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Close to 2 months P.O. Los Angeles, CA

Well... I had a baby 9/11/2001 while i was active...

Well... I had a baby 9/11/2001 while i was active dutyand my body never came back from the emergency C-section... the fact that I have never really been small didn't help either. So I was up to 240 pound before I had my baby. I have been considering it for as long as I can remember having this "flap" that I couldn't seem to get rid of no matter what I did.

So after losing weight over the years I was down to about 175 but still with a flap belly-and then slowly gaining it back over the past 2 years at the final point of 204. I had had enough and committed myself to losing it and keeping it off.

I went to the VA for a consult in January due to the fact that the excess overhang was irritating me (rashes and such) and quite simply put- just ugly to look at on top of that as asked what the odds of my getting a tummy tuck were. I went for an initial consult in January- and I was told that I would need to get my BMI down which was an immediate set-back that made me think about how I was going to do this; as this would certainly be the response of an outside surgeon as well. So I somewhat BS'ed due to my being unmotivated because I hadn't gotten an immediate scheduling lol...

The follow up appointment in March had me in an exlpain position that I needed to be at a goal weight of 180 lbs to reach before I could even be taken into serious consideration for the procedure and I was only at about 195. Keep in mind, for the surgeon it's about what will yield the best results and you want to be mostly done with losing weight before performing a tummy tuck. Otherwise, you'll have to get a revision and nobody wants to be cut on multiple times. The best part about the procedure is- it was going to cost me NOTHING. Yes, you read right... Not one red cent and if that isn't an incentive to lose some real weight then, I don't know what is!

In April 2012, I had completely changed my outlook on working out regularly again and changed my diet to something DOABLE not ridiculous for the sake of having a procedure done but for an overall healthier lifestyle AND he perk of a free tummy tuck. I created workout and a eating regimen that I could actually stick with. And yes- I still eat on occasion- things like chili cheese fries and oreos... in moderation of course!

The next follow-up appointment was in June of 2012 and I had only lost about 5 pounds i was hanging in the 191 realm so the doctor then scheduled the next follow up in September hoping I would certainly be in my goal zone for scheduling... I kept on moving with my workouts and eating right and yesterday 9/5/2012 I went in the weigh-in room nervous as all outdoors because I know that if i haven't arrived- I'd be sentenced to another 2/3 month wait to "see" what they would do. I knew for a fact I had lost some major weight, because I am now back to fitting clothes I haven't been able to and everyone else sees it too.

I took a deep breath and stepped on the scale... *waiting...waiting for the infamous beep of completion* 184... but -2 lbs for clothes and -2 lbs for lunch = 180... :I wanted to SCREAM!!! :o) I was given the good news that I would be scheduled for the tummy tuck procedure on November 2nd, 2012 and given my pre-op dates as well. What a joyous day! Follow me on my journey if you'd like...

I am not too horribly ashamed so I am putting up...

I am not too horribly ashamed so I am putting up some "before" pictures and I might take some more close to OP day, beings that the procedure is close to 8 weeks away... Maybe I'll have dropped another 7-10 or so pounds :o) I cannot wait to wave goodbye to the blob in my front. One kid and I was DONE IN. lol It's finally starting to set in that I'll be doing this and I am ready! The only thing on my body that I'd change has finally become a realization that is 8 weeks away! I am beyond excited!!!

Doing plenty of research on the tummy tuck and...

Doing plenty of research on the tummy tuck and what to expect... I got a little sinus cold going on- and I suppose it's best to have it now than in November lol.. I HATE being sick!!! blah... Well otherwise i got a nice recliner for about 40 bucks can't knock that and i've been getting used to it being that it'll be in use once this surgery happens. :o) I am slowly preparing in advance... getting little things here and there.. I am slowly acquiring them versus having to run out and get them. On the list is of course granny panties, dermoplast (apparently this is the itch saver) button up/down tops slip off on items. *sigh* it seems like it's so far away- but I know the day will come when I look up and the date will be staring me in my face lol. Hope all of you who have already undergone the procedure are recovering well... You'll be all nice and good when I go in :o)

P.S. In case any of you are curious to see my...

P.S. In case any of you are curious to see my terrible face I do have a youtube channel dedicated to my weight loss lol


Well time is moving along. I am in 'over hyper...

Well time is moving along. I am in 'over hyper search" mode of what to expect and trying to figure out what it'll look like when it's all said and done. It's over 3 weeks until I meet with my surgeon and get my bloodwork done... (10th of Oct) and then it's another 3 weeks wait for pre-op then 3 days later BOOM (hopefully.. with no setbacks or pushbacks lol) Hope all that have gone in are healing well and those who are waiting for the date are good as well. Until the next entry...

