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I wont name my Dr but he did come up w/this...

I wont name my Dr but he did come up w/this proceedure of non-surgucal nose job. Will I ever do this proceedure again, probably not. Am I happy that my "sloped" nose looks better, yes...BUT...The tip of my nose is extremely red and has not diminished in the 4 months since my proceedure, so now I can't leave the house w/out make-up.

There is constant pain in my nose, not unbearable but uncomfortable. I went back to my Dr after a month asking about these problems and he acted "put off" by these concernes of mine. For the amount of money I paid him he should be a little more concerned with my issues. I was never advised that my nose could turn permanently red and I feel the dr should have tried to "correct" this rudolph-nose w/laser or something.

Will I ever go back to this Dr...NO and unfortunatly I have not told friends to go to him either due to his "after treatment" attitude. So be prepared if you get this proceedure done you may have constant discomfort and redness to your nose, something I was never informed of.

Also, really check out your doctor, I figured mine was the best because he discovered this proceedure, now I don't believe he was the best and am actually disapointed in him! My nose no longer droops downward but the left side looks a bit "fatter" then the right (which I told him about also) and it appears a slight bit crooked also..Again this Dr didn't see the problem but its not his nose I guess why should he care other than its his "name" on my proceedure.

Yep, Dr. Rivkin did mine too. I was one of his first patients for this. I had/have a nasal bump which made my nose look like a bird beak. I was self-conscious most of my life and in one hour, Dr. Rivkin had me feeling 100% about myself...I was king for a month. My whole outlook changed...BUT, I had to have it done twice in 2006 at $1000 a treatment. He used Radiesse. Was supposed to last at least two years. Instead, it lasted less than two month. Touch up treatments were free, but the after treatment attitude was crappy (like I was a waste of his time because he wasn't making anything on me anymore). Foolishly I went back to him again in 2010 because he started using Artefill, a permanent solution, which he guaranteed for at LEAST 10 years if not more. It's been three years since my Artefill procedure, and in the last two days out of nowhere, the nasal bump is reappearing and I'm FURIOUS. Dr. Rivkin said permanent, he "guaranteed" at least 10 years, and here I am at just a bit over 3 years and I'm on my way back to square one. I've contacted his office to call him out on his permanent/10 year guarantee and no surprise, he won't honor it. If I want it done again it'll be another $2,000. Overall, the results are fantastic, but the longevity of the procedure for the price is ridiculous. I'm tempted to just save up for the traditional rhinoplasty. It's the only way I can put an end to this. What I've spent on Dr. Rivkin's treatments I could have put down toward the $10,000 I was quoted for a traditional rhinoplasty in Pittsburgh at Dr. Leo McCafferty's office. Really upsets me, but I'm over a barrel because money is tight, Dr. Rivkin makes promises he can't keep, and with my self-consciouness getting the better of me, I was buying it hook, line and sinker.
Thanks for your feedback. The bird's beak is a tougher case, but can be managed for less than $60/month, seeing an Expert nonsurgical cosmetic doctor once or twice a year and not feeling like you're wasting the doctor's time. The 'best outcome' should always be sought first. IF 'traditional surgical' procedure would give you the best outcome, perhaps try that. Understanding, that some studies show that over 40% of people after a surgical rhinoplasty arent satisfied and 50% go in for a 2nd procedure and at the end, 50% are unhappy. 50% of our clients are revisional rhinoplasty cases and the cost is higher as the risk increases, but still about $70/month to maintain the 'best outcome'. Hope this helps )
Dr rivkin did my nose and it came out amazing. I had one touch up with raddiesse a month later and it lasted a year and a half. Everybody's body is different, yours must have absorbed it Faster idk why. I ended up gettin rhinoplasty by dr grigoryants and I'm so unbelievably happy with the results. I think both are great doctors. Check out Dr g he is the BEST!
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After proceedure completed and follow-up concerns presented I feel this Dr. was unconcerned and actually kind of rude. Seemed to not want to correct the issues I saw w/the original results.

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3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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