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Damon Braces / Traditional - Los Angeles, CA

We'll I got my procedure done on October 18 2013...

We'll I got my procedure done on October 18 2013 and my doctor suggested damon braces upon my initial consultation which total cost was $5,084.00. With a extraction of my lower front tooth ( see pic ) my question was since I got my teeth extracted the doctor said I will needs traditional braces on bottom of my teeth and I was wondering was this a good idea ? Doctor said traditional braces work better with extractions . Total treatment time is 18-21 months ..Please help in clarifying
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How are things going for you?  It's been about four months…?
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Thank you so much for starting your review here in the Damon community, and for posting a picture!  Our community is pretty small, so the odds that someone has gone through the exact thing you are are pretty low, but it's worth a try.  Normally, if a doctor prescribes a certain course of treatment, it is because they have had better results with that modality.  I know my orthodontist loves to use Damon braces for very difficult cases.  But your provider may have found that traditional braces work better for him.  You can always get a second opinion :)

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Thanks do you think the treatment can be expedited in any way?
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That really is something only your dentist can answer.  You might inquire if something like Acceledent might work in your case.

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