and it is getting really flat. I AM IN A SIZE MEDIUM CG!!! Woo hoo. My belly button isnt crusty anymore and that makes me feel so much better. Now I have to start thinking about the scar treatment creams any suggestions. I will be asking my PS this when I go in Saturday. Overall I feel much better today no longer tired and crampy and sore. Back to my somewhat happy bubbly self other than the occasional bitchiness that aunt flo brings

Happy Healing ladies and gents!
Thank you so much for the advice new me. Those are the parts I am actually working out. I also joined a weight lifting class called Toning & Burn. It sounds to be the same as your Body Pump class. I am so excited now that I know it will definitely be helping me.
You are looking amazing! I can tell the implants are moving down, they don't look as high anymore.

20 day post op Guess who has been sleeping on...

20 day post op

Guess who has been sleeping on her sides!!!! THIS GIRL So happy to be finally sleeping good. I am 156 pounds and in a size medium Garment. I go SAT for my 3 week post op visit. I cant wait to be able to wear shorts and a bikini.

I am going to ask if I can start scar treatment meds for my scar and when I can wear a regular bra again.

Cant wait to be back in the gym. I am at 90% now cant wait till I am 100 again

Hey I was wondering do you get your CG from your PS. If so are they exta from the price you paid for surgery?
I actually bought them off a friend. She had her surgery before and I just washed them in extra hot water with color safe bleach. So instead of paying 100 bucks each at the PS I got them for 40 bucks each. So I bought a large and medium off of her. And thinking the PS will tell me to buy a small but I think I am just going to get a spanx instead
So it extra??? That's awesome that u got them from your friend

POST OP 3 weeks and 1 day Went to see my PS...

POST OP 3 weeks and 1 day

Went to see my PS today and overall it was a good experience. He said I am healing remarkably well. My scar looks great and I am moving to the scar treatment phase. DR J suggested I use bioCorneum plus SPF 30 for the treatment of the scar 2 times a day. I graduated to no foam except on my inner thighs. In order to maintain the smoothness their I am going to continue to wear it. But the back, flanks and outer thighs is gone. HOORAY for that. I will be getting a stage 2 garment soon they didnt have any in stock and they are going to call me to let me know when it comes in. I also got a smaller binder bc the one I had was too big and wasnt sucking it in enough.

My right breast is still giving me problems. The pectoral muscle is holding the implant very tight. DR J manipulated it and it hurt. But its either manipulate it hard or get a capsular contraction. So I am going to have to massage it a lot more harder than I have been. He also told me I had the wrong type of sport bra on. So I need to buy another one or just go bra less. I am leaning more towards bar less bc it feel so much better to let the girls just hang. There already perky so why not.

I forgot to ask about my operating notes. I still dont know how much skin and fat was removed. I want to know so maybe I will call them and ask.

So I have 3 more weeks of wearing a CG and binder. Once I get out of these things I am going to go shopping for some new clothes. I can start walking again so I will be slowly getting back into working out.

Happy healing ladies!
Hey the new me, I absolutely love, love, love your tats! As soon as I heal my daughter and I plan to go get what my husband calls a "Tramp Stamp" together. I am having my niece design it for me. She's an awesome artist.
Thanks I still plan on getting at least 3 more. All my tattle have meaning to them. My hibiscus flower is for my grandmother, my huge tat on my left shoulder is representative of my kids and me and my other butterfly of my freedom from my parents at 18 lol. Still need a rosary, orchids for my mom and my as I love you tattoo for my hubby
Hm.. I never had a binder. ? That's amazing you went from XL to M! DANG GIRL!!

Post op day 25 I am now feeling like my normal...

Post op day 25

I am now feeling like my normal self. I am able to resume my motherly duties but they are adapted a bit. For example I can give my 2 year old a bath but he has to get himself in and out of the bath. I can get him dressed in the morning but again he steps into his pull up and shorts. I can also cook and do light cleaning up. But of course I get very tired after I do a lot in the morning and must take a nap in the afternoon.

I started walking again so I can get back to the gym after my 6 week appt. I am trying to find a stage 2 CG to wear but havent had any luck online. Might try to find one in the store. Anybody have any suggestions?

Overall I feel more and more like myself everyday. Cant wait till I can pick up my baby and love on him like I used too.

Wow u look great .
Thanks girl!
You look great! Thanks for sharing your story. It is encouraging and very informative. I am on post op Day 5. My PS told me to start walking upright now. I do not have a lot of tightness at my incision because of the suture technique. I have been feeling so good that they told me not to overdo it (which I almost did today - I am exhausted.

27 days PO So I am adding another photo to the...

