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I have wanted a TT for YEARS. Have had this flesh...

I have wanted a TT for YEARS. Have had this flesh apron since my second son was born, and he will be 39 in July. Went to the PS last November to talk to him about a TT and face lift, decided to have the face lift first because my grandson is getting married May 25th. I had the face lift on April 13th and am very happy with the results. (see my Face lift review). I have now told the surgery scheduler to put me oe calendar for September, can't wait, I know it will go by fast. I am feeling so good about myself since the facelift, TT will only make it better. Having the same PS, Dr Dong Joon Lee at Kaiser West LA hospital in Los Angeles do the surgery. It is a long drive from our home, but hubby likes results too and we both have confidence in him. When I get brave enough I will post some pics. Right now I am 5'2" and weigh about 155lbs, have started an exercise program to lose weight and tighten my abs, Dr Lee said the better shape the abs are in at the time of surgery, the better the results.

Welcome to the community.  Wow you are going to be a new woman from head to toe:)  Love it!!   

Yes, exercise all you can now and this will help in recovery.  I worked my abs like crazy before my tummy tuck and had an amazingly strong core.  Was so glad for this during recovery.  I am excited for you and can't wait to see all of your before and after pictures.

Keep us up to date.


exercise working

I measured myself a couple of weeks ago before I started making the dress for my gr sons wedding. I was waist 36", abd 46", hip 43", measured again this ab and now waist is 34.5", abd 43", hip 41 1/2." Tightening those muscles up and feeling stronger after each workout.

I wish my surg was sooner

I am soooo looking forward to my surgery Speteer seems so far away at times. I know I will feel so much better about my body. I feel so much more confident after my face lift, this will be the icing on the cake, so to speak. Don't care if my tummy is totally flat, just that I get rid of my apron.
It's getting closer! I'm so excited for you! Make sure to take lots of before pics, they help on the days if you have lots of swelling and feel huge, then you look back and go, "Oh no, I'm looking tons better!". Your facelift is amazing and you look wonderful! Now you will have the body to go along with it! The total package! Can't wait to hear how you are doing!
I am so excited. and anxious. If I don't hear about a surg date by wednsday I will call them and check, the earlier in the month the better for me.

It is getting closer.

I was talking to my hubby today about taking some before pics. I don't want anyting that shows too much skin.I will ask him to take pics tonight. I am posting pic of me in the dress I wore to grandsons wedding, if you look close, you can see my bumpy belly.
Told him that after surgery, he will see a body no one has laid eyes on in 39 years, LOL.
Have the hubby take pics of you in the flesh, you don't have to share them, but you will be amazed at how you look in your afters! Totally worth it!
Ok I will, and put them on a sd card and lock them away LOL

Ok, getting brave

Here are some pics my hubby took today, I look even worse then I thought I did. Hate the way I look now. Thes pics also make it look like I don't have any boobs, but I think it is the bra I was wearing, no support. LOL

Thank you for posting your pics:)  I knew you could do it!!

Take a look at my before and after. I too had a stomach apron and had been dreaming of this surgery for over 20 years. Even I am surprised how this surgery had changed my life. You won't regret it, but be prepared for the first week post op. it does knock you back for a bit! Good luck!
You got fantastic results. I hope mine tur as well as yours did. Thought about having lipo to my thighs, but havent got the extra cash to get both done, hoping the pulling up of my mons area will smooth them out a little. But I can easily hide the thighs and upper arms.

Still waiting on "the call"

I'm getting anxious waiting for the call with the exact date of my TT surg. I decided toit until the 15th and if I haven't heard from her I would call. But decided to leave her a message tonight and ask her to call me tomorrow with an update. Will post whn I get my date.

Got my surg date

Got the call today, surgery date is Aug 31. I am so anxious and nervous now. Would be on this site 24/7 from now on if I could be LOL
Your pics are awesome! And your afters will be amazing! I have saggy thighs too, but with the tummy being smaller, I really don't care! I'm so excited for you and I'm looking forward to following you on your journey!

Pre op

My pre op appt is scheuduled for Aug 8th, that is only 3 weeks away!!! My surg is scheduled for 3 ws after that!!! Of course having some second thoughts, but I am sure I will go through with it. Only have told 2 of my co workers, one is a real cheerleader for me (she had a breast reconstruction using her abd fat and muscles) The other one I know will not discuss my personal business with anyone.
Good luck with your upcoming surgery! You will absolutely love the results :)

pre op appt 2 weeks from today,

My pre op appt is 2 weeks from today. Surg is 5 weeks from Saturday. Still don't know if my boss will let me have it off, but have plans "B" and "C" if I need to go that far.
Good luck on your upcoming surgery!

Feeling more Positive

My union rep emailed my boss and told her per contract language, I had fufilled my requirement to get a replacement and that a per diem is allowed to cover for me, He told her to let me have it off. Will be meeting with her next week, so will see what she says then. I still have to find someone to trade with sI can get the day of my preop off.

