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I have researched coolsculpting for almost two...

I have researched coolsculpting for almost two years, including reading every review on this website (which is why I'm writing one), and finally had it done yesterday. I am very skeptical of any type of non-surgical fat reduction device, but I'm convinced this one is effective.

I'm 27, 5'7" 128lbs, work out regularly (6 times a week), and eat very clean healthy and vegan. The procedure itself is fine, the first 10mins are weird and uncomfortable, but not painful at all for me. The machine does suck so hard though, I really got a little worried about my organs for a few minutes, so silly. I've had really no pain whatsoever. Not swollen, bruised or red, but just a little tender, similar to a sunburn. I tried going for a run today, but that hurt. I was able to ride a bike and do crunches just fine though. Fingers crossed, I'll be posting updates and results!

Hello, I am very interested in this procedure, but very curious about the results. I would love to see you after pics! Can you please keep me posted. I had a c-section 7yrs ago and can't seem to get rid of my pudge.



Forgot to put that I had my lower abdomen done...

Forgot to put that I had my lower abdomen done with the small applicator.

Still a little numb, but no pain.
Hi, i am coming from Europe and will be in La next week. Could you Tell me the Name of the doctor? Regstes karin
Hi, i am coming from Europe and will be in La next week. Could you Tell me the Name of the doctor? Regstes karin
Thanks for the info. Have you seen the result in these 5 days? Would like to see your after photo.

Still a tiny bit numb, which is surprising....

Still a tiny bit numb, which is surprising. Yesterday while on a run, I felt a weird sensation in the area I had done. . . a tingling/electricity like sensation. Still no changes, but it's only been 3 weeks. . . fingers crossed!!!
so have you had any results?
I had it done Thursday at Oubeauty on the lower abdomen with the large applicator. It was pretty cold but tolerable. I don't have a ton of fat in the area. My only concern is that somehow the cells were not "frozen" enough to die, which is not really based on anything I have read.

I chose Oubeauty because they had the best price. For a procedure like this, that is easy to administer, I think the place with the lowest price is best
I just had it done at Oubeauty in Glendale. I had the size 8/large applicator on my lower abdomen. It was pretty cold, and I have to admit that it felt really weird when they massaed the area after the session.

If you are getting this procedure done, Oubeauty is really the only place worth going because they will beat anyone else's price.

I haven't noticed any difference in my lower...

I haven't noticed any difference in my lower abdomen. I'm pretty disappointed right now, but I'm hoping within the 3rd month I'll get my results! I'm going in on Friday for a followup, and I will post photos soon!

Hopefully you'll see results soon, I know it can take up-to six months. Your doctor may be able to give you more info at your follow-up. Let us know how it goes!

OUbeauty has the best price, so if you are going to go anywhere, it would be the best place. It is the same procedure everywhere, as opposed to lipo
Hi, I wonder if OUbeauty have changed their prices? the current price on the site is $1200 for a large area. Hopefully they will bring that price back! :)

So I went for my follow up. I was really bloated...

So I went for my follow up. I was really bloated as it was right before my period, but the esthetician was shocked because she too saw no change. She thought my bloating might be part of it, so I'll be going back in a week or so to have another look. She said if there is no change that she would speak with the rep and hopefully get me another treatment, which is very sweet of her. I'm really bummed so far, but still hopeful that maybe it change in the next month. Fingers crossed!
I was just wondering how's going now?
I'm thinking about doing it too, but it's the second time I read from
someone that has a very healthy lifestyle that there are no changes...
Since I eat ery healthy and exercise a lot I'm getting a bit scared and not
sure if it's worth it :)
Thank you for keeping us updated :)
No change that I can see. I found the procedure painful and I was sore and tender for a long time afterwards, with no visible results. Spending $1400. on myself for something like this was not done frivously, I researched it quite a bit before i went ahead with it and am thoroughly disappointed with the outcome. I would never recommend this to anyone. In the end, exercise and dieting is the only sure fire way to rid yourself of excess fat on your body. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
Good Luck!!!! :D

It's been 4 months since my treatment. I went back...

It's been 4 months since my treatment. I went back for another followup, the aesthetician is so nice and accomodating. I told her I really don't see a difference or feel it. She brought the nurse in to look at me and my before photos, she was trying to convince me that there was a definite difference when she only glanced at my before and after photos. . . It was pretty annoying. But I told her, "if I saw even a small change I'd be ecstatic, but I truly don't." The aesthetician totally understood that I should see and feel some sort of difference. She is going to talk to their manager about possibly getting me another treatment. I'm really bummed it hasn't worked. :(
I agree. I wish there were reviews to tell us this before learning the hard way. I am assuming the same for other non-invasive methods currently floodling the market. Lipo has been the only proven way aside from hard work following an excerise and diet regimen and of course acceptance
Have you seen any results yet?
I had my lower and upper abs done in early June, and its two months and no results.I called back the doctors office, they said results take 4 months. When I went for the treatment consultation they said results are seen in 4 weeks? Hmmm I am beginning to think this procedure is a scam!
I have not seen any results, and I had this done 6 months ago. The only thing that got slimmer was my checkbook balance, by 1400. I think it is a scam, for sure. I called the doctor's office, no refunds, no satisfaction whatsoever.

It's been 5 months since the procedure and I see...

It's been 5 months since the procedure and I see zero difference. I very bummed. I spoke with the manager, and they offered to do the procedure again at half the price. But at this point, if I don't notice even a subtle change, I see no point in getting another one. I was really really hoping that this would work, but it didn't for me.

The staff at OU beauty is so awesome, they gave me...

The staff at OU beauty is so awesome, they gave me another treatment! I just had it done yesterday and going back in at the 5 week mark. I massaged my abdomen a lot after the treatment since I've read in several places that massages helps facilitate the fat dispersement. . . . to be seen!!! I'll update soon :)
Check out my before/after pics.
Pufferpunk, I saw your post before I had it done the second time, and it's just that. That the cool sculpting people don't market it as a procedure that needs multiple treatments. I think it probably does work, but one time is usually not enough (And they sell it like it is). you have had it done like 10 times, and had awesome results. Patients need to be told that they should expect to have at least two treatments. And also, it is that everyone is different and their bodies react differently, so it might just really not work for some. I'm beginning to think you work for the company you had your treatment done with, why are you so adamant that people look at your post.
Those 10 times were in many different places on my body, not just my abdomen. Upper/lower abs, inner/outer thighs. For folks who don't have much to lose, 1 application may be enough. My pooch was pretty bad, from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting & my age. Also, if you look at the site's before/after pics, they absolutely do tell that many of their pics were taken after multiple treatments. As a matter of fact after my last treatment they are saying now, you can do another one immediately, on the same day!

I'm changing my review to "unsure" as I feel like...

I'm changing my review to "unsure" as I feel like there might be a small change. I'm now 4 weeks out and I'm going back in to see my before and after photos on the 13th. Stay tuned.
I went in on the April 2nd to have my 3 month follow up and my stomach is bigger now than it was before I had it done. The girl asked me several times if I had gained weight and I told her no. So I have to go back in another month and they are going to reevaluate me and then probably repeat it. I really hope they do something to make it right considering I spent $3000 for nothing!
4 weeks is nothing. It takes 4 MONTHS to see final results. It's my opinion that 1x is rarely enough though.
It's actually my second time
nurse renee

Never saw the doctor, but the trained esthetician Renee who applied it was great. She answered all of my questions and was attentive and sweet.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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