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I had fat transfer under my eyes. The immediate...

I had fat transfer under my eyes. The immediate result was very noticeable mismatched lumps under each eye. My Dr.told me it would last about 3 months. A year later there was still no improvement. During this year I tried restyline to fill in the lumpiness. It didnt work. I tried Radiesse to raise my cheeks in an attempt to hide the lumps. That didnt work either. I also had to get a series of IPL laser treatments to get rid of a bruise that wouldnt go away after a failed attempt to have it removed by needle.

After a year I had surgery to get them removed-a blepharasty. She got most of it out but not all. It was very grisly fat tissue that would have never dissolved on it own. Its been 2 years now and I still have several pea sized lumps under one eye. I tried a kenalog injection in one lump. It helped somewhat I like to think. Both eyes have an identation or groove at the top of the cheekbone where there was not before. I look both unatural and older. When I smile the skin under the one eye folds up very differently then the other. I lost a year of my life consumed with trying to fix this botch and a lot more money. Every day I look in the mirror and am reminded of the worst mistake Ive ever made.

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Its been 1 1/2 years since the bleph to remove the...

Its been 1 1/2 years since the bleph to remove the fat injection. The injeted fat that didnt get removed is still just as lumpy and noticeable. Nobody should get FT under eyes! This area is too thin and will show through. Unlike other fillers, fat injections can be permanent. RUN from any Dr that tells you otherwise.


I terrifies me too. Massry wants me to remove a piece of tissue from the roof of my mouth to use as a graft for the undereye surgery. I don't know exactly how that works, but he says he will get a better result with the graft. I'm curious to see if Schwarcz says the same. If you do go for the consult, let me know. I am going to Massry on the 6th of Dec for a 5FU injection. I'll ask him more about the proposed surgery then. I was too stunned to react when he first mentioned it. So hopefully I will get more info this next appt. Also seeing a second ocular PS (Parsa)the same day for comparison in solutions. I feel a need to get several opinions at this point...after having such a bad result the first time.
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yes, have the appt with Schwarcz next week. Dont know if I will keep it... $250 consult fee to be told I only might be helped by this intricate surgery on my face. I understand it involves 'draping' or repositioning the fat. Imagine the complications that could arise over that.
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Oops...I forgot you are in New York now. Are you going to try for a consult with Dr. Schwarcz? He is an ocular PS like Massry.
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Have had some success with 5FU. It did not...

Have had some success with 5FU. It did not eliminate the lumps but did make them flatter. Instead of 2 separate high pitched lumps under one eye there is now one continuous flatter lump. The lump under the other eye also flattened. The result was an indentation between the top of my cheekbone and the lump. Thanks to a skilled injector-PA a bit of Radiesse has filled that in and for now the lumps are not visible. NOTE- the radiesse was not put in the under-eye area. I dont recommend that! It was injected only in the very top of the cheek since there are no longer any lumps to fill in or connect. I prefer radiesse as it lasts much longer and watching the rapid decline of restyline or juvederm is too depressing. But thats just my opinion, these other fillers can work too.


