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Absolutely Great Result! - Los Angeles, CA

I tried a fat transfer into the lips but it...

I tried a fat transfer into the lips but it didn't stay.

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First I have to point out that I have had an awful...

First I have to point out that I have had an awful experiences at multiple plastic surgeons offices in Beverly Hills. It's not only that I've been going through a failed procedures over and over because I've seen dishonesty as well. Hollywood is a jungle so I've been wondering where I can find honest, down to earth and critical perfectionist who takes the time to analyze my expectations. Based on my history, I wasn't in the happy camp when I went to see Dr Svehlak February 2011. I was critical in every possible way but - hands down - he gave me The Best Consultation what I ever received in my entire 50' life. I was thinking: "Oh, boy... Dr Svehlak really knows what he's doing but even so, I was skeptical. I've had multiple consultation with charismatic plastic surgeons and even they sounds extremely professional, it doesn't prove anything. I learned soon that Dr Svehlak has a great portfolio so his excellent work spoke strongly for him and top of that I truly like him. He is warm, smart and confident person and the most important; he made me feel safe.

I followed my gut feeling, booked a surgery and wow... what a pleasant experience. Dr Svehlak fixed my unbalance face with a light minilift and - honestly - he gave me an amazing result. He performed a ear reduction as well and outcome is beyond expectation. I never thought that after all damages by other doctors I can pull my hair back with confidence. He also performed a Lift Lip ($2750) and I absolutely love the result. I was blessed to find the most best surgeon in Hollywood so I highly recommend Dr Steven Svehlak.


Snow, So glad to hear that you are happy with your results. I can not wait to see your before and after photos. Ville
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Hi snow, 

Sometimes we have to follow our gut no matter how scary it is. I'm glad you did and everything turned out so well. We'd love to see pictures. 

Thanks for the review,


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Thanks Britt, I'll post before & after pics when I get them:)

Hi Ladies, Like I told you Dr Steven Svehlak is...

Hi Ladies, Like I told you Dr Steven Svehlak is The Most Best plastic surgeon in Hollywood. I still LOVE my result over all and especially my Lips. These are Before and After pictures of me. After pictures: week after procedure, at the same day when stitches removed:)


Great result. Your surgeon is really good!
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Thank you, Paris. Dr Svehlak is really good surgeon and top of that he is kind and humble. It's rare combination in Hollywood:)
Wow! You look great! Your lucky your lips had such a great shape to begin with. This was a perfect procedure for you it looks so natural and makes you look lots younger!
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I just talked with Dr Svehlak' lovely assistant...

I just talked with Dr Svehlak' lovely assistant about my surgery over all so I would like to point out cost of the Lip Lift. I had a multiple procedures at the same time so my price of the Lip Lift was naturally lower than an individual operation. Cost of Lip Lift by Dr Svehlak is $4500 but it gives you a permanent result so it's definitely worth it:)


Hi princess :) Sorry maybe I'm repeating the question, but I really want you to help me out... I've done the procedure 3 weeks ago. And it changed the proportion of my face a bit, but your result is more dramatic and perfect. Is there any other procedure that you've done with your lips? Fat tranfer? Did you use any fillers for your upper lip beside the lip lift? Sorry for so many question, I'm just a bit confused with my result, I thought it would be more dramatic... Btw how many millimetres of skin you removed? Sorry if I repeating the questions :))) Thank you in advance!
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Sorry, one more question: did the idea of him doing internal permanent sutures freak you out? I realize it needs to be done to decrease the tension on the scar (and to keep the results permanent) but the idea of an internal stitch in my face scares me a bit. Have you noticed any negative things associated with your lip lift? (i.e., numbness, smile looks different, etc)
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I can see you are nervous. Please feel free to call me if you want, Veronica has my number....

Hi girls, these are my final pics by March 2012...

Hi girls, these are my final pics by March 2012 and I am still extremely happy about result. Thank you so much Dr Svehlak:)


Hi everyone, this was definitely a well done lip lift. I did a lot of research for mine...decided to go with Baltimore and though the results aren't bad, they are not great either. I am only 25 years old and I had it done because it was the single thing that I could do to balance out proportions of my facial features. Despite the amount of skin cut, the tooth show is minimal...and the doc can't take any more directly from under neath my nose or else my lips are going to be touching the nose lol. So in this case, I think muscle hemming should've been carried out. One of the doctors who specialized in rhinoplasty and he also started doing skin only lip lifts told me that he can't do it for me because I require more than just skin only cut and he doesn't specialize in that. I was kinda upset since he was reputed to be amazing with producing no scars due to his suture techniques. Anyways, this doctor I chose also had great reputation...but honestly guys, it's important to have a doctor that consistently produces no scars on people (especially young people). Yup, I have scars and 7 days after the surgery it definitely didn't look like Snowprincess here. My swelling was so bad even though I prepared for it really well. Snow princess can you tell me if your scar continued to look this good despite being in a high tension (high movement) area? I had another suture done before also on the face and it was so well done that you can't even see it. There are enough journal articles out there that describes what gives wounds the best sort of healing...good skills yes, and particular techniques including the use of permanent sutures for the outside (to be removed later). In my case apparently there are sutures on the inside that brings surface skin adjacent to each other, and so the skin was sutured with dissolvable stitches. NOT GOOD! I would've healed better for sure like my other stitches (not visible) if this wasn't done. So guys worrying about scars, please ask how they intend to do the suturing and their past experiences. If they say, well, scar is not an issue but it's all perspective...a woman was upset by the tiniest looking shade of a scar and was complaining - that should've been my clue to get out. Hope this helps!
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ELusive, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I hope that your scar improves as you continue to heal. BLESSINGS!
Hi Snowprincess, How soon after surgery did you have normal lip movement? Was the numbness/stiffness long-lasting? Back to normal now? Also, do you know if your doctor does corner lifts, as well? Isabel
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Hey girls, this is my (NO MAKEUP) result today,...

Hey girls, this is my (NO MAKEUP) result today, Oct 31 2012. Happy Halloween:)


Your results are absolutely beautiful! So sorry to hear you went through so much, but glad in the end you received excellent results!! I'm going in tomorrow for a lip lift consultation. I just commented on someone else's lip lift also done by Dr. Svehlak. He truly is an artist. Congratulations!!!!
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THIS is an ideal result. Absolutely gorgeous! Even if the scar remains slightly visible, the trade-off is well worth it for the overall improved appearance. Takes 10 years off at least, so youthful! :D
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I agree she looks great. She did get an ideal result without looking like bugs bunny.
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