Bad fat overfill - ongoing review

I didn't use to think that fat transfers were...

I didn't use to think that fat transfers were a big deal. I'm in my 20s and spent money regularly on expensive juve and resty treatments - thought fat would be more economical in the long run and a worthwhile investment.

Sadly, my surgeon didn't listen, lacked ethics and neglected to exercise good judgement.

After pointing out tiny areas to be done (just as I used to do when getting fillers), I was put under and woke up swollen everywhere. In denial, I thought that the adjacent areas had swelled up around the injections. It turned out that my surgeon changed tack and filled my face without consent.

Sunken lips, narrowed smile, pillowing of grafted fat in cheek, yellow discolouration of skin/broken veins, hardened fat panels moving up underneath another big layer of fat in my cheeks, face that doesn't belong to me.

I am now searching high and low for a surgeon to remove some of the fat.

Some important facts I've learned about FTs:

- There are many FT techniques that different surgeons use. Read up online and take time to learn about them - depth, passes, levels, amounts, units (cc/ml)
- Injection of fat is done through mutiple jabs - a more invasive process than fillers
- If you have thin/fair skin, irregularities can be more visible
- Injecting fat into the upper lip gives less tooth show; injecting into the nasolabial folds can turn down the mouth
- Faces deplete with bone loss and skin laxity, in addition to fat loss, so fat zealotry can't solve everything. A simple truth that some PSs haven't quite grasped.
- The resorption of fat in the face can make areas appear larger, as surrounding areas get more hollowed out
- Fat cells behave in the same way as their donor site. Choose yours carefully
- Consider whether you'd enjoy the sensation of filler being injected throughout most of your face, before being swayed by pseudo-scientific data or 'facelifts with fat'

Would I recommend FT? Yes. But as a procedure that is used very sparingly like fillers or sculptura or as an adjunct to other procedures. My experience was based on misunderstanding and ignorance and I've been overfilled this past year.


The new hobby. Anyone trying to do the same or who's gotten success?

Well, here I am 1.5 years later and nothing much...

Well, here I am 1.5 years later and nothing much has changed except the fat appears to have gotten even more lumpy and irregular. Either that or I'm more sensitive to it. When I come to think about it my problem is pretty severe. I look like a puppet an my skin is all ripply from the constant fluctuations of fat. Most of the problem was that it wasn't injected properly at all in my opinion. I sure wish he hadn't injected it into my skin. Too much volume is a bad thing, but fixing poor technique is very difficult, because fat is more likely to form granulomas, lumps, cysts, scar tissue from poor technique. If the doctor doesn't inject the fat deep into the cheeks, it will just sag off the face. This fat also feels very uncomfortable in areas of motion - it is completely unlike the natural fat in my face.

Some members on RS here have only tried 5-fu injections with some success, others have had micro liposuction, others are considering expensive eyelid surgeries to remove their fat. Some have even had to go through a year of fillers and undergo more fat transfer to correct deformities left by the original. There is also the possibility of having to undergo a facelift to get back the facial contours and restore sagging skin if your problem is very severe. To be honest, I think you need to have a lot of money and time on your hands to fix this procedure, and many of us are exhausted.

I had a lip reduction but it just made things worse. More scar tissue! So that will need to be redone.

What I would say is that if you're young, like I am/was, your options to get rid of this are very limited and you could be stuck with a lifelong problem, so please - anyone in their 20s (or even 30s) - be very careful who you choose for fat transfer and err on the conservative side. Try not to be put under anaesthesia for this procedure and remain awake as an active participant in your treatment.

Haven't been on here for ages and am sorry to all...

Haven't been on here for ages and am sorry to all I haven't yet replied to. I've been asked for photos privately from a few people so I'm putting these on my review. I will take them down soon but that's pretty much what an overfilled fat graft looks like.
Name not provided