Just 4 weeks away now

I am only 4 weeks away from my surg, go for my pre op a week from thursday. Excited but nervous. Taking some extra time off so I will be prepared.
So exciting! The only thing I would tell you to get would be cough drops for after. You throat will be sore. The pain isn't so bad, really and the results are awesome! Keep us updated!
I have a high pain tolerance, only took one pain pill after my facelift, and even though the Dr told me that a rectocele repair is very painful, I only took one pain pill in the hospital and then just ibuprofen after that. This is what I have so far: absorbent underpads to protect furniture and bedding. Anica and bromaline, sanitary napkins for padding. my laptop, ipad, nook reader, phone and chargers next to my recliner. a few extra pillows. (have an adjustable bed so shouldn't need to many) I will get the meds after my pre op appt. bottled water, snacks have a great hubby who will take good care of me and make sure I eat well. What other suggestions do you think I will need
I forgot to add I have 2 pair of loose fitting knit pants and one pair of loose pull on pants. I also have 2 zip front light weight robes. Several pairs of "granny panties" comfy slippers and slip on shoes.

My pre op appt is tomorrow.

Well tomorrow is my pre op appt, will get all the bld work, ekg, and any other tests that may be needed done.
And the most painful part, will have to write the check for the procedure LOL
You sound like your ready! Can't wait to hear how you are doing it will be here soon

Pre Op

I went for my pre op today. Worst part was when I wrote the check. LOL. He is a perfectionist and when I asked about the remnants of my turkey neck, He decided he needed to do a little more work on my neck and jowl area. The best part is that he will not be charging for that at all. Got my prescriptions filled, don't need blood work since I hust had it done about a week ago. No need for ekg since I had one of those in April. Got most all of my supplies. I think I am as ready as I will ever be. ;:-)
I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see your results. My TT is Sept. 30th.


I am obsessing about my surg, can't seem to think about anything else. Dr said he will be doing lipo from just under my bustline and around to my sides. Said if I wanted lipoon my back it would be extra charges. but he did not think I would need it after he gets everthing "rearranged". He is going to elevate my mons area and a little lipo there too. A "side effect" will be that I will get a little lift and smoothing of my tush and thighs, not much but a little which is ok with me.

3 weeks

Only 3 weeks from tomorrow ;-)
We are not only close in dates but our measurements are about the same too! I love that your hubby took you pics;) Im not that brave...I try and act like he doesnt know its there. Im feeling the nerves too. Thanks for the update on the pads after surgery
He is the best. Loves me like I am and supports my choice, even if it is something that he would prefer I didn't do.
You'll be beautiful!

10 Days till TT day

Only 10 days left before my TT. anxious, nervous, excited.
Going to post a couple more before pics of my view when sitting down
You're going to look amazing post TT. It will be here before you know it :-)

Only 4 days

Just 4 days until my TT, Trying to keep busy. Got my house decluttered. Housekeeper comes tomorrow. I think I have all my supplies lined up.
Can't wait to be on the flat side
you will be so glad you did this, I had mine done at 55 years of age last year, not sure of your age but you said you had 39 year old son, you will be so glad to get rid of that apron and stretch marks, since yours are low like mine were most should be gone, best of luck to you !
I am looking forward to having it done. I am older then you, 64. But feel so much younger. I want my outside to look like I feel on the inside. Only a little over 57 hours to go.
Just looked at your review, Your pics look almost identical to mine LOL. hoe i get the results you did. I would like to see some current pics if you feel like posting them.

Not long now

Only about 35 hours until "T" time. Getting a little freaked out now. My "what if's" are kicking in, what if I don't look any different, what if I don't get the results I hope for, what if, what if, what if. I have confidence in my Dr, but i know there is only so much he can do. And I have been eating everything in sight lately, I know I have gained weight and can't help thinking this will adversly affect my results.
Take some deep breaths relax.. It will all be ok and you will love not having the belly anymore
I'm feeling the same way. Almost canceled today... Beyond nervous. I go sept 5. Good luck to you!!!

