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Tummy tuck, side and back lipo

My friend had a tummy tuck done by Dr.Hughes,...

My friend had a tummy tuck done by Dr.Hughes, looks amazing!

I'm not going to see him.

I had my consultation done by Dr.Boris and he assured me I will get the results I want and with Dr. Hughes skills, I know I will..

My friend was back to work in
2 weeks, active and all.. Her incision looks great only she doesn't take proper care of it so her scar is raised. I saw several reviews stating you need to massage it and she says she forgets it is to busy. I'm going to be massaging the heck out of my scar.. At work, I'll take a restroom every hour to do so. Hehe

I have a long wait but I want to be able to pay cash instead of financing. :(

Has anyone saw Dr. Lowell Hughes in Anguilla? Some...

Has anyone saw Dr. Lowell Hughes in Anguilla? Some girl on YouTube does tummy tuck Thursdays and its his work she had done and he's AMAZING !
I'm having second thoughts on my Dr now ( yikes) I like my choice of Dr but I like this other Dr's belly buttons better..
Please tell me if you know of this Dr.. Thank you!

Tummy tuck with extreme muscle tightening wanted for definition

So, I have been watching this girl on YouTube kittyisnice2525 is her user name and I love everything about her tummy tuck.

She had it done in Anguilla, the islands by a Dr Hughes.. And he did extreme muscle tightening and a low incision.
His work impresses me and only 5500, because its out of the states.

I'm really considering going to him for my surgery.

Her before and afters.. I want that definition she has and that line.. Ahhh!!

This is what I'm working with now

I have loose skin from lipo..
I will post my before and after lipo and now I'm getting a tummy tuck which I wish I would have done in the first place

Tummy tuck and lipo with Dr. Robles in November 2013

After reviewing Dr.Yily and Robles, I decided on Dr.Robles in Dominican Republic to do my Procedure.

I'm from California, I'll be taking flying out to the D.R on Nov 14th and my surgery will be on the 15th.

I'm very nervous about this only knowing of Dr.Robles through realself.com

2 more months for surgery with Dr. Robles

I'm so excited.
I'm starting back at the gym today to get into shape and hopefully no need for lipo and just go for the tummy tuck.
I bought a faja in a size small mind me I'm a size large in pants and medium at top and I noticed the fajas stretch nicely and I should have gotten a xs. I'm thinking it will fit in the beginning with the swelling then after I will need smaller sizes.

Unless anyone here is interested In buying my small and I can buy an xs ;)

Paid my deposit through western union

So, Dr. Walkiris Robles requires a 100.00 deposit because flaky people did no shows even after showing proof of flight. So, I put my deposit through western union. I only needed her name and country which I'm nervous about. I'm waiting for a confirmation that it was received on her end.

I'm so excited about my surgery!! Ahhh

Laura received my deposit!

Yay! The wonderful Laura received my deposit and I'm all good and now I'm just waiting to confirm what recovery house I will be staying in. I'm crossing my fingers it's Virginas because I have read nothing but great things. My date is right around the corner, I month and a half.

Can any Robles pt's give me the info to Virginas recovery house?

My girlfriend and I are getting out surgerys done the same day by different Dr's. however, we both want to be in recovery togather. Before booking we just want to make sure it's the same virgina recovery house were booking. My friend has mentioned other names that I have not read about in Dr Robles pt reviews.
Could anyone provide the phone # or address?

Thank you

Started one of my vitamins today

Vitron-c plus vitamin C supplement.

Anyone needs garments in size S?

I purchased a few garments in size small but I need a size xs after surgery. If anyone wants to buy some if my garments from 35-60$ let me know and I'll send pics.

I'm here! Made it to the hospital and met with Laura

Sooo.. As nervous as I was traveling with cash, I was fine. My driver( Wilson) was there to pick me up. We went to the hospital another Dr. Greeted me and took me to have chest extant, labs an during test and then showed me to my room for the night.
My room is clean and nice, better than I expected.
I had dinner, I'm a very picky eater and let me tell you, it was great!!
Only thing is only meat I eat is ckn breast and I was given a tummy grilled cheese ckn dab which but the ckn was t how I liked it so I picked at it. lol
That's just me being a wierdo..
I found an English Channel on the t.v yay!!
I just met with Laura and paid for my surgery. She explains everything and expected results. She's great!

