I Cannot Tell You How Thrilled I Am with my Facelift Experience

I am 76 years young and have always taken care of...

I am 76 years young and have always taken care of myself, but I wanted to tighten up a few spots......the staff and my Doctor were so caring and we laughed through out the surgery. I felt NO discomfort during the procedure and my recovery period. I feel and look wonderful (even if I do say so myself) and no one believes I'm my age. I'LL BE BACK!!!! THANK YOU

i dont know what to say-you look fresh and the skin is tight and very healthy looking and not weird and space alien looking-youre refreshed and clean face with its healthy god complexion is very impressive-and i wouldnt wear much if any makeup if i were u cause i would want to show it off-your pores and refinement on the face 1st impression is amazing-why mask or hide it with yucky shmear of unnatural foundation unless youre going to an event like wedding or some spectacular holiday-you look sensational-stay out of the sun and showoff the lipgloss or lipstick-it is the look that i want - i want this exactly- you could even get longer hair- all young women do - this doctor is great -
I did get an email telling me who the Dr is. His name is Dr Stephen Fink in LA, Beverly Hills. Not sure why no one else got the name, but the woman did email me back.
When a person is reluctant to give a dr',s name, it gives the impression that we not reading the truth?
If this is a true report, and not a "paid advertisement", there is no reason NOT to give the doctor's name.
Name not provided

Because they care and will not make you look like Joan Rivers

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