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Dysport Has Ruined my Face... Don't Use It

I am a nurse at a beverly hills plastic private...

I am a nurse at a beverly hills plastic private practice...I have been using botox for over 7 years and love it and the effects its given me.

The representative for Dysport gave us free product to help promote it's use in our practice. A couple of the nurses tried it. We will not use it again. I received it on Tuesday and by Friday I had one swollen eye by Saturday both my eyes have swollen bags hanging over my cheeks.

I am so angry and upset. My job is helping making people feel more beautiful...I am so upset I can't even write this blog...This product has ruined my beautiful face...I have been told there is nothing to be done...it's as if fluid has been pumped into my face.

DON'T USE DYSPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nurse Beverly Hills, I see you made one post in 2010 about your face falling from Dysport. Did it ever go back to its natural state? I'm almost 5 months from getting this horrible injection and my face has fallen, more wrinkles, dry eyes, dry mouth, ringing in my ears. Any hope!? Isn't live this way any longer.

I just wanted to say I'm so sorry you ladies have gone through this, but I'm truly grateful y'all posted me this as I have an appt to get Dysport in the AM.... I'll be missing it.

Never use hyaluronidase, it melts away juvaderm including yours!! l am left hollowed under my eye!!
dysport distributor

My practice will never use this product on our patients

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