Now, I'm waiting on meeting my Dr. Robles.. I can't wait!!

I'll update you after surgery.

Wish me luck!!!

Had my surgery!!!

I'm in Virginas recovery house. Yesterday, I did not feel well. First night in the hospital was rough, I kept vomiting all the Anastasia. Second day, I was off to virginas recovery house. I didn't feel myself and tried to get up and eat as much as I could.

Today as my third day. I feel much better. No nausea and able to walk around a bit. My back is killing me from the position it have to be in hunched over.
The other girls here are about ready to leave recovery and look great. I can't wait to get to that stage where I feel great..

By the way my scar is thin, very low and looks AMAZING!

Post op pic

Loving my results. Still super swollen and fluids draining,

Swelling is going down (after care tips)

Hey.. Okay soo.. My drain is still in, it doesn't bother me so I'm going to leave it in until I'm not draining much.

So.. Let me tell you take Arnica , it really helps with the bruising and soreness. Also pineapple juice and a cucumber blended is the drink that does miracles. My feet and back was so swollen and after 1 cup my feet went down 2 cups my back went down so I'm going to continue having at least a glass of it a day, it works miracles.

Everything is going great. Still can't shower so I'm taking sponge baths and it's not the same ;(

Make sure you have feminine wet wipes.. They work wonders for after restroom use to stay clean and fresh.

I'll show more pics soon.

On realself, should I not be so real?

I thought realself was here to be able to give honest and truthful opinions of your own personal
Journey. Unfortunately, if someone had or have a different experience t
You get bashed for it.
Maybe realself isn't for me because I can't give real self experiences without being judged.

My scar

So, it's been 2 weeks and everything is looking great.
I'm just cleaning it with alcohol and placing micropore tape over it.
Loving my results..

My scar is looking good ( pics)

I use organic rosehip oil, organic shea butter and neosprin with zinc mixed and it's working wonders.

Scar closeup pic

Here's a pic to see up close... Scab is off and I'm now doing organic scar treatment
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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love love love it! and who doesn't want real reviews? f$%! anyone who has anything negative to say this is your journey and it takes a lot to share your journey! please post more pics and how your recovery was i.e. swelling when did it finally go away? how was the recovery house?
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Your TT looks great! I just love the way Robles does the TTs, I might have to go to here, I wanted a mini BBL too, but I know she doesn't like doing too many procedures at once. We'll see.
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Oh I watched the youtube video you mentioned above, I love her TT! I hope to have my muscles tightened too.
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How are you doll ?
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Robles is the bomb. Can u post a pic of all ur scar treatment products? Ur healing nicely!
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I thank you agian for sharing you journey with me and you have help make the right decision
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thank you for sharing your journey! I'm thinking of going with Robles for a TT and Breast lift..sounds like she does a great job! How was your flight home? since you are in Cali (I'm in Seattle) I was concerned about such a long flight after the procedure.
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Hi!! She's a great Dr. I left home after 7 days and the flight was great. I slept the whole time. My feet became really swollen though and I had to keep them Elevated the whole next day. It was all worth it ;) You also have handicap access do no walking at all.
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cool! How do you get a wheel chair in the Airport(s)? Never had to do that..LOL
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The Dr gives you a note..
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ahh...thanks for the info!
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We have similar results! You look awesome!
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Ur scar looks amazing...I'm 9; days post op I can't wait to see if I can get these drains out tomorrow ...want the swelling to go down...Happy healing
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Thank you for uptading
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I jst scrolled thru d past comments and am amazed at d negative and myopic comments when u mentioned ur experience at d RH. Its ur experience nd u stand by it. Thanks for continuing to update.
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Thank you!
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Ur waist looks amazingggg! Hourglass! Nd d scar is low.
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I'm so happy
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results look great
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Healing well! did she do muscle tightening ?
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Thank you.. Yes she did and it's amazing. Without holding my stomach in its flat. I love it
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You look like your having a corset on girl !!!
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The recovery house is not a private residence. When there are no patients the staff goes home. I just reserved a room for my mom today so they are up and running!
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That is correct. Good luck
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