Weeks are dwindling on by.. I've been keeping very...

Weeks are dwindling on by.. I've been keeping very busy too trying to not be "too hype" about it all.. I have about 3 weeks until I go to meet the surgeon and have my blood work done for the pre-op appointment 2 weeks afterward, that month. Nice seeing the ladies get it in and get it over with... I can't wait to see what my "new" tummy will look like once it's been tucked... -Signed Patiently Waiting :o)

I took that picture wit the stripes this morning...

I took that picture wit the stripes this morning because I walked past my mirrored doors on my closet and was thinking to myself... The second picture in the black is me with NO tummy tuck, I hide it well LOL... I love my shape as is even if I COULDN'T have surgery... BUT "Damn your shape is going to be so nice when you get the surgery done!!! lol As mentioned by others the idea to do it was something I had been thinking about for years... The opportunity to do it has presented itself and I look at it as a sign. Of course I get asked am I having any more children I said no (my daughter is 11) but of course I am not having a hysterectomy- but in the future depending on the guy and his potency that'll determine where that goes... BUT I haven't been pregnant since my daughter so I don't know if I can LOL... Either way, I also get the just do it the natural way... OK.. 10 years in trying it still hasn't gone anywhere and I say it all the time "This tummy ain't going no-where without medical intervention why do you not understand that???" If I have lost all over my body and the only thing still hanging on is my DESERT SURVIVAL POOCH- what do you think it will take to get rid of it? It sure ain't working harder than what I am...? Sheesh. Either way, I went through my entire teenage years self-concious as mentioned I have never been small. I went through my twenties in an up and down state for about 3 years on how I looked after the baby... because at least during the teen years I probably could have worked out real hard and got "ripped" BUT I got pregnant and had a C-section and the rest is history. Even after losing a GREAT amount of weight in my mid-twenties- the belly was still there. I could wear the flyest clothes and HAVE to do something to cover up "that" it's annoying. I still had a BAD closet but something was making it "eh..." and I WILL NOT go through my thirties passing up beautiful clothes because "oh it fits, but I'm not going to get it because my tummy makes a flap you can see underneath... I am doing it because it will make me HAPPIER than what I am...

So my supervisor comes though with BULLSHIT as...

So my supervisor comes though with BULLSHIT as expected. I submitted for leave on the 6th of Sept- and it's literally SAT in pending status until he decides he wants to talk to me today. I have busted my ASS to drop all this weight and have finally been given a date to get this surgery handled and he wanna come try to piss on my parade talking about "alternate scheduling" HAIL NAW unless there is a HAIL storm and I cannot get in on NOV 2nd- that's where I'll be. He claims that due to the nature of your job blah blah blah... Considering that you're the only one in your position etc etc... We will need a doctors certificate and maybe you can try to get it scheduled over the holiday period when it isn't too busy... How about no. I was already out scheduled 2 months and I am not going to be waiting an additional 2 months to get it done fo ryou to turn around in the new year and claim it's still too busy... HELL NO. Yeah, let me reschedule so I can be layed up hurting while nobody is available to help me over the holiday? How about no... it is not my problem you only have 1 position available... The person you all deemed fit to assist me will be available that should suffice. What is the problem... ??? That's like saying you cannot go into labor until after the holiday (yeah I know extreme) lol... It's always something with this dude I swear... Well looks like I'll be calling the folks to get a NO we cannot reschedule, yes it is medically necessary- as that is why i requested my tummy tuck in the first place from the chafing and irritation. I am so tired of folks trying to scrutinize petty shit. I am SO pissed off right now.

I want to first apologize for my past post as it...

I want to first apologize for my past post as it was curse-central... I was just very P.O'ed about the foolishness that ensues at the j.o.b. sometimes. Worst case scenario is I'll get my doctors slip the day of surgery and they'll get it once my butt is incapacitated LOL- either way unless THE hospital cancels and reschedules, I am not requesting it. I am ready to get this done and be on the road to recovery when convenient for ME... not them. At the current moment I am technically under doctors orders to have the surgery to alleviate the irritation and discomfort anyhow... I am having and I have been "just dealing with it" for the past year. Upon notification of fitness for the surgery, I was scheduled without any questions asked... When I got the actual scheduled surgery date, I immediately notified the job and made EXTRA effort to ensure everything that would be "we need this done" before..., was done. Yet, it's still an issue. Either way, I am going through with my surgery regardless of what they say. Even if I have to call in a "sick" day that and send them a medical slip that following workday, I will. It is ridiculous that you were given 8 weeks notice and want to bring up supposed "concerns" when I am practically in my 30 day window... If it wasn't important enough to discuss the week you were notified, then it sure in hell ain't compromiseable in a 30 day until it's showtime window. ANYWAY- I am getting very excited. It's actually flood of emotions going on all at once... I go to meet the surgeon and do my labwork next Wednesday... I suppose this is when they explain the process and start telling you what you'll need. SUPER exited, annoyed, and ready at the same time!!!