So glad to hear you have been helped...I heard 5fu only lasts like 16-18 months..(but longer than steroid) has your results extended beyond that? Did your injector mix a little steroid in with the 5fu?
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Its only been 2 mo since my last 5fu. Yes, some steroid was mixed with it and I looked great for the first week from the swelling the steroid caused. The 5fu only helped, but at least to some noticeable degree. I also stopped after 2 treatments b/c it appeared it might have been removing tissue in other areas under my eye where there was no fat lumps. I guess only time will tell if its not permanent either.
In answer to your questions, I have to say I'm over the worst of it. And when I say the worst of it, I think I can say I'm about 85% restored in my eyes and I bargained with God to just get to this point. I'm just happy to be able to SEE myself again. I'm not exactly as pretty as I was but it's a decent facsimile. And you know what? I'm happy to be myself again, I'm so grateful, but being pretty isn't as big a deal anymore as JUST NOT BEING IN THAT GOD AWFUL PSCHOLOGICAL PAIN. Honestly, after your looks are restored, you look at yourself and you go, "This is what I almost killed myself for? All the pure agony I went through- luckily, for me I could wear glasses and not have to deal with it during the worst of it- and I kind of became invisible, people stopped noticing me. I stopped making being pretty a priority, and I have to say girls, I became a better person for it. I can't speak for the rest of you but I know that "pretty" is, or has been, you know, buying the cute clothes, getting a tan, blah, blah, blah, is a really fun part of our lives, it's almost like your friend in the mirror and I know it sounds so superficial, but for some of us, it became an important part of our identity- it's fun, it's creative, it's like a colorful part of your life, you are rewarded for it in society, it's a feeling of power. For me, I wasn't pretty until I got contacts senior year and it quite simply changed my life for the better, after wearing coke bottle glasses and being ignored all through school- I was nouveau pretty the way some people are nouveau rich- you know old money thinks nouveu rich people flaunt their new wealth? Well, I was nouveu pretty- LOVED, LOVED being pretty, that was IT for me. But now I look at the housewives of the OC, and you don't realize it at the time, but if all you care about is your looks, people don;t like you as much as you think they do. But now that I'm past this, and you if ever get past this AND YOU WILL, it's not going to mean the same to you. It will never be a part of your identity the way it once did. You may even say someday, I'm glad I went through this- it made me a deeper person. THAT'S IF you get through this. I'm not going to lie, I would not be saying this if I was where some of you guys are. I feel bad for those in the middle of this- it's the worst pain in the world. But listen, this is what I did, I said, I will get through this, I know that I will, because the alternative is completely unacceptable, and I chose to 100% believe that and then I just made myself concentrate on other things. Truly, there are a lot of people, that really don't care that much about looks. There are a lot of people who aren't that attractive and they have a different measure of what worth is- if they are not that attractive, they measure themselves by how intelligent, talented etc. Hang out with those people-people that don't appraise you by looks and develop a different standard of how to appraise yourself. I wore my contacts Sunday when I went to a concert that my friend performed in- she's a pianist, teaches at a university- and I was so awed by her accomplishments- and so were a couple of the men we were with at the restaurant afterwards. Nobody even noticed me, and I think I looked kind of pretty that day. She also has a way of making people feel so wonderful in her presence. And I thought why did I get so wrapped up in "pretty" I should have been working on other things besides that. Anyway, avoid florecent lights, mirrors under florecent lights and keep repeatin, "You ARE going to get out of this" every day, because you are. In answer to your question NOT SO GOOD, I am the last person who would recommend a bleph- you've seen what they did to Mary Tyler Moore and Kenny Rodgers. If I had to have a bleph again, I would find the BEST plastic surgeon in the world, I would make him show me a million pictures before and after, and I think they have new procedures where it looks completely NATURAL which I think must be really hard to do. I mean, I can tell Cindy Crawford's had one, your inner corner gets narrow- you lose that wide-eyed oval shape that is so beautiful. A few years ago, Vogue had this list of the top 10 best plastic surgeons in New York and there was at least one they said was renowned for his ability to make you look completely natural looking after a bleph and I swear to God, I wouldn't go to anybody less than that- ,I don't care how much it would cost me. Your eyes really define your appearance, the expression is YOU, and if you lose that, it's right up there with the worst fat issue.
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The 5FU didnt work. It was just an extended...

