Laser Genesis - Stay Away

I was sold the laser genesis as a mild laser...

I was sold the laser genesis as a mild laser treatment that would shrink my pores. After 6 treatments spaced a week apart, I am left with waxey funny textured skin, with tiny inflamed lumps all around my nose pores which makes them look enlarged (not smaller!) Terrible!

I've been so distraught for the last few months since my last treatment. Before, I had smooth skin with what i thought were large pores (not compared to what it is now :(...) and blackheads. But it was normal looking skin. Now it is lumpy and the light shines on it unevenly and it looks horrid. It makes me sick to look at it. I look around me and the only people I see with skin like this on their nose is 70 year old men with thick sebaceous skin (and even some of them have better nose skin than me!)

Don't do it! I was sucked into it because of the high positive ratings on real self but now I am afraid this will be the biggest regret of my life.

Your treatments were spaced way too close together. It is best to wait at least 2 weeks, better 4.
My doc said 3-4 weeks was the time frame in between treatments to allow collagen to build after damage .. Maybe yours were spaced too closely together so your body didnt have a chance to heal between sessions. You may want to wait a month or more before doing something else to see if there is some improvement now that you've stopped the laser and your collagen can rebuld.
I had 3 treatments of Laser Genesis and had a terrible reaction too. After the first treatment, I mentioned that my skin looked worse and was told that "I had to would get better". Now I have huge pores, wrinkles I didnt have before, new age spots and my rosacea is worse than before. To top it off, the nerves & vessels in my face were hurt and I still have occasional pain & dizziness after two months. I feel sick every time I look at my face as well because if I didn't do the treatments, I could have avoided all of this. For more info on this & other similar lasers, go to FDA adverse reports. I wish I had gone to the FDA to begin with and I wouldn't be in the emotional & physical pain I had and still have.
Dr. Midas

Left me with worse skin than before. Has crippled my social life.

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