19 Years Old and Regretting a Brand New Tattoo - Los Angeles, CA

Less than a week ago I got a new tattoo. It is my...

Less than a week ago I got a new tattoo. It is my second, and I love the first. I felt regret almost immediately. I had thought long and hard about it but for some reason, it just doesn't feel right.
I got the silhouettes of three small Swallow birds on the back of my left shoulder (the fattier part.) The largest being a little larger than a quarter and the other two smaller and they are less than an inch apart). They are beautiful, and have true meaning, but are a little bigger than I expected and not for me. I know I must give the tattoo time to heal before going through with removal but I'm starting to do research now.
I'm highly interested in Picosure but I am concerned that the tattoo will not entirely go away since it is a new dense black ink tattoo. I also want this tattoo gone ASAp and I know laser removal takes time.
I'm considering surgical removal as well since it is small and that will ensure 100% removal immediately. I know there will be scarring- but I'd much rather have a scar then this tattoo.
I would love advice, opinions and personal stories. This has been the worst few days of my life and the regret is indescribable. Also, estimate prices would be great. I know a consultation is best and I am without a doubt scheduling one tomorrow but I'd love to hear from others.
Welcome, glad you found us :) Your tattoo sounds really pretty, sorry that it doesn't feel right for you... do you have a picture that you can share? 

Here is what the Doctors on the site have to say about excision of a tattoo:


With your tattoo being small and all black laser is a great option for you, it will take time and nothing is 100% guaranteed so before you rush into removal be 110% sure that you want to embark on this journey and that you don't just need time to adjust to this new tattoo. Once you start removal there is no going back..I don't mean to twist your thoughts and change your mind, just some food for thought. 

As hard as it can be try not to let the regret get the better of you, just know you have options and in the end this will all work out. 

keep us posted. 

Here is the tattoo

It is so beautiful!! I just can't seem to stomach the fact that it is there :( I wish I had at least followed my gut and put it on my side where I could hide it better but I was talked out of that so easily by the artist. This truly sucks. I have a consultation on Friday the 21st with a doctor who has picosure.
Thank you. I joined for the support and so I could share my progress with others if I do go down the path of laser removal (which I seem to be leaning towards.)

IRC removal?

Can anyone give me more information on the IRC tattoo removal method? Do many doctors perform this method?? There is very little about it online but those who have tried it say it works wonders and it is inexpensive and super fast! I know it can only be used on tiny tattoos (as is mine) and it will scar far worse then laser removal.. but I'll take a scar over this tattoo any day! Thanks!
Hi there Rhinnhh. I just had my 1st session of the Q Switched Laser for my 3 week old tattoo. And guess what, it's been working really great, so I am nothing but positive now that I'll be able to remove it completely :) I am more of olive-skinned, and my tattoo is all in black ink. And after the 1st treatment, I've already seen the lines break up. I think it will be pretty much the same for you, coz your tattoo is also just in black ink. So be positive, I am pretty sure you'll get great results - your tattoo is pretty simple. At least, it's on your back, and you can still somehow conceal it. Mine was on my upper arm, and the tattoo artist (who's supposed to be an artist!) didn't do it properly, I now have like child writings on my arm. Anyways, life must go on and everything in life has a solution. I'll keep you posted on how the progress is for my Q Switched treatment! Please keep us posted too - we're here to learn from each other :)
Wow! this makes me feel slightly better.. However your tattoo is mostly thin black lines and mine is super dense and thick. I am hopeful that it will eventually start to break up and I have to think more realistically then to think it'll disappear in one session. It'll take more time than yours but I'm confident it will break up eventually. Sorry about your tattoo- It's really a shame that you have to go through this even though your artist really screwed up. It looks like a case a pure laziness and he/she should be held responsible. Unfortunately, mine is 100% my fault. It looked small when the artist drew it out but as soon as it was on my body and completely filled in with black ink- it looks 3 times bigger than I ever wanted. I will definitely keep updating everyone. I have a consultation Friday the 21st with a doctor who has Picosure and another with a doctor who wants to use Medlite C6. I will get started with the laser as soon as I can!!
Hey lady, I too, recently got a tattoo on my upper back that I am absolutely regretting to the max. It was a good idea at the time but after it was done.. It was huge! The colors were masculine and just not me. The piece starts from my shoulder and goes passed my spine. The color pigments are mainly black and red (which happens to be the two easiest colors to remove) but it has some white highlights (which is not so easy to remove because it contains titanium dioxide. This means the laser will potentially turn it darker) I am currently waiting about 8 weeks before I start the process to let it heal fully, but I completely understand where you are coming from. Even though my tattoo was done by an amazing professional, it has affected my sleep, my eating, and my moods. In my own opinion, your tattoo is not as big and does not have hard colors to remove. If I was you, I would look into a really good dermatologist who performs laser removal...and get it removed. The q-switch laser should do the job && if you go to a professional, the chances of success are high without scarring. Not to mention you may not even need many sessions!

