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i have nerve damage and it hurts! - Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to have an non-invasive procedure done to...

I wanted to have an non-invasive procedure done to help with the wrinkles around my mouth and lips. No one warned me about the potential for nerve damage to my face and neck. It is now 4 weeks since I had the procedure. This is what occurred after I had the procedure.

The day after the procedure I woke up with my mouth extremely twisted to the left. I had trouble drinking since my lips could not surround the rim of a glass nor could they purse enough to surround a straw. I also had trouble chewing. The left edge of my mouth was not functional and turned upward. My cheeks and jawline were that of a chipmunk. My jaw felt as though it had been beaten up and my neck felt like I was wearing a necklace that was too tight. Under my chin was numb and not in a good way. Needless to say, I was concerned. The people in my doctor's office saw me but told me that it will go away and that they had seen people who had pain up to a month. However, everyone told me that I was the first person they had seen with the twisting of the face. I felt like I had a kind of weird Bell's Palsy.

As time has progressed (it is now 4 weeks my face is slowly untwisting. However, as of today, it has not fully returned to normal. My jaw still is quite sore, I have pins and needles in my neck and chin and every once in a while I get shooting pains in my glands in my neck.

Unless I have a massive improvement in my appearance (I understand, the "no pain, no gain" concept), as of now, it was not worth the pain and the possibility that my mouth will never go back to normal.

I also called the company and they would not help me. They said that they would reach out to my doctor and that they would follow up with me in a month. I also tried posting a review on their site of my negative experience but they did not post it. Shameful, but no surprise there.

I started looking on the internet to see if anyone else had these side effects from the procedure. I learned about neuropraxia from the information on this site -- and clearly I am not just another one of the "5 patients" that were written about 2 years ago. I had the procedure on October 2013. So potential patients beware. In my opinion, doctors should be required to report adverse reactions to medical equipment to the general public.

there should be more data available to patients regarding these and other proceudres.
Oh wow, sorry to hear about this happening to you. I had my procedure two weeks ago and I have no negativity to report. I am a little sore yet under my chin, but that is it and I did have a tingling sensation on my forehead that went to the top of my scalp, and that is easing up. So far I see a smoothness to my face and a little tightening, nothing major, but I am not giving up hope. I never read about nerve damage and I read a lot of stuff about this procedure before I decided to do it. Did this happen immediately or the next days?? I sure hope nothing happens to me since it is only two weeks since I got mine done. I hope you get back to normal and would love to hear more about you. I am hopeful that this works for me. The person who did mine was so good. I think I got around 1300 lines, if that sounds right and I had no pain at all. NONE!!! Just one little jolt on my forehead, but that was it. Because I didn't feel any pain, I hope it worked. Maybe no pain, no gain. I have a high tolerance to pain though. I enjoyed the whole procedure and hope that is was worth the money. I paid $4000 for a full face so I am hoping that this works. I am a young 59 year old with no wrinkles and just a little sagging that I wanted to correct. Please keep us posted on your progress as I will too. GOOD LUCK!!!
Thank you for your sweet comment. I am happy to hear that you have not had the same experience that I have had, and really do not know why this happened to me (and apparently others). I am the same age as you are with relatively few wrinkles except around my mouth. I usually have a high tolerance for pain, but this procedure was uber painful around my jaw and under my chin. (I did not have any problem like you (and others apparently have had) near my scalp.) At 4+ weeks out, the tingling and weird numbness under my chin is still really uncomfortable and the glandular pain is awful. The twisting of my mouth is also extremely uncomfortable since I talk alot in my job. I will keep everyone posted since if I knew directly from all of the other persons that also got neuroplaxia that it finally went away for them without any lingering problems, I would feel much better psychologically. I only reported my experience to let others know who this may have happened to so that they will know that they are not alone and perhaps they can learn from my experience.
disappointed1 I read your review and am so sorry to hear about your negative experience. You poor thing. I read a similar post about a woman who also thought she had permanent nerve damage, but after 3 months (I think) it completely went away. Please don't lose heart, I'm sure you will return to normal and hopefully see some improvements. After all, that is why we're doing this! Take care. =)


It is approximately 6 weeks since I had the Ulthera treatment. I am much improved since my last report, but my face still is not back to normal. When I drink from a water bottle, I still drool out of the left side of my mouth, which also still turns up at the furthest edge. It is not noticeable by others, but on the inside of my mouth, I still have discomfort and twisting. The area under my chin on my neck is still numb. However, the good news is that I have improved. As to the results, I am also disappointed.


Well it is now approaching the 3 month mark. I am still having problems with my neck and directly under my chin as they are still uncomfortably numb. I am very very unhappy. I also spoke to several other plastic surgeons and find it terrible that ULTHERA is neither reporting the results nor informing doctors about the possible problems that are arising. If anyone else wishes to join me, I must just find a lawyer to handle this for all of us who were mislead by ULTHERA's propaganda.
Thanks a lot for your quick responses. I hope other people be aware about the significant side effects the ultherapy procedure has. Also want to tell everybody that is very important to do the procedure awake and never accept to do it under annesthesya so you could feel which is your pain umbral. If you are not ready for some pain dont do it. I was under sedation and never felt nothing. Now i realize how bad was that decission. ,
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