It's getting real... I have gotten my from the...

It's getting real... I have gotten my from the doctor to whomever wants know medical slip that says I am having surgery. It's pretty much count down to 2 more significant events before I'm in there...

4 Days & A Wake up until I meet the surgeon. :o) Excited!!!

I am approximately 3 weeks away from my pre-op...

I am approximately 3 weeks away from my pre-op appointment and that following Friday it is ON. Seems like the days are flying on by. I get my blood-work and EKG done in conjunction with meeting with my surgeon on Wednesday. Which I am TOTALLY excited about. This means I can get the additional basic questions out the way and start prepping for things I will be needing. Does anyone have an "absolute" list? I hear there are some things you can do without and things you absolutely cannot. I've got a recliner, some "Dermoplast" as I have heard that it works wonders for the itching that comes with the incision. Surgical Tape, some extra "pads" I have heard that helps absorb any leakage. Hmmm Any references??? I will be going to pick up some extra wife beaters, loose PJ pants*** 3:50 pm This literally just happened- I got a "reminder that I have an appointment on Wednesday".. SEE- it's meant. LOL How's everyone else feeling and/or healing???

So the first significant event is out of the way.....

So the first significant event is out of the way... one more until the final countdown. I met with the surgeon today and he snapped photos of the flab and blob and I am still set for the my date in November. It's winding on down and it's making me excited! The crazy thing is of course as mentioned before I have never really been a part of the "slim before" club, so I guess my expectations are not those which are out of this world. I believe I will have- as the doctor eloquently stated- "improvement"... So I am not building any unrealistic picture in my head... If it turns out better than what I expect GREAT; if not, hey at least the overhang is gone. LOL I could flip flop back and forth about how much additional weight I am trying to lose etc, but the truth is, I am not unhappy with my weight. I wouldn't mind dropping maybe 10 more pounds, but if I don't, I wouldn't unhappy at all. As you know once you have a TT you want to keep your fluctuation (up or down) in the 10-15 pound range so you're not losing or gaining too much. Truth is, I don't want an unrealistic looking stomach... I just want the option to wear something and not have to "hide" my stomach because I'm thinking it ruins the whole outfit LOL... I just want the blob gone and if that is all you can do- damn it-so be it. If all you can make happen is the overhang go away- Guess that's what it'll be- let's do it. I can work on "the extra tightening" once I am done getting rid of the main DEMOTIVATING factor. Even though I have lost basically 30 pounds, it gets depressing seeing the fruits of your labor everywhere else on you body except the MAIN place that tells the story of "where you came from and where you've been"... I just want the belly GONE. lol Anyhow, It's good to go.I went and had my EKG -which was normal and my blood work done so I will be ready come pre-op date on the 29th. :o) I am so EXCITED!!! Come on now!!!

Taking it one day at a time. Getting things...

Taking it one day at a time. Getting things together in preparation. Supervisor is still trying to be a di*k but hey- call it what you want; my health comes first. If my efforts to make sure everything was good before I left wasn't enough- that is a personal problem. I am over the chafing and irritation. Anyway when I saw the surgeon he poke prodded and had taken the infamous photos. The most weird ha to be the "kinda bent" one... When he showed it to me I was like eww. LOL not sexy at all. BUT we should see some improvement and that is all I ask. I guess because I've never been skinny it's not my goal. *shrug* I just want the "excess" gone. Waiting in anticipation for my day to journey to the flat side... Oh yeah and so I woke up yesterday with an AWFUL sore throat which is apparently due to lack of humidity so now I feel like I have a cold.. effin' pst nasal drip crap. I feel like CRAP.

HA... HA... HAAAAA!!!! She who laughs last! So my...