I wish I'd placed a higher premium on ethics and character when choosing my surgeon. I did what I thought was the right thing, going to an LA surgoen with a great reputation. The best of hands is an ambiguous term. Fat is great when used CONSERVATIVELY, but too much of a good thing becomes a nightmare and deeply regrettable. Make sure your surgeon listens, draws up plans beforehand and makes plenty of time for you and your concerns. Do NOT take this procedure lightly.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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Hello Unoq, in my opinion the result from fat graft is only swollen muscles. I had only 1,5 cc left in very small area, but my whole cheekbone is big, i can feel the long muscles ffrom the side of cheekbone that going up to nose. On the left side was put only 1 or 1,5 cc im not sure, but a little souther than left. And now i cann feel the swollen muscle that going from cheekbone to mouth. I can jiggle this muscle. I sure the fat was not put there, because i was awake during the treatment and i had a mini mirror there. I regret it because i look hollow under the cheekbone, this hollownes come frome the swollen muscle that going from cheekbone to the mouth. I think the fat was absorbed and left this swelling. Sry for my terrible english
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i mean on the left was put 1,5 cc, and ont he right side 1 or 1,5 cc´s i´m not sure
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Did anyone here have a procedure with Carraway from Virginia Beach to remove fat transfer under eyes? I was looking into microlipo but the cannula from my NY doctor seems too big and with 5mm incisions, I don't see how it wouldn't leave a scar. Could anyone that's had microlipo comment on marks from incisions, groves etc. I have only been using cortisone and 5fu to temporarily shrink the bulges butthey alwaysgrow back and I need a permanent solution and don't want to make it worse. My skin is thin and the sausages quite raised but fairly smooth.
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Hello JaneSt! In terms of cannula scars, lipo can leave a scar in the same manner of an acne scar. However, there are methods of closing scars, like using a small and carefully applied stitch after the operation. I saw it on TV in my country where they squished some kind of toothpaste stuff out of the front of a woman's cheek through a (seemingly) large cut made using a small blade, but she healed perfectly. In the programme, she was worried about this approach leaving a scar, but thankfully it didn't. So you could ask about scar closures. Also there is a Co2 laser if all else fails. I think that you could ask any doctor if this is normal (to use 5mm) or whether there's something more delicate available.
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You should include the name of the doctor. There are doctors out there that do know how to do this albeit rare. each doctor has things they're good at and things they're not. Mine is great with Botox and also did a really good job with my husbands spider veins but failed with juve derm in eye troughs. He did ok with juve derm in my nasal folds. Also he didn't use much (1 1/2 syringe). So, I really think it's important to review the doctor specifically for what they do well and what they don't do well and there could be a trend that others can benefit from (and the right doctors are performing the right procedures! Plus not injuring people!!)
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This is terrible! In a strange way, these posts made me relieved because now I know that something as logical sounding as own body fat transfer for wrinkles ETC is not at all what it seems. I had 1 1/2 syringes of juvederm done for the first time ever last week and have ugly dark Circles (not done right or ???) but it is temporary! Thanks for posting here! And saving peeps like me from the same mess!! So sorry for all of you....
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Hi Calikimber, trust me anything temporary is not a problem! Lol! I would be thrilled to have lumpy Juvederm all over my face instead of fat - ! - but yes, I think the main issue is technique and then volume usage.
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My girlfriend has been in derm for 20 years and she told me that fat transfer is no good. She also told me that filling in tear troughs is the number one most difficult and she has only worked for 1 doctor in TX that had it down.
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Calikimber - what is the doctor in Texas your girlfriend is referring to? I am currently in research in Tx for f/g. thank you.
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Could u please tell me what doctor in Texas seems to have f/t in the tear troughs down. Thanks
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Could you please tell me the name of the doctor in Texas that seems to have the filling of f/t in the tear troughs down. Thanks
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Amy did u ever find out what the name of the doctor is in Texas that Calikimber was referring to? On f/t Love to know. I too have done some research in Texas. Thanks..
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Hi Unoq, did your fat grafts suddenly turn lumpy and stiff after a whole year? I also have a strange skin reaction. I am 7 months post now. When did your skin stabilzed? I am so afraid it will get even worse!!
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It wasn't sudden, but very gradual. After about 1 year my skin started to get a "sackcloth" like texture and then I got hollows, so I thought it was going away unevenly initially... plus I lost a ton of weight from all the stress. Other doctors I saw in person encouraged me to wait it out rather than embark on a surgery (this doctor who did the fat did other surgeries that unfortunately left major issues) - "these fat fillers always go away after a year or two, don't panic, etc" yet I realised that the bit on my cheekbone was bigger than initially. Ultimately, it grew on top of my skin and pulled my lower eyelids down into a round shape whereas they were very almond shaped before) The bits underneath are very hard and my face is very uneven and square. I think I will need a face lift to unstick the hardness from the rest of my skin.