How to Heal Quicker and Better After Laser Treatment?

Well I have my consultation for the Picosure laser a week from tomorrow and I'm stoked! I have a fresh dense black tattoo and I will of course be waiting to start treatments until it is healed. It's on the back of my left shoulder and it's quite small. With Picosure, how long do you all recommend I wait in between treatments?
I would also love for you all to share experiences with removal and your healing techniques. i.e working out, juices, vitamins etc.
Wow ! I updated my post ! You are lucky (I know that isn't the right word to use) but that is small, black, and hidden mostly - also you don't see it constantly. I messed up my knee bad! So feel better that should come out no problem from what I read and have seen with small/black tattoos. Let us know how it goes.
I'd suggest 6 weeks between treatments. Try to drink a lot of water, eat clean and exercise so you sweat and get the toxins out. Be positive with your thoughts are important too. You can try juicing, doesn't hurt. I think the important thing is to eat clean, unprocessed foods. The fewer chemicals your consuming the better. Good luck!

had my consultation today..

I had my consultation today and actually sat right next to the Picosure "machine." My tattoo is too new to begin treatments so I will have to wait until late May when I return home again from school. They said 6 treatments will take care of my tattoo but since it is so deep I highly doubt 6 will do the job. It is expensive and they are charging me $300 for my tiny tattoo but they said they'd go ahead and zap my appendectomy scars on my stomach while they're at it with no extra charge. They will also numb it and give me laughing gas to take the edge off. I am a little concerned because they said that my fair skin makes me a good candidate however I tan easily so I am a little hesitant to begin treatment right at the start of summer. And because I am adopted, they don't know my nationality and how my skin type will react to the laser. The first treatment will be a test run and they plan to keep the settings low.
Good luck. Your tattoo is quite small and all black so I'm sure you'll get success. As for the tanning, stay out of the sun this summer. Where your tattoo is, you should be able to keep it covered with a tshirt. Good luck and keep us posted on your treatments! :)


So it's been about a month since I got my tattoo and AMAZINGLY it is fully healed and extremely light in color! For some reason my skin rejected A LOT of the ink. I scabbed a lot more than my first tattoo and it seems that my skin rejected most of the black. This is odd because I took good care of it and followed all of the normal healing process rules. The outlines are pretty dark but the insides of the birds show my skin! However, I am a little concerned because in some parts I can see my skin is red/pink. Does this mean I have scarred? Will this make removal harder?! Does anyone has any advice/information? Thanks! I will try and post an up close pic tomorrow!
Tattoo's always lighten up a ton after the healing phase, does the skin feel raised at all? It shouldn't be red anymore, unless it's raised I doubt it's scarring...can you post your picture to show us?

Photo (healed)

This is the final healed photo. The redness in the center of the largest bird is hard to see in the photo and has actually subsided. Anyway, there is some small dense lining but other than that my skin rejected most of the ink. The entire birds should be dense black like the outline but it didn't seem to take. Thank goodness!!
Wow, that really faded a lot on its own...I know they always get a bit lighter with healing, but that's significant! Should help speed up the removal process for you!
Just posted a photo! It isn't raised and the red has actually started to go away! You can't see it at all in this photo but it is still a little pink in the center of the largest bird.
Looks faded so you're on your way!

Sorry for the lack of updates...

Hi everyone... sorry I haven't updated. I was supposed to begin treatment about a month ago but my doctor and I decided to hold off because I didn't want to deal with shielding the tattoo from the sun! I want to enjoy my summer! Anyway... I don't know when I will begin treatment right now. The plan was to push it to Fall but it's becoming more and more bearable so I'm just going to begin treatment when I am ready!
Thanks for the update, glad you decided to put your happiness first and enjoy the summer. Keep us posted. 
That's awesome! Glad you're dealing well :)
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