HA... HA... HAAAAA!!!! She who laughs last! So my supervisor was still being a weenie about my leave and guess what??? How does a request to take 2 weeks off turned into a 2 day TELETHON with HR who busted all his BS efforts to ensure I did NOT take leave to bits and pieces? Because this has been an issue for close to a year at this point in regard to how I take my leave. He was looking for ANY excuse possible to deny my leave from, days not matching, to operations within the department, to my co-worker being too incompetent to handle the office alone. NO boo- faulty logic and terrible reasoning. He asked for medical documentation- I gave him that. He asked for physicians note... I gave him that too. The VA was even kind enough to call HR directly! I had that and I hit his butt with another piece of paper signed by a physician #BOOM that rocked his world... F.M.L.A baby!!! Yeah, it's a documented condition, and yeah it's important enough for my physician to sign it. I am not getting a TT for looks and giggles... yes there are perks that come with the procedure, but it's being done for a reason dummy. So.. here is your face sir... go ahead.. chew on that... how them apples taste??? They're delicious over here!!! NOW- Go ahead and approve this so we can get on with our lives which because it's legal with all required documentation ain't nothing you can do about it even if you DISAPPROVE it- it will be overturned because it's medical and documented LMAO!!! The man above don't like ugly and he ain't too fond of pretty either. You are not the bearer of all that is great nor the master of MY destiny. ANYWAYS - so now I am officially set and ret-ta-go with my procedure. This fool sitting up causing all this ridiculousness... but I'm sure it'll more to come with this mess but as long as THIS right here ain't in jeopardy- I don't even care. FOH.

After today I have approximately 2 weeks to go...

After today I have approximately 2 weeks to go before I have to suit up and make that trot to get my surgery done. I am so excited I can't even explain the elation that comes form the nonsense portion that just happened to be over. Now I can refocus my energy on what is important in this whole situation. Getting prepared, and relaxing my mind for what's to come. *smh* Though there are quite a few things going on, this surgery is actually at the end of the tunnel. I took my daughter and myself halloween shopping and got us some costumes... Might as well enjoy this last halloween dressed up to the max :o) Feeling so great right about now...

It's getting real ya'll!!! I am in the offical 10...

it's getting real ya'll!!! I am in the offical 10 days and a wake up until I make my transition to the flat side. I have been trying to focus on the milestone days so I am not over-focused on THE day. My daughter and I went and got our halloween costumes last week so we'll be having fun with that. :o) I also got my hair braided this past weekend so I do not have to be bothered with my hair while I am trying to relax and recover; This will also keep me from looking like who shot john. HA! I have also designated this upcoming Saturday as the offical DEEP cleaning day. I will be getting in those closets and cabinets and ensuring anything that is out of place is in it's place and anything not being used is properly disposed of. This must be that nesting thing everyone was referencing. I am not sure if I want to cook meals ahead of time as I can survive on a microwaveable meal for a week- it won't kill me. lol I actualy purchased anough brothy clear soups to last me for about 3/4 days plus JELLO!

I am trying to ensure i am good and tired being that i am working up to the day before so that I can sleep good before the surgery. i have to be at the hospital at 6 am, so that means i'll be ahving to be up at 4:30 to shower and get myself together so that I am out the door to get there no later than 5:15 am. My daughter and dog will be with my mom the first 3 days, so i'll have all the time in the world to myself and to only have to "worry" about myself for a little bit. I do need fruit and things like that so I will make it a point to go pick up some things the night before the surgery so it's fresh when I come back home. I am beyond excited! I have been wondering if there are any additional items I need to pick up if anyone has any additional suggestions please let me know:::

I have gotten: Dulcolax, surgical tape, overnight pads, granny pannies (underwear), Dermoplast, gas-x, hibiclens (for bathing), recliner, extra pillows... let me know what else I need if you see something missing

Slowly getting there... was laughing reading...

Slowly getting there... was laughing reading Cherrybabi's post about the comments that come from those knowing what procedure you're having done. The most common as mentioned does seem to be the belief that you simply can work out and it will just go away... which for those of us who have been dealing with it- know is not the case. However- I pose the question even if you are doing it for VAIN reasons lol--- why are you WRONG for wanting to like what you see in the mirror??? O_o I'm just sayin'...

Officially one week until the day!!! A letter to...

Officially one week until the day!!! A letter to my Tummy...:

Dear Belly O' Mine,

You've been with me for the past 31 years and though you've carried me through to this point, there is a time when things must come to a point of change. It's not that you have no use in my life, it's the excess you bring that has no use. I am but a tender 31 years of age with so much more ahead of me and i'd like like or love what I see daily a bit more... Hell, on the vain side- I'd even like to wear something tight before I am entirely too old for it and NOT have to wear garments, or suck you in to hide you. I'm being honest and on my entire body you are the only thing I am somewhat not happy with... I hope you understand that I need this change for me. I think I've come to a final point where it's no longer feasible to keep trying to mold you, tone you, and/or hold you in to give you a "nicer" appearance, but change your appearance completely. it's not just vain reasons, you've you around been causing some issues that I can no longer deal with so this will be our final week together. This is for the both of us.. November 2nd, 2012- we must part and go our seperate ways. I hope you understand.

