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Irregularities and assymetry from Fat transfer

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Hello - Base on your description, I think my Dr. did the same thing!! I look like I'm smelling something bad all the time becuase there is so much fat too high up under my eyes and by my nose. I didn't ask for "the cheekbones" he said he was trying to create. And if it was cheekbones he was going for - he missed. My post is "Gambling with your Face". I've had two rounds of 5FU and am undergoing Micro-lipo in a couple weeks. I've decided that LA has the Best Plastic Surgeons and the Worst ones. The bad ones come to prey on the SoCal quest for the perfect appearance and ride on the coat-tails of the very few great ones.I don't recommend steroids like Kenalog. I think they seem like an easy fix at the time - that could create some irreversible problems after. Good luck!!
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Thanks for sharing your experience, jazseh, and I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. Before I add you to our fat transfer community, could you let us know a bit more about the procedure and what went wrong? This kind of information is really helpful for others who are considering getting fat grafting. Thanks in advance. :)

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The fat was not placed in the area I asked. My lower lid skin is very thin so the fat pertruded and there were visible irregularities. Furthermore, the fat was placed so high up on my cheekbones that it looked as if my cheeks were on my lower lids - a distorted look in my opinion. Doctor said the fat could be removed with canalog if need be. That was not the case. I've had multiple procedures in an attempt to remove the fat but it has been very difficult.
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Sorry for all you've been through. I've heard steroid injections and 5FU injections can help. What have you tried so far?

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