The 5FU didnt work. It was just an extended swelling that is now gone. Another $500 spent for nothing. The radiesse that filled in the cavity at the top of my cheeks is still holding up. But that problem only happened in the 3 years of that area being poked and prodded in an attempt to get the FT out. It is so wrong that Dr are allowed to do this procedure at all. Even some Dr on this site opine that FT can be removed the same way it got in- by aspirating it. HA. Unlike other fillers FT does not always dissolve. It gets into different planes of the skin and cannot be removed even with surgery. Any efforts to remove it can cause scar tissue, which in the under-eye area is very likely to be noticeable.


notsogood- face gone bad, Carol11 etc and all the other botched fat injection people of 2011-2012 where are you at today? I miss talking with you guys and I'm still rooting for you. I hope you are ok.
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Aloha DRoy...thanks for checking in on all of us.  Well, I finally gave up on the 5FU, restylane (etal)fills, & other non-surgical fixes.  Nothing worked, so I went to Dr. Groth in Beverly Hills for a surgical fix on Jan 31 2013.  Still recovering and bruised under one eye, but things are looking hopeful so far. I am cautiously optimistic as its too soon to know how it will ultimately settle out.  Still have one stubborn lump above one eye, but its smaller and I am hoping as I heal more it will go down some.  If not, I'll ask him what else we can do.  I trust him given the results so far.  All other lumps are gone and the sac under the right eye is gone too (that's where I'm bruised at the moment, but sac appears gone, just some slight swelling left from the surgery).  He improved on the creases in my eyelids that Chahin messed up...not perfect, but definitely much better.  Looking more like my old self again instead of an alien from Mars.  He wants to see me again in one month...and then again in 3 months.  I should have done this sooner and saved myself a lot of money and anquish over the past 2 years.  The rest of my face still seems somewhat puffy to me and my face indents on either side of my nose somewhat strangely when I smile...but I made the decision that if I could just get my eyes back to normal than I could learn to live with the other issues.  One can only do so much, both mentally and financially.  Dr. Groth only does we didn't address the other face problems...not his specialty...but he certainly has helped me get on with my life by dealing with the eyes.  If I stays the way it is now, sans bruising, I will be quite happy.  Its not 100% back to normal, but much of that has to do with my age (64yrs) and I'm sure if I were younger, like many of you, the results would even be better. At my age, one really can't expect perfection.  I will write back after the 3 month mark after I've healed more  to let you know my final thoughts on all this.  My husband says I look 10 times better already...and (given he is a physician himself) he's always been pretty honest in his appraisals...even when they were painful to hear.  I've appreciated his honestly instead of sugar-coating it for me.  So I trust the improvement isn't just me trying to convince myself it is better than it is.  The surgery was about 4 hrs under twilight anesthesia.  Never felt a thing and remember nothing...though they tell me I dressed myself afterwards and seemed totally coherent, lol!  No pain whatsoever.  Just the hassle of frozen pea bag compresses and eye ointments...not a big deal at all.  Just don't plan any social events for a few weeks afterwards...and invest in some really cute sunglasses, lol!.  I was able to hide much of it with makeup, but putting in ointment sort of messes up attempts at eye makeup.  But for short dinners worked out just fine. If I had it to do over again, I would definitely pick Dr. Groth again for the revision surgery.  Very impressed so far.   And Dr. Lu, his anesthesiologist, is amazing too.  Never had it so easy...I don't even recall her putting the IV in...and never felt any after effects from anesthesia at all.  So, keep your fingers crossed for me...I will let you know how it all ends up in a few months.  At this point, I'm thinking surgery is the only way to go to fix up a bad fat transfer near the eyes.  IMHO, all the rest was just prolonging the agony and throwing money out the window.  I'd recommend considering that option and stick with a really good eye surgeon as opposed to just a general PS.  The best to all of you...more later...Aloha, Sallie 
Thank you for checking in DRoy. I have small unsymmetrical lumps under each eye. It's a haggard look that often happens with aging. My mother has no such lumps though and neither did I before this. So I get Radiesse under the lumps every 6 mo. It cost $$$$, hides the lumps and also makes me look like one of those middle age women that get too much filler in their face. I've moved on and dont dwell on it too much. But also don't wish peace upon any doctors that choose to do this to people. Hope to hear from you and everyone else.
Mary Powers -Long Beach, CA

fat transfer under the eye has very unpredictable results and any competent Dr. should know this and not subject their patient to it.

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