27 days PO

So I am adding another photo to the mix. I was 3 and a half week PO there. And this new hideous one of me in all my grandma underwear glory HAHA not that there is anything wrong with being a grandma at all but I dont normal wear underwear down to my knees. Cant wait to be able to wear a sexy freaking thong. I see all you lovely ladies modeling bikinis looking SEXY FINE and I cant help but think your BIOTCHES look freaking awesome while I sit in my stage 2 compression garment looking asexual. Lately I have been wanting to have sexy time (mommy daddy time or whatever you call it =P) esp since I finally like they way I look but the issue is I dont have a husband to do it with. So consider yourself lucky if you are getting a like extra nookie from the husband bc of how good you look. Please jump your husband on newme's behalf.

I have been eating really shitty and the number on the scale is stuck. I need to just be responsible and eat right but its so freaking hard. Esp with all these birthdays and what nots. And since I havent gotten my walk on I need to just pull up my granny underwear and just do it. I also started having a few alcoholic drinks. Can I just say I am a big WINE-O!!! I love me a glass of red wine. So it is such a nice treat to be able to indulge and have it again. My weight has been steady at 157 pounds which is 2 pounds more than the lowest I got too.

On a good note I fit into most of my jeans that were my tight ones before surgery. They are all size 8s but they weren't the stretchy type jeans that I normally would buy. And they fit with my stage 2 CG on. So once I get this sucker off they will probably be loose. I also tried on a hipster style jean size 6 that I bought prior to the surgery and they freaking fit!!!! It was a tight fit with my CG on but they fit. I am beyond ecstatic with that.

Yesterday I was rocking my juicy sweats and a tight black tank top and I got lots of compliments on my waist size. All my family kept saying how small my waist was and it made my day. Trying to let that be my motivator with my eating habits. So I can have the best possible results at my 6 week appt. That way after my appt I can officially go to get my new bikini. So here's to being back on track and eating right, working out and getting sexy!

Happy healing ladies
Don't feel shitty, I've been eating horrible lately too. We will be able to make up for it in a few short weeks when we can get our butts to the gym! LOL...
Hi the new me, it's so awesome that you are feeling so much better. Don't over do it though. I've heard you can buy the CG they sell at Walmart. They are a lot cheaper and supposedly do the same thing. I think somewhere between $15-$20. I haven't had my surgery yet, but I have heard this from a few people that have and used these CG.

PO day 28 but 4 weeks from the Friday I had...

PO day 28 but 4 weeks from the Friday I had surgery so 1 month PO

Wanted to post pictures of my 4 week mark. Also a up close view of the scar. A lot of you ladies have been where I have been. the scar originally was very puffy, raised and ugly. My PS give it time and I was of course very nervous of this. I mean I know he went to school he is double board certified and performs these surgeries but what does he know about my body JK. I just wanted to let you gals know that they are right give it times and stuff does improve. So I am posting them for you to see so you know that it does get better.

Today I went shopping and was so happy that I fit in small dresses. That rocks I bought myself 1 dress and am thrilled with how my boobies looked. MY scar is fading but I still have a ways to go. I have been putting BioCorneum on the scar 2 times a day and it is looking great. SO patience is the keep we change everyday and like the PS says you wont have full results for 6 months. So hang on tight and enjoy this crazy high and low roller coaster we are on.
Hey there HOTTTNESS just want to let you know you look GREAT hope all is well and Congats on the new you !!!!!
How painful is this Brazilian process, Newme?
The first time you go it hurts the worse. Then as you go back progressively the pain lessen and it's more of a discomfort. to me it's worth it bc it doesn't grow back as thick or coarse and no itchiness.

5 week PO Hello ladies I am now down to...

5 week PO

Hello ladies I am now down to updating weekly. There just isnt enough time with summer and all to keep coming on here and looking at naked women with my kids in the room ESP with my 10 year old that is suddenly very obsessed with women and there breast. I had him at 19 I only hope he doesn't make me a grandma in 4 years LOL I will definitely be dropping birth control pills in his GF drinks JK.

So I am back to exercising 5 days a week but mainly right now it has been speed walking. I am back up to 4 miles. I have even tried to jog a lil and it didnt hurt in my tummy region at all but my back Lipo spots it killed me. I have read about people massaging the areas to help with that so I am going to attempt it. I gained 6 pounds back after I got down to 156 currently I have lost 4 and am working on the other 2 and hopefully I can take more off after.

My right breast implant finally feels like it dropped thank god! I was so worried I would have a capsular contraction complication but after diligently massaging the crap out of it, the implant got the memo and dropped. I dont even know why they call it massaging them its more like your are HONKING the crap out of it. I equate it to a vice grip of death!!!

On another note I did try on a few old bikinis and they look great on me. I can use the regular type but not the string ones unfortunately bc the scar is higher than the bikini. Maybe one day I will tattoo over it, I am not sure at this point. But I do like looking at myself naked. It has become an obsession now.