Welp... I got up a few hours after being on RS for...

Welp... I got up a few hours after being on RS for an hour... at 4 am lol O_o,,, up at 8 am and started cleaning like I had special company, wearing white gloves coming by for inspection! I didn't finish until about 12:45pm!!! Every nook, cranny, crack and crevice are CLEAN. I love how a deep cleaned home smells. It has taken on my cleaning plus air wick air freshener scents and I feel 1000% better... I went out and stacked up on other items I KNOW I'll be needing. and all i need to do tomorrow is laundry... but i'll be doing that again on Thursday anyway... I am EFFIN' excited!

Pre-Op in 1 day & a wake up!
Halloween in 3 days & a wake up!!
Show Time (TT) in 5 Days & a wake up!!!

"Oh my GLOB!!!!"- Adventure Time... Today is...

"Oh my GLOB!!!!"- Adventure Time...

Today is friggin' going by SO SLOW!!! What is up with that!? Seriously though O_o

So today I went thorugh the whole pre-op thing...

So today I went thorugh the whole pre-op thing where they go over your bloodwork, medical history, EKG & stuff to make sure you're good for surgery. They gave me some hibiclens to cleanse my tummy area but I been ahead of the game on that and bought a HUGE bottle of that stuff at Target in which i will be using for at least the next 3 days. I'll stick these packets in my travel bag incase I have to go somewhere while i'm still healing and need the sterile wash going. *lol* the ADDED excitement has officially kicked in! As of today, I am all ready and set for FRIDAY baby... it's right around the bend and I see the light at the end of the first tunnel.. let's go!!!

I am SO ready for Halloween... Going to be all...

I am SO ready for Halloween... Going to be all dressed and in the spirit... especially since I won't be able to participate in a whole lot after this Friday anyway, so I better get it in lol

The clock is steady ticking... Any of you doing anything for Halloween???

So I get a lovely phone call today at 12 saying my...

So I get a lovely phone call today at 12 saying my surgery date has been pushed back 2 weeks. Here's to starting the 2 week countdown AGAIN. WTF!? I cannot lie- I AM PISSED.!(>o

Yeah I know... I shouldn't be dwelling on it......

Yeah I know... I shouldn't be dwelling on it... Tomorrow would have been my big day....THE WAKE-UP but it's not... So I am now doing my best to regain focus and look ahead as 2 weeks isn't far.. but it seems far KNOWING they can pull that same crap on me again. So this time I'm going to do my best to NOT get excited because my thunder was snatched right form under my nose yesterday. However, to attempt to look at it in a light other than it simply being cancelled and moved, the person who would have been driving me to the hospital had their gas pump on their vehicle go out today. So they wouldn't have been able to take me and I have nobody else lined up to take me due to this being in the works for months; SO I am looking at it as that day in some weird way- a sign maybe... was not for me. See... I'm trying. Goodnight.

I'm not so upset about it anymore as THE DAY has...

I'm not so upset about it anymore as THE DAY has now passed. The shoulda, coulda, woulda and damn-disappointed phase is all over now and I can refocus on what's important. This gave me 2 additional weeks to get my mind prepared,I only have to lightly clean in 2 weeks, more time to get some love before I can't do CRAP for a few weeks. LOL (yeah I know horrible...) and simply enjoy the simple freedom of hopping in and out of the shower quickly, and moving about as I please with ZERO pain. lol I certainly hope all of you ladies are healing well and those waiting for procedures have calm nerves :o) Hope you're weekend is going by well. Until next post... xoxo

SOooOOo I just got back from getting my VOTE on...

SOooOOo I just got back from getting my VOTE on and I hope you all did too. :o) I am officially out of the "double digit" days and counting down- with hopefully no damn last minute (2 days before *ahem* hiccups or BS. Good to see the ladies who have gone through this past week are doing okay and starting the healing process. Hopefully I'll be there soon enough as well... Happy healing and here' to hopeful wishes on my side.

Still trekking- again one day at a time. I am...

Still trekking- again one day at a time. I am really thinking about getting my hair re-braided AGAIN so I am not fussing with hair. I really hope everyone is feeling better day by day and those who have not gotten their TT done yet, have calm nerves...:o) See ya around the bend...

So here we are again, at the 3 days away mark and...