Photo shop pic

Here is a pic I did a little photo shop magic to. Hoping I get at least this good of results.
Hope all went well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hope all went well. Can't wait to see your results. Your pics and size are very close to mine.
cant wait to see your after photos, wishing you the best, my guess your results will be much more than you even hoped for, Kathy


I am now 2 days post op. Doing better today, pain is more tolerable. Had a lot of nausea after surgery, figured out it was from the pain pump he put in. I keep it clamped now unless the pain gets really bad, then just open it for a little while until the pain subsides. Taking my Norco, and seems to be ok at controlling the pain. I get up several times a day to the bathroom and back. I went to bed at 8 last night and didn't get up until 730 this morning and that was mainly because my drain came open and messed up the sheets. Hubby put them in the wash this morning. Still getting quite a bit of drainage, but only day 2 so need to give it more time. I will post pics in a few days, go in for my post op appt on wednsday.
Thanks for the update Suzque! That's terrible about the nausea but luckily you determined the cause! Get lots of rest!!!

feeling better

I am feeling quite a bit better today. Have been out of bed since about 7am and it's almost 1pm now. Took a sponge bath this morning and looked under my binder. My scar is real low, looks good. Took a couple of duclox this morning to try to get things "moving". Only had to take one norco so far today for pain. Not much else new, less drainage each day. around 25-30 cc each time hubby empties it. Will have hubby take some pics tomorrow before my shower and post them.
cant wait to see your after pics................hope every day gets better for you
Thanks for your update Suzque49! Glad to hear your doing good! Looking forward to the pics! Rest well! :)

A few pics

Ok here are a few after pics in my CG. Hope they are not too dark. Still bent over and have some swelling. Today is PO day 5
Suz... hang in there.  I remember that it felt difficult to stand up straight post TT!  My PS kept telling me to stand up!  You are going to love this and I saw your neck revision on the FL site.  I really didn't catch that you were going to do this but my bad, since I haven't been as diligent on RS as before.  I'm thinking about you and hope you are doing well and each day brings improvement!  FG
congrats! you look great.


Going to post some pics of my results so far. Still have a lot of swelling of course, but I would be happy with even if it didn't get any better then it is right now.
Glad that things and going well for you. You are going to be a New woman.
Glad you are well!

Healing well

BB post op day 9 taken rright after my shower. So much better compared to day 7 pic. Stitches all pretty much dissolved, less redness Belly with less swelling too but didn't take pic. I was able to shower to zip up my compression garment without help today. Getting better every day now
Looking good!

Tubes out!!!

Went for my second follow up appt today and he took both of my tubes out. Such relief, they were really starting to hurt and itch. Will try to post more pics afterr my shower in the morning.
sounds like you are doing great, cant wait to see some more of your pics !

PO day 12 pics

Posting the pics I took this morning, Looking pretty good I think
so glad you joined our group and posted pics etc, it really helps out with others when they are thinking of getting the surgery, you never know how many people this will help, it looks like you are having great results.
Thanks Kathy. I will see if there is much change in the morning and take more pics. I am feeling a little better every day.

Two weeks post op

Here are the newest pics at two weeks post op. I will be more then happy if the rest of my scar heals as well as the left side has already. Still have swellling and the bulge on the left side, but for two weeks I think it all looks good
Your tummy looks really great, Suzque! The scar is nice and low and thin and your bb is coming along nicely. How are you feeling at 2+ week mark? Are you able to get around okay on your own? Wishing you a speedy recovery. :)
thank You Toronto, I am doing very well, having no pain at all. Some "tingling" from the nerves waking up. I do have on spot on the right side that I get a sharp pain in, like a deep needle stick, every once in awhile. It will go away if I massage the area or rest. I think it is prob from a nerve that got caught up when he was re attaching the skin and fat to my muscle facia. It will get better. I have been driving and went shopping yesterday. got a bit tired and swollen, but not too bad.
I'm glad to hear you're doing so well. Your recovery seems to be progressing quickly if you're able to drive and enjoy outings after only a couple of weeks (albeit with some fatigue & swelling). The sharp pain on your right side must be uncomfortable when it hits out of nowhere - hopefully this disappears as the nerves regenerate and fully heal. If you look this great now, I can only imagine how much better your results are going to be in a few months time when your healing is complete. Congrats on the new you!

three weeks post op

Here are my updated 3 week pics. Healing well, areas of my scar are nearly invisable.
omg, I bet you are so glad you had this done, best of luck to you, it will only look better from here on out !
What a great way to feel better about yourself. Contrast!

4 weeks post op

here are my latest pics, at 4 weeks post op. Scar on left side fading very nicely. I'm not bruised, just shadows make it look that way.
U look great! Bet you've lost more weight
Hope so, I just weighed for the first time yesterday, but I have been eating everything in sight, so I don't expect any much in the way of weight loss until I can start exercising again.
Amazing results x


I went shopping today, had to, my pants were falling off me LOL.
Prior to surgery I was a size 12-14, today I bought size 8 pants!!!! Wow that is at just short of 5 weeks post op.
Wow your tummy looks really great. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Six week update

I will be 6 weeks on Saturday so I thought i would post a few pics.I really can't see much difference from my 4 week pics.
Wow, you're looking great!!! Your scar is fading quickly. I'm just over three weeks post op myself and my scar, although it has healed nicely is still rather red. With time I'm sure it will fade (as all my previous scars have done without any special scar treatments). I consider a TT to be a near miracle!!! What a positive it makes for MOST who have it done!
looks like you are healing nicely, did you also have lipo to inner thighs as that area looks very good also.
No I didn't have lipo on my thighs, the lifting of my thighs is from the pulling up of my tummy and mons area. I know it's still saggy a bit, but does look better. Thank You

swelling better

My swelling is better today, my tummy is flatter so I feel like I have made some progress. Will try to get some pics later and post them.
I think it is a near miracle also !