I even have naked SKYPE time with my husband and he loves seeing me naked so MISSION has definitely been accomplished. THANKS DR J! We have a little over a month and a half till we see each other. This Monday to come I plan on hitting the gym up again. Hoping to do a little cardio classes and the machine weights eventually I will switch to free weight once the DR okays it. And after that I will be in the gym to get my ass as muscular as possible bc that is now my problem area after the sugrey. It has gotten very flabby compared to the rest of me. That and my legs are my goal.

Overall I am ecstatic with my results. Just wished my scar placement was lower but like I said if i cant wear a string bikini that's fine I can wear the regular brief kind no problem. My clothes look awesome on me and I get checked out where ever I go. Even with my kids in tow so win win situation for me. I am praying for all you ladies on your journey.

Great Pics--I can see muscles--I hope I look that good at 5 weeks. Orchids are beautiful, That will look good I think :)
Thank you so much for sharing your journey!! It's been so helpful! I'm in recovery post op day 6 (BL, TT, Lipo) and your information has done wonders for me! Happy healing!
WOW, you look amazing!!!! Your hubby is gonna lock you up for a few day (or weeks) so I hope you got a good reliable babysitter. I'm with Kap. Your scar is going to shrink a lot. Mine from my C-Section was huge and it shrunk and went down. It might take a few months, but it will still shrink a lot. I do LOVE your idea of the tattoo. I've already thought of a few. My niece is an amazing artist. She was going to draw one for my lower back, I'll just make sure it's one I can extend to the front after I heal. You have really made my day because that is the one thing that has been bugging me about the TT.

Just wanted to do a quick update, I have been...

Just wanted to do a quick update, I have been walking for the last 2 weeks since I got the ok from my PS and today I was finally able to run! It was so awesome. I ran 1.5 miles and it didn't hurt. I am a little sore in my right flank but other than that no complaints. I decided Monday to stop wearing my CG and binder Its just to hot now and I really don't think a week will make more of a difference. I do wear my binder while running though but other than that it is off. I go for my 6 week PO visit next week but I will be 7 weeks by then.

This Friday I am celebrating the 6 week mark by going to the beach in my bikini. Can anyone let me know what to wear for my belly button scar? I don't want to expose it to the sun.
Id get the highesy level of sun block and keep that sucker lotioned up!!!! Or the one piece idea...however if you're like me, screw that! We paid big bucks for a new bod.....flaunt it girl!! Work it!!! :) U look great and I can see why your hubby loves your photos!!! Keep us posted and keep healing!! :)
My PS suggested I wear a 1 piece for now to cover all the scars including the belly button. He says if I wear a bikini to make sure to use 50 Sunscreen on the belly button. I plan to wear my bikini in my pool when the sun starts to go down so the sun isnt directly on the scar. Plus I live in AZ so its not like it gets cold later in the day here! LOL...
Hey you look so awesome! I've been to pool and beach a few times now and I put a load of sunscreen on my lower scar as well. Even though it's covered I was told to still put sunscreen on it. As far as belly button I havent the slightest clue. Ask your ps if he knows were u can buy something to cover it up. I tried the silicone strip but that just fell out. It was kinda funny. I lay out but I find my self put my hand or towel slightly over my BB. Hey maybe a small bandaid. Worth a try. Well so glad you have had an awesome experience with all of this. Let me know if u find something for the BB.

7 weeks Hello to all my lovely ladies out there...

7 weeks

Hello to all my lovely ladies out there. I am now 7 weeks PO and really feeling like my old self. I am 100% back and ready to get the OK to go back to working out full time with no restrictions. I go to the PS tomorrow for my 6 week PO appt. Hoping to get the OK and the green light to wax again. I was afraid to go before bc of the scar being so close to my pubic hair line. Didnt want to rip any scabs off or mess with it. I have been running and to Zumba and my abs were a little sore but nothing to stop me from going back.

I tried on my old bikini and since the scar has become flat I am now able to wear it. But probably still wont only because I am not supposed to tan yet. I have been taking mommy and me swimming classes with my 2.5 year old. And it is a nice distraction.

My right implant seems to have softened up and dropped and hopefully it means that I am out of the capsular contraction complication. We will see what the Dr says tomorrow. I am still eating shitty and am stuck at 159. Wish I was closer to 155 but once I get the green gym light I will be back to my healthy weight and eating right.

Happy healing ladies!

Thanks for the update! You sound like you're doing so well. I once had trouble adding pictures and I think I was able to once I logged out and then logged back in.

8 Week PO tomorrow I am at the 2 month mark. I...

8 Week PO tomorrow

I am at the 2 month mark. I am definitely back to my old self. I am at the gym again and lifting weight but the PS said no abs or chest work out right now. No big deal for me. I love looking at myself in the mirror now but I will say that I am now looking at the cottage cheese below my ass. I wonder if they have treatment for that.