So here we are again, at the 3 days away mark and I can't help but be a bit anxious about these folks screwing with my date again. I know I should be all extra positive that it was just a "one time issue" but it's hard lol... On the brighter side, I will speak with positivity at this point- I fortunately had a "womanly time of month" which ended about 2 days ago, so at least I will not be having to deal with that come Friday. My hair has been re-braided nice and neat so I am clear on that and thank goodness it's not too tight! It'll be perfect in about 2 more days. So now, it's the waiting game- yet again. Not nervous about the procedure, but just ready to get it over with and ON to recovery. *sigh* :o)

So I spoke with my case manger today and she said...

So I spoke with my case manger today and she said 6 am on Friday is the date i've got... I simply cannot help but be still be anxious now. Is this really about to happen??? Wondering what else Imay have forgotten... gooooooodness. READY TO GO!!!

Alright- it's gettin' real.. Tomorrow is the last...

Alright- it's gettin' real.. Tomorrow is the last day I have to make it through before it's "time"... I am not quite nervous, but more so ready to just get it over with lol.. I just wanna know what I'm going to be looking like for a while coming, praying it turns out good. Hoping all goes well. Not really nervous, just ready. :o) hpw you feelin'?

I got the phone call today confirming tomorrow's...

I got the phone call today confirming tomorrow's procedure... :o) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! I am ready & now it is REAL. This is really about to happen... So i may now write my ode to the belly... "Goodbye: good times. You hung around 2 weeks longer than expected; similar in your stubborn ways of simply not going away... BUT it's all good."

Alright ya'll we at the meat 'n potatoes of it all...

Alright ya'll we at the meat 'n potatoes of it all... In 15 minutes i'll be heading to the hospital. Thank you all for your support and well wishes! Real online family... :o) I will be sure to check in and let you all know how it went :o) *TTFN*

Goodness I wanted to ensure you Al know I am well...

Goodness I wanted to ensure you Al know I am well and have made it to the other side (finally) they ended up taking me in at around 1030 next thing I know is I woke up in a recovery room. The pain level is at about. 3/4 for me so not bad at all, I do believe the c-section to be a whole lot worse! I'm quite drugged up but alright. My mouth is dry as all get out but I just got a halls and this feels like heaven. I had a BM right before I went in for surgery so they aren't looking for much which is a good thing.. I may be going home tomorrow because so far all looks good for them. When I came to after the surgery the doc notified me he didn't have to perform any lipo! how interesting is that? I sure hope it looks as greeat as it sounds... That means I wasn't too bad in the fatty area as he thought. Anyway I'm about to hit this pain pump and be knocked out until it is time for vitals... Night night. I will post photos as soon as I can and I hope my TT twins have done just as great!

OK.. I am finally back t home and feeling quite...

OK.. I am finally back t home and feeling quite alright... I've added 2 pics and I am already happy with the result! The little "rolls" can be worked off... It's just nice to have te "glob" gone :o) HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!! :o)

Today is PO day 2 and I swear I'd do it all over...

Today is PO day 2 and I swear I'd do it all over again. I have been sleeping primarily. I have not had any major pain as of yet *knocking on wood* At the most my pain is a 2/3. I have been sleeping most of the time. I have been putting out about 20 cc's per day on my left drain and about 60-70 per day on the right. Hopefully come wednesday when I have to go in for a check up they'll be able to take them out. lol They most certainly the drag of the whole procedure! Otherwise i have NO complaints. I am sure once my tummy starts to wake up out of numb- mode I'll have some other stories but as for now, I am fine. No swelling, which is a blessing, but i a going to keep drinking lots of water! Walking around a bit but the whole walk over hunched is driving my back nuts!!! I get to take a shower tomorrow and I am sure I'll feel a 1000% better but for now, just wie downs with hospital wipes lol... No itchiness as of yet... I certainly expected everything to be a pain but as of now, it's all okay. I hope all of yo are doing well.

OK. confessions of things I have done since the...

OK. confessions of things I have done since the operation:

I have driven to go grocery shopping lol
I have eaten salty chips and grilled a ham & cheese sandwich
and I have already pulled a damn drain... eh!!!

i am NOT:
Swollen *fingers crossed it don't happen*
Hurting - the C section was MUCH worse

a I have a very low scar which i am ecstatic about!!! They used my old C-setion scar which healed nice. :o) I am SO happy and I repeat- I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Another day... I have had my first BM, which was...