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Wow - it really is amazing how much $ doctors make despite their bad results. My husband said something yesterday about all the famous peeps who have been ruined by cosmetic processes! If they can't do it right for someone famous, how in the world would they get it right for us??
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What do you mean with sackcloth? I have also a odd texture. How many cc did you get? I am so stressed now, my skin and all was good 3 months later and now, 5 months later it is getting worse. The strange thing is that it is mostly on the left side. It is so frightening that it just continue to change after a year!
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And also, is your texture stabilized? It is so stressful..
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Una78, had the same thing happen to my skin. Texture changes and hundreds of tiny white bumps. I tried every product out there but finally had success with the Obagi Nu-derm product line. It took several months and is expensive, but it finally worked. My skin color still looks kind of sallow, but I can mostly camoflage it with makeup. Not sure if the color problems are from stress or the FT itself. Other FT victims with similar skin issues have used various peels with some success too, but I was too afraid to try anything that strong. You just have to experiment and find one something that works. Just one of the many nightmares brought to us by FT.
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My skin is really odd, pores as big as they almost collapse into each other. Some has.. It is hard to do something, so afraid of making it worse. I been having very good pep- talks and advice from a very nice lady, She had some of the same issues. She started retin A at 6 months. I am considering doing that soon.. I also sometime just want to scedual an appointment w Dr. Lambrose and get it all out (the fat), then it might be better. But my fat is not lumpy ( at least not jet..)! So I guess it would be like unscramble an egg to get it out- not possible..
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On the Obagi program, you use Retin A with it. My dermatologist put me on the regimen. It does require a prescription for the retin a and one part of the Obagi products too. The first couple of months, it can look at little worse from the Retin A, your skin will be sensitive and a little irritated, but it's worth waiting it out. My pores were huge too, much better now.
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It's a good product- I will def try retin A- in some way! Just need to take small steps, at this point I almost don't dare put on anything! Thank you so much for your support today!!!
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Your pores are actually smaller or just cleaner and less deep due to a pealing effect? I am naturally prone to blackheads (if not blackheads, pores are constantly filled with something)all over the T-zone that I squeeze out daily and it's all back the next day. They are also spreading to my cheeks now. I keep being told that they can be cleaner and such but nothing can actually make them smaller. Of course I want to believe the they can shrink so this interests me.
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When you first use it, pores do appear bigger as the outer layers of the skin are peeling and it's cleaning out your pores. It really takes some patience to get thru that stage and it takes almost a year before you finally notice the pores are much smaller. Keep in mind that as your skin is peeling, it is also forming new skin. And the new skin slowly starts filling in pores with each new layer. At about the 6 month mark you will start noticing they are finally looking smaller, but I didn't see the full effect till the one year mark. My pores were pretty big, so maybe you won't have to wait that long. The only spot I still have noticable pores is in the cleft of my chin. I think I'm just stuck with those, but at least they look smaller than before. Retin A also got rid of my oily T-zone. I used to get blackheads constantly. Haven't had one since I went on the Obagi/Retin A routine. That's something that got better in the first month or 2. I've tried Retin A by itself in the past, but have to say it was the combination with the Obagi Nu-derm that made the difference. I have no idea why that is. The active ingredient in Obagi is 4% hydroquinone, I guess my skin just responds well to that. There are 6 parts to the Obagi system, but the first 2 are just a cleanser and toner, that I don't use, I use my own. The #6 is just a good sunscreen, but you could you any sunscreen. It's the #3 and #4 solutions that do the work and #5 is a cream you mix with the retin A to make the irritation less when you first start using it. I don't use that anymore cause my skin is used to the Retin A now, so I use it by itself. The only Obagi cream that requires a script is #3 (and of course the Retin A). The rest you can buy online and its cheaper than at the derm's office. Seems like a lot of stuff, but you use some in the AM and others in the PM. I was ready to give up on it the first few months, seemed I got worse rather than better, but by the 4th month I was more encouraged by the results. I'm sure it works for some people and not others. But my skin texture has really improved & my pores never looked this good.
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Thank you - I'll have to check it out. I try to use the most natural cosmetics but pores seem to need a major intervention. So you plan to constantly use that or once the pores look good you use your normal moisturizer?
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I go back to it as needed, but only for a day or two if I notice my skin is not looking as good. Not that often. I keep using it on my chin hoping for a miracle, LOL! But now I just use a mild scrub maybe once a week and my sunscreen is my moisturizer. That's about it.
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