I am going to go bikini shopping online today. And am happy to report that my scar has lowered some so thankfully I will be able to wear a skimpier suit.

Only negative is I have developed a dent in my left outer thigh due to the lipo. I am a lil sad about it but its not that bad. My wonderful PS did say that he would either lipo the area above it or fat transfer into it to even it out. I go back in Sep 8th for my photos and visit.


Updated pictures

updated pictures
I'm 5'2 127lbs, my main issue is the saggy skin from my 3 kids. I got HUGe with all of them!. im very out of shape, i rarely work out.
Ive been reading of these patients who are developing a pouch in the upper stomach , and i guess its because PS pulled muscles too tight. Did Dr. J talk to you about this?.
Im getting a tummy tuck, he suggested lipo on the flanks, but I'm not too sure if ill get that done.for some reason lipo scares me..and i dont know if it will be too much pain.
I got a lot done as you can see and it wan that bad. How innhape are you? I mean do you work out regularly? I you do it shouldn't be too bad

Hey ladies I have been MIA for quite a while. that...

Hey ladies I have been MIA for quite a while. that means I am back to my old self. Just started back up at the gym. Kids are in school and so am I so I dont have much time to come on here anymore. But I wanted to give you an update. Husband came home and loved my results. Esp the new girls he couldnt get enough of them. All I got to say is thank god he has a vasectomy or else baby #4 would definitely be on the way.

I am still holding steady at my 157 weight. So I didnt gain or lose any weight these last few weeks. I would like to tone my body more. Or get some more lipo done lol. Can they do it on your ass??? The only issue I have is my left breast implant still hasnt dropped all the way. still massaging the crap out of it to get it to be where my right one os. My right boob is perfect and you would never tell I got implants.

Anyway I get guys hitting on me and telling me how sexy and look and what not. Its nice to hear that again. overall I am so happy with my results.

If you are in the LA area and need a surgeon please look up Dr J. His website is www.drJplasticsurgery.com and tell him Andrea Garcia referred you!!! and if you guys need any advice email me to Drea1713@aol.com I would be happy to answer questions
lookin' great!!!❤
thanks girl! I could say the same to you! HUBBA HUBBA
Hey Newme, Good to hear from you. You look wonderful. I was thinking about you recently because I remember you saying your husband would be back in September and I know you were looking forward to seeing him.

4 months tomorrow post mommy makeover. What can...

4 months tomorrow post mommy makeover.

What can I say obviously this has changed my life. I wear clothes that I didnt wear before. I have more men looking at me which even though I am married I must say it makes you feel good about yourself. I can wear dresses without a bra and love how perky my twins are. I feel like I am back to my normal self.

I havent lost any weight or gained any weight I tend to hold strong to 158. But from what I read the fat that was sucked out was balanced with my new implants. So that is why I maintain this weight. I know I need to work out so I can continue to look good but my school life and mommyhood has made it close to impossible. So thankful to be heading back to it soon. Because my ass had looked better.

I finally went bra shopping and was quite scared to discover that I am a 34 G!!! G for ginormous but I dont believe that they look that big in real life. My husband is in love with them so he is very happy. He comes home from deployment in Dec so many good things to come.

Now what I really want to do is to tone up my body. That or I am going to need to get lipo on my ass lol. So overall I am so happy with my results and look forward to moving forward with my life. The only negative thing about this whole process is that one of my implants on my left breast is still higher than the other. I can tell bc I look at them all the time. So that makes me self conscious and I will be bringing it up to my PS when I see him at my 6 month PO.

Wishing all you ladies luck.
I love your results!
Hi, can I ask you how your TT scar turned out with the biocorneum?
Can i ask how many cc's you finally got and was it silicone or saline & did you go moderate, moderate plus or high profile. I had lollipop lift w/ augm 8 wks ago & they look so small & i got 525cc's saline, moderate profile. Granted i am not small framed at all but they dont look like 525's at all. I wish now i would have gone bigger!!! You look fantastic!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr J is seriously the most amazing surgeon and man. He is so personable and has a great bedside manner. Knows just what to say to make you get a smile on your face. He always answers my question and even answers some before I even ask. His follow up care after the surgery is also excellent. Especially when you are quite out of it. I never felt rushed for my appointment or did I have to wait to be seen with the exception of my consult (but that was my fault for missing my appt time by an hr and a half). The staff are excellent especially the nurse Maggie. She is so nice and will answer your questions. Diana is also very personable she is reachable through email or text. Call to get a straight answer or else you might wait a few days for the email or hours for the text. The payment process is a breeze either charge or check. Overall I rate the DR as excellent and the Staff as very good. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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