Another day... I have had my first BM, which was not bad and I finally got to take a shower *heaven* A shower felt so good after 3 days... nice and clean! I must say I am not in as much pain as expected at all and that is a blessing! I had to wash my hospital binder, but fortunately I bought a Marena compression garment which fits like a glove. It is the 3 panel one which allows you to adjust it as you need it. I love it! I cannot lie I have been a busy little bee this morning, and I have eaten breakfast, so As soon as these clothes come out of the dryer- I am taking my meds and I am laying it back down. :o) I am just happy to be in such good healing spirits. Wishing you all healing vibes and glitter and all that jazz

Ahhh here we are at practically one week post op...

Ahhh here we are at practically one week post op and I must say that I haven't had too bad a time. I think we all kinda want to fast forward at least a month out but *sigh* we cannot. I certainly hope you all had a great Thanksgiving/Turkey day today.

I have gotten the hang of showers at this point being that I practically take one daily anyhow... It's just a pain in the butt afterward to put all the dressings, creams and this and that and this drain and make sure this don't touch that.. BLAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Though yes, you feel fabulous afterward; the main drag, which I just cannot wait until they are gone, are these effin' drains. DAMN, I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE GONE!!! I think they make you feel a lot worse than what you actually do... They are just ugly to look at lol... I have these 2 "lines" sticking out my cooter mound and I probably would feel more 100 without them just swinging around like well... antennae. They are ridiculously cumbersome and simply a pain to have to deal with. Though I have an appointment next week on Wednesday I will be SURE to rest up real goodso I barely have anything TO drain. though I am kind of already at that point. I am only putting out about below 20cc on the left drain and maybe 40-60cc on the right per day. So hopefully by the time I have my checkup they'll be ready to be taken out and believe you me- I am keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else crossed for that! I am not sure of what the amount is for them to come out, but I want to say less than 20 per day per side... but that's where I need to be Wednesday. *come on healin'!!! Either way, I did a half sneeze today and it wasn't as horrible as I thought it'd be but I sure felt the after-sting of it... not too fond of it either. SO, I will be doing my darn-est to ensure these nasal passages stay clear; Coughing isn't too awful but I also have the "numb tummy" going on right now... so heaven only knows what I'll be feeling in the next few weeks... time will only tell.

Otherwise, I been hangin' tuff like NKOTB. I had very, very slight swelling yesterday and I believe that came from all the running around I had to do, but I hit that OXY as soon as I got home, took a shower and was laid out for a good 10 hours afterward, so my binder was a bit "loose" upon waking up. I can also tell by where the incision is that it was a bit swollen because now my "cut in the puff" is going down nicely. I think it's totally from the whole procedure, but I haven't swollen up bad or hit the dreaded "swell hell" and I pray I don't. I must say i have been fortunate in that area for the most part of my life. I never have been swollen or have bad reactions to medical surgeries / issues *knock*

So at this point I have gotten my daughter from my moms house and can now really just rest. My dog was on my ass like a pair of the fruit of the looms being that my mom has also had her since Friday... so she's been following me around and wanting to be under me. Fortunately she's only a 5 pound yorkie so I can deal with her affectionateness :o)

One day at a time y'all... I hope you all are healing well and sending positive vibe to all the upcoming TT'ers - OXY is calling me to the bed... night night folks.

These days are just flying on by.. No issues thus...

These days are just flying on by.. No issues thus far and I am grateful for that. So far the healing is coming along and I am feeling really good. Even if I have had a busy day, I simply shower, lay it down and I feel great when I wake up! I am counting down until Wednesday and hopefully, well.. you know... maybe if it is REALLY good... These drains come out LOL... I swear i am going to say that until they're gone. *ha ha* Hope you're all feeling fine. Chat soon! xoxo

So yesterday I had my first post-op appointment...

So yesterday I had my first post-op appointment and I was paying all week that the drains would GO AWAY... I am practically 2 weeks post-Op tomorrow...lol The doctor only wanted to remove the left drain and was going to leave the right one in due to it still putting out about 20-45cc's.. Of course I was not happy about that BUT a miracle seemed to happen, when I lifted my shirt to let him check the drains, the plastic part that the actual plastic drain attached to looks to have snapped off. Though it seemed like the perfect set-up, I had nothing to do with it, so sweet baby 'hey-soos' BOTH drains got removed. What does drain removal feel like? Well it's not painful or sore the easiest way to describe it is like a small sliding from your side flank all the way out.. it's more weird feeling that anything. Of course he said his biggest concern is my developing seroma BUT ensuring I keep my binder on to keep fluid from building in between the skin and muscle would keep the risk lowered... However, if it did to contact him... Truth is the only time I am NOT in the binder is when I am showering and I am only out of it for about 10 minutes afterward. I put on some of my panties and boy did it feel good to NOT have them roll up under my stomach. :o) Now the real healing begins... Let's Go!!!

I went back to work yesterday and it wasn't too...

I went back to work yesterday and it wasn't too bad. Today is day 2 so we'll see how it goes. Otherwise, my newest experience is slight "itchiness" at the ends of the incisions. Which let's me know the nerves are waking up and healing is going on.. It's not terrible, but occasional. So my best defense is ensuring that I keep it VERY clean and "neosporin'ed" up. My scar for the most part is softening and healing nicely. At this point I am about 2 amd a half weeks post op. i can't wait to see what it's looking like down the line. How is everyone else healing up?

I had my second post-op appointment today and i...

I had my second post-op appointment today and i have another 2 weeks with the binder and no exercise, besides walking, until then too. After that, I can let have (lightly) on my elliptical. I have been dying to get on it because I am up about 5 pounds *grrrr* However, my result still looks good to me; well, anything than that flap looks good to me- I don't ask for much LOL!!! Work hasn't been too bad... no major issues at all- just cruising through recovery. No pain, just a bit of numbness... My incision is looking good too.. the "puckering" from the sides where the stitches start and stop are starting to smooth out, which means they are dissolving... and we're one step closer to the full effect.

I will officially come Friday- be 1 month post op... YEESH that went quick! Happy healing to everyone... oh Yes, I'd do it all again in a heart beat.

No issues.. been cleared for exercise (light) and...

No issues.. been cleared for exercise (light) and no issues.. no swelling.. flat scar HAPPY CAMPER YA'LL..
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Hope all is well with your healing!
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Wonderful progress. Don't fret the 5 lbs. it's hard when you aren't as mobile. I'm up and down on weight right now too and am 3 weeks post op!
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look who is looking all hot and stuff.... gone with your bad self
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Ok. I have not posted any before pictures yet! It is not going to be pretty. LOL!! Did you have lipo to your back as well? I have top and bottom flanks and my doctor told me he didnt' think he would be able to do much about the top flanks. Yours look good.
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no lipo at all.. but I also didn't pay so I can't complain.. LOL
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Hey, I have enjoyed reading about your process. I'm so excited for you!!! Do you have updated pics?
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I do and I need to quit being lazy and post them.. but between work, daughter, and home i been ti-yerd lol
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Looking good girl!
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Thank you.. yours looks great as well... :o) VERY nice.
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Lucky you I only got the right drain out ha kept the left in until monday.ooking good gurl
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Thank you.. I would have had one if it didn't break off lol..
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You look amazing!
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Thank you!
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Woo-hoo! Healing well.....!
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:o) Yes.. thankfully!
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Wow! You look great! Congrats!!! I'm 9 days post op got drains out today and I wish I could have felt the same way as you.... It hurt like razors pulling all the way out and my gosh how long are these things! Lol!!! Glad that's over with. Hope your recovery gets better with each day! :)
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:o( Sorry it hurt.. Yes it does get better each day and the same speedy recovery wishes to you....
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Hi there, u def sound like you are among the 5% that breeze through. So so happy for you. May I ask, I went online per your comment about the Marena comp garment, but its like looking for a needle in a haystack. Can you please provide information on the specific one you purchased that you "love". I'm going to purhchase one. But I will go on what felt great to you and copy if u don't mind :-)
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:o) Thank goodness for that. I "sneezed" for real today and BOY that felt like grated cheese LOL.. not looking forward to that until my body has heald.. no so deep cleaning b/c I sneeze for at least 3 hours straight.. thankful I did it in advance! The CG...Not a problem.. I'm all about the HELP lol... it is the 9 inch 3 panel one.. http://marenagroup.com/store/entity/tabid/198/c-6-unisex-abdominal-binders.aspx
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Happy Healing Looking good!!!
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Thank you :o)
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Hey tt twin how are you?? Your pics look awesome! :)
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Hey mama.. I am feeling good.. this is a lot better than I thought it'd be. I think I am going to attempt another shower this evening so i am not trying to rush it in the morning. Thanks.. I saw yours too.. How do you feel?
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Please just because you are feeling good pls pls pls still don't over do it take it from experience !!! I though I was good 8 days later I went shopping for a few hours that evening until stil now today PO 12 I Still swelling pretty good just pls act like you can't do anything!!!
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lol I do... I sleep the majority of my day... I'm only up if my back is bothering me and I need to move. But I haven't gone out for hours on end. The longest ice been out is about 45 minutes and that was for groceries... I know better :o)
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