8 weeks tomorrow

I didn't post pics at 7 weeks because I thought there wasnt much change. But will go ahead and post some from 8 weeks
Your scar looks awesome! I hope mine looks just as good in two weeks when I'll be 8 weeks post op.
I have TOTAL belly button envy! Thank you for sharing. :)
Thanks, I think it turned out well, looksvery natural.

3 month update

Here are my latest pics taken at 12 weeks post op.
Your belly button looks great! What does your PS say about your left side?
I haven't spoken to him about it yet. Some days it seems better then others, so I think it has a lot to do with still having some swelling. Also my BB is still slighly off center, but that is getting better every week too. This morning after a full day of rest yesterday, the lump was less noticable. I'm still very happy with my results.
Yeah, it probably is swelling! I was just wondering if he said anything aout it.I have a dog ear and it sticks out a bit. You do look great!

16 week update

Updated pics at 16 weeks.
U look dam gr8!!! Ur scar is healin so well&fading!!
Thank you, I do have a small "dog ear" on the right side. Haven't decided if I will worry about it or not. Will wait until March and decide.
I didn't notice it tbh!!

roll of fat on left side

I have an appt on March 14th to talk to my PS about the roll of fat on my left side, the dog ear on the right side and my off center belly button. Dont know what it will take to get it all fixed. I am most concerned about the roll. I can live with the off center BB. I know the dog ear is an easy fix though.
Your scars are very thin and fading nicely! Once you get the little roll taken care of I think you'll love the way you look! In the pics your belly button doesn't look off center to me. You're looking great :) Please keep us updated.
I have to be honest here, I do not think your belly button is off center at all. I think it looks fantastic! :-) Your incision is healing so well! I am 15 weeks today.

scar revision

Went to my PS today to see what he can do about the roll on the left ride and the dog ear on the right, also asked about the belly button off center. he said he could make it larger and "move it" a bit if it bothered me that much. But it really doesn't, so decided tol leave it alone.
Anyway, I have an appt on April 10th for the scar revision on my sides, as in office procedures. He said he could do more on the left if I wanted, but would mean going back to the or and additional hospital charges (he would not charge any fees, but the hospital would) . I decided for the inoffice procedure. I do not want to be put under anesthesia again for anything.
Looking good! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Good to hear from you again. :)

7 months post op pics

I was 7 months post op on March 21, missed taking 6 month pics. I am having a revision for the roll on the left side and the dog ear on the rt side on april 10th
Wow, your scar has faded so well! So you're having a touch up! I'm having a complete revision soon and will hopefully get the desired results.
Yes I don't like the roll on the left side and will get rid of the very small dog ear on the right. Otherwise I am very happy with my results
Wow you look great and your scar healed up beautifully.

Revision tomorrow

I go in for my office procedure revision. Will update pics when I get the chance
Go get em tiger!! Will be thinking of you! :)

looks better even covered with bandages

Had my revision today. I think it looks better, even with the bandages on. Have to leave them on for 48 hrs then can take a shower and redress them.
He put a lot of lidocaine in but I still felt "jabs and burning" with some of the cutting and suturing. He was good and stopped immediately and added more lidocaine.
He was singing along with a Eagles CD during the procedure. I said boy I get a revision and a concert at the same time, he replied yes, but the concert is a bonus, it isn't covered by your co pay. LOL. He also took out quite a bit more tissue then I had expected, about a 3x5 inch section on the left, and 2x3 on the right. I felt the skin being pulled tighter too. So I am looking forward to taking the bandages off. He said I don't have to wear my compression garment, but it will help with the swelling so I will probably go ahead and wear it for at least the first week or two.
Tried to post pics but having trouble with my photo program finding the ones I just took.
Sleep tight and post pictures of the new beautiful you.

pics, hopefully

trying to post pics again today will see if it works
Hottie!!! :)

One month post revision

Here are some pics one month post op. Still have some swelling on the left but I am very pleased with the results so far

One year ago yesterday

It's been one year since my TT. My weight fluctuates between 155-160. I was 167 before surgery. Having a lot of stress right now so wieght is around 158. Doing well otherwise. My scar is fading nicely. The scars on my sides are only 4 months post revision, looking pretty good at this point.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Love Dr Lee, he is a perfectionist and takes his time to explain everthing until all of your questions and concerns are addressed. I never feel rushed or dismissed. He is honest about what he can and cannot do. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